vrijdag 15 april 2011

Today Nice weather,Sunny,Tomorrow To Much Energy..

Ok was surfing this/ow yesterday morning,came into this dessert: Sahara..Western-Sahara..And hey News aus Germany cq E.U..
Good,not the 1st time i type about this,but i go on...typed Desertec on the search tab:images Google and get this image:
And thought back in time...maybe 3 a 4 years ago,i saw this picture simplified on a pc/network in a mental institute....and was thinking about this,that days also.but what the hack that's not the point.....
But ok,looking at the image and immidiatly thinking 500years further and put some otherthings on it..

Lines why u ask me?because of this behaviour there--->

Circles  to grow some food with irrigation or buckets with water,damn thinking about grain circles made by aliens...stupid shit,both of it!! because round  and round isn't the way to get food for long time,i see them making rounds,till that piece of earth is dried out.
Ok the lines,if/when this mega project is realized....the lines r rivers...could be made with help of these monster machines,when the power really on--->>Wicked....no/or less coal needed,so we could dig for sand to make artificial eyeballs,the rivers got another good thing pita bread for shoarma,yeahyeah kill sheeps for it--->>Ow NO the cereal is good to hold the river be a river instead of mud.........and it gives a lot of energy and health.
And ow yes made another one for another continent..--->

Why now this is the case....: illegal Immigrants....Strange People,all thinking back about their culture,when 20 years here(some)others r death or make it good.........AND WHY!!!!BECAUSE THEY ALL HA!VE A FUCKING DREAM ABOUT SOME KIND OF SHIT PARADISE!!!!further on..some r nice,others not..
They spill a lot of energy to come to the promised land,and the promised land spills a lot of energy...and on and on,and why strange 21th century internet,lazy porno watching internet Googlers,screaming shitting laughing and doing what??hhmmm whatever,i stop now and upload some energy to Mongolia,ow and yes the newest movie,because streaming is not yet realized there and here and on whatever...

take good care of..........

<o> <o>
+3rd eye-
In the land of blind,one eye is king...yeahyeahyeah snow blind,sun blind,hot ice rabbits or tubes,or a Fatima Morgana = belly dancing or a oase,that's the question???/

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