zaterdag 24 december 2011

Green Server Farms......

Hello there

Today i read an article about Green server Farms..
This they could realize on every continent,
Cooled by water,Electricity by hydro power.
Cooled by climate control,Electricity by sun and wind power.
Also inside a mountain it's always cooler...and safe storage....
This i was thinking over a year ago also.
Those farms are able to save control for the electricity net everywhere.

donderdag 22 december 2011


and new-year,yes it's almost new-year,and what i going to do,is buy a bottle of champagne........
Buy some flair lights,put the speakers for my open window,put a porn movie on,very loud,and when the clck tics away while fucking hell here,the whole neighbor hood came out to look what's on....the flairlights going skyhigh,and i give everybody a hand and wish them a happy new year....fuck that shit here!!!
It's getting bored here,where i life!!

U all a happy new year!!!

(yep that song on the tube clip came right after all the exploding porn noise and the firework)
maybe a beamer also,hhhmmmm no i better don't do that,i guess police came and get me......or it must be a porn movie with cops,and beam it on my neighbor wall outside....hehehehe that will get them.
no that's to much,there r kids here in the hood.

woensdag 21 december 2011


Today i read an article,that gives me just another glance of hope,for  digital online streaming movies.
I read in the article,that the movie entertainment industry has created a solution i like,together with a lot of
internet i predicted somehow in a topic on this blog,when i just started this blog..
So for me,no downloading as hell anymore,like i did in the past,through usenet,and getting all the movies that way.
UltraViolet..multiple chooses to get content,without degenerating a whole industry that created it,by downloading............

Good move over there!! Hope u keep on making a lot of nice movies further in the future,i'll pay for it,on this way,and i know why i will,i don't like seeing an industry dying,that created so much good movies i watched.

But by now,i'm downloading one other,srry,when everything is update here,i'll create an account on UltraViolet.

zondag 18 december 2011



Howdy,today i read an article in The Sun...........
This holy globe because of the rules of a noob,getting better and better.
A techno church in Sweden,damn i bet the visitors get XTC,mdma instead of hosti's....

And they r playing Hellraiser....

The Swedish have good ideas to go to church...and let the holy truth  came out...........
Damn strange funny believe,and i know Sweden has almost eternal darkness the whole year,so will they see the techno light......
I'll go to church again,if i may marry an peroxide blond female from there,that's for sure!

vrijdag 16 december 2011

One.....liner last

If time stands still,it's time to move on.

(this one,because i have to go now)

bye,have a nice day!!


If u scream in the dark,then it's actually a cry for help.

(Yeah i'm reading articles of Fukushima,that's why i thought back about this pic,icw the oneliner)

One liner of the day....

If u never forgive,u will forget,and if u never forget,u will forgive.

(this one came in my mind,because i visit this site,and was self explaining the system)

Bye for today

donderdag 15 december 2011

Oneliner...of the day.

I hate to believe,so i will never believe u!

(came in my mind,after reading THIS article,about banned punks in Indonesia,because of a stupid religion)

woensdag 14 december 2011

Everything Electric!!!

Was thinking,if every household in cold areas put a closed circulation system,in the form of tubes,low on ground level,let i say 10 cm in diameter,on ground level because heated air goes up.
in those tubes u got some sort of radiator formed "plates"made of hollow thin tubes,where the fluid,water streams through,that u can heat electrically
220 or 110 volts and the Ampere is important,then through a dimmer,like on a lamp u can control the heat,then
no household in the world ever needed an central heating system heated by burning gas anymore,so the population don't ever need that gas anymore in households,and the gasses that r rest on/in this planet can be used for really important things,till that is over also!
So with this simplified system we can run on clean energy to warm our homes,and it can be look good also in ur home.

Ow and don't forget to use a tiny strong smart pump,for the fluid circulation!!!

So just another simple idea,what can has great positive consequence for earth and our peeps!

Less work, no gas pipes to homes,and the same function,so...........think smart
all that copper gaslines,we can use for....?!

This just came in my mind,and had to type it here

Your whole home heated by that,direct connection on one security group for electric and done!

FUCK THAT! start building skyscrapers,new build homes,enz. with such system,cheaper,economic better,ecologic also,easy to repair,and it can look much better!!!!
                                                                  o   o
                                                                   \ ii /
                                                           My French Kiss

Better Earth starts with good ideas,for us all!!!Start with it!

maandag 12 december 2011

walnuts and empty cans...

Hello there
Just an hour or so,i entered an bring some plastic bags,bags from the streets and disposals there,so peeps can re-use them.
In the store i thought,let i buy 2 cans of beer.
When walkin' inside i saw plastic bags filled with walnuts from California.
500 gram 2.25 euro
25 kilos bags so i count
112,50 euro a 25 kilo bag
But that is not all....on my way back home,i picked up several metal cans of the streets and grass,also plastic bottles....and i can count.
In California they give 10 dollar cent for one metal can cash refund,so if i collect here,let i say
1500 metal cans i have the same amount of money a walnut bag costs ,but here it's worthless,something isn't right...(and that amount of cans here on the streets i have within an hour!!)
Because....when i was in that store the chief also called a manager was called: through intercom:
Mr.Kramer would u come to the info bar ...
I hear that so i speak my mind: Mr kramer would u come to the info bar ,Ey she said Mr to me.i joked up loud.
That mr kramer hear that,and as an asocial person he wanted to remove me from that store,pulling on my jacket and so,i didn't listen,get angry,because of his behavior as a personality,so they get my inner back!!
and that inner of  me is hell,so they call police....police came,i may not enter one fuckin' store of that firm,police said...Who r they.......almost all puppets and wankers.

If this go on i will kill finally that blue bloody bastards also,because ey who r they to say i may not enter those stores......
YES puppets of society,protecting the wrong and stupid..

don't get me wrong,i'm a nice lovely person,only people who abuse their "power",and can't take a joke
may die,i also known how those peeps r in their private i smile and fuck the shit up in future,on a smart way.
i also get my gun,and if the shit hits the fan,i'll kill some bad egoistic shit personality's who will do the same without thinking.....

bye...another story of this mis understood person.

zondag 11 december 2011

fukushima solution...

1st make strong suits out of polymers,3 layers,inner layer aluminium(take a look at the reaction of aluminium in an microwave oven)
2nd with those suits u can go in longer,and inspect situation safer
3rd the melting concrete because of  the hot  Nuclear fission product,can be used as a melting pot for iron

4rd after melting iron and casting it in the melted concrete hole,cool it with seawater with pumps,so the iron clot.

5th the surounded around the concrete take away,with the best possible options,in this case i think,of an thermic

lance and cut out that cone with that tech.

6th use a big electromagnet together with that great lifting helicopter(i dont know the type right now,but they 

use it in

Canada for wood harvesting and fire brigades...,YES have it!!!!

this one

Sikorsky ch54 South-korea has some...

And drop the shit in the big pacific so it stays cool and can do no harm.anymore.

this shit--->

Maybe i think,personal i think it's a solution,to come pretty close to the shit over solve the problem quick.

this is just a simple plan,that can work ,must work it out better,but not on this blog.

Good Luck with it,if anyone read this!


dinsdag 6 december 2011

E-Books cq Epubs.......

Hello there.

I'm tired reading shit about this,u may not upload,and download,all kinds of laws protecting intellectual content
and on and on......Damn i've made myself a lot of e-pubs from paper books.
It's a good invention,i would never say it's not!!
It saves trees where we land mammals get oxygen from,but all those copyright shit....lawsuits and on.
Big on-line firms,acting like kids and sue each other,i do not give a damn!!
Got here an 2 Terra Bite hard- drive full with e-books,but don't like reading those books.
So i've upload them and download them and now finished that,i throw the 1-Terra bite map E-books directly in the recycle-bin!!!
So that's word it in my eyes,instead of 17 euros each by or Amazon,i do not give a shit!
My harddrive can be out,and rather like to see it directly on line this content,without downloading.
There it goes............500.000 E-pubs,fuck that!I'm gonna play with my LEGO building blocks,and make an hole new world out of it.

pls. don't interrupt me while busy

serious i got better things to do now,like the energy,that's needed to get all this working,yes the energy on a clean base!!!For You,not for me,i live in a forest like an ape,where people think they can play with!!!NOT!!!!


zaterdag 3 december 2011

Faroe Islands.....and their cultural stupidity!!

Hell yeah,hello there.

I just checked Live Leak and saw this-->Stupid Shit!
I was thinking calling this a festival...?yeah of  Carnage and that to prove their men their adulthood!!!
Cowards!!Those Ocean mammals with a double period to give birth to the off spring ,that we also call breeding time,and they look like Dolphins.
Those animals can do nothin' back,owowow they r man,NOPE they r insects hunting non domistic sea mammals, like the English do with dogs and foxes!!!!
I Know they life on an island,and from earlier days,peeps settled there needed food to keep warm and survive.
But now!!In this age of time on earth,with all the tech and knowledge,i see them ass low life greedy slaughters with an intellect of insects.hehehehe u r what u eat they say...........not here, with this issue,butt that will come.
The good thing is......those population special mammals,will never turn back there in the future,and they can kiss our ass,on that stupid island,they all gonna be cows eating grass in future,nothing less,nothing more.
Some closed population of humanity,r just staying stupid,so we wait,do nothing,and when it's time....WE FUCK THEM ALL IN HELL!!TILL THEY WIPED OUT FROM EXTINCTION!!!

Here some music i had in mind by this topic!

I'm going to fuck hell up,this Saturday,bye!!

donderdag 1 december 2011

Fuckushima...Part 2

I read today 1-12-2011 that Japan wanted to close cq shut down all their nuclear mining!
That's good,but they show the world,they r afraid,and they should be!
read a lot of news about this,and know,it's a prob after that tsunamy.
Yes mother nature has unexpeted futures under her skin.
The Country that's getting the good thing out of this science(no atomic bombs)is quiting mining energy(read produce electric)on this way.
If i was standing in their shoes,i do the same,and we all can learn from this disaster!!!!!!
Good move,if their land gets unusable where they have to relay on,(it's a closed community)
I also would bet on wisdom,and let the money flow in the oceans,but we are smart!!!
From those civilizations came and come a lot of positive science,they will get their energy from healthy
flows!!!use less,create less power consumption electric goodies,and be happy,Build it up,use the weather science!!!!the whole globe needs it,to get it of positive stream and knowledge..
It''s all about a controlled energy sourge,and if we understand weather,or can see it,we can control it and use it!! for our pleasure!!!

ps i know they don't shut all nuclear facility at one's,but they will invest great amounts of economic goodies,in the good science created,we do also(or have to do!!!)

Keep it on!!Japanese u will survive!!!!  

Libyan Yiad Fighters...

They go to in the army as soldiers,and get paid for it,to get a life...
That's good,now western civilization can do really do smart and good bisiness,if....
the make up new government will not be badder as that dictator ruled "his" peepz.
50.000 of those crazy fuckers,that fight with their own life the last months get a job,and may train in the dessert,and get a sand coated/colored uniform.that's really good news,they r hero's there keep them!
So we western  civilization,can do new business with them,i see a new era and new positive posabillity's
for that country cq region,now the religion must not get the upper hand there otherwise,it's gonna be an next Iran,and that's fuckin' destructive!

We will see........and know for there!but i know already,better days after war for the peepz in Libia....hhhhmmm i call it dessert,nothing less,nothing more,because i do not give a shit about borders in some kind of way...