vrijdag 1 april 2011

Hardcore Serious Shit...Possibly Logic Thoughts

In the land of the blind one eye,is king....they say.....
Japan...Earthquakes.....and on,have to put this on this blog now.
Okey,A few weeks ago,took some screenshots of different places on earth..also this one somewhere on the globe-->
click and look at the shape...then the human on it,forgot to surround the wings with lines,wings probably because the desert  in Dune land is too hot......
What's it look like??? I say nothing not needed i guess.
Next....Japan....other place on the globe.....Earthquakes!Tsunami's!..enzenzenz.
What u see,is what u get...they say...not on this point.......I explain it in my way,maybe i'm right,maybe not,personal i think i'm.
Looks like an pirate huh??on a big worm,one eye king...or not....!!!!(Somalian....king in his own "castle"..happy there..Dune..desert...,hhhmm think not)Japanese people happy in Japan...knowing they ain't!)two different cultures,two different places on the globe,both big problems on land.......

Explain: Dune futuristic movie,not completely realistic..completely.....Deep underground hardcore shit for real possibly,u go fishing(in a pool filled with water huh?),when it rains or when there is thunder incl. lightningstrike, worms...blind moles,will come to the surface,when u have a shuffle,put it in the survace of the earth,go left,right on and on and the worms will also came up....done! No fishing with an worm or a hybrid specie of the two,larger then,hhmm can't say how many,blue whales together as one!!!
Next point! Hot center,cooling,or need water to fill empty places/tunnels(something no one wants,led halogeen,others,all closed bulbs,eternal darkness,light fade away to.... nowhere...?!),no oil to turn the globe around in hhhmmm i call it symbiosis with the interstellar galaxy with help of volcanic activity's and on and on,i call it warnings when in/on some places,things go wrong,or stand still,not 100 years,maybe a milenia or much longer... through magnetic/electronic resonance worms know what they must do(warm and cold also up or down),a worm thunder like an electro magnet loaded....think about that!They feel the way they need to go,just like whales got an sonarorgan in their skull to get where they must be,to do their thing!
whale....male......female.......long distance,,,,,,,,"whistling"whale for filtering water and get his food on the same time...where there is too much,there is a whale,too short on food,the whale is somewhere else,really needed in oceans...can't get without.otherwise a beginning of destruction/devolution.....that's why the  22 months pregnancy and a long time the young will stay together with the parents,to learn and "feel".
Tectonic plates must not crack(think..worm,shuffle,movement),but glide......earthquakes..death destruction done finished,warning.something wrong.
Worm,hermafrodite...but need another too give life to a new worm on...no! in t earth.....wise decision keep alive,because it is an saving structure for this globe,no work...the thing will stay deep and chill sleep!or doing something else.......
Gone with the wind...hollow wind tunnels......can't be on all places.........the thing has really important things to do so deep underground...maybe they r on more places....deep inside.harmless worms,most of them,or you get laid 8 foot deep alive...but hey,then it;s the oxigine that u miss and do the job,and then the natural cleaners come by.
hhhmmm 8 foot deep or several km deep...check what worms can and will do or eat, for us,in our ground where the earth is healthy...some other areas.... nope not really present.
Next........Noordelijke Marianen(Dutch) Google Earth.....--->
Looks like....shape and on...,People of Japan/and others off course take ancient history books and check story's/ferrytales and more things,
scientists earthquakes and more....check.another thing,moisterising,crack water..or find a better way,after long thinking if possible,hhhmmm the shit floating in the oceans..make things warm,shocks..and more..
copy/paste this one,or go straight to the sight--->

another topic before i sketched the side of North-America with an solution...better first by Japan or all the places same time,if conditions not standing in the way.thinkthinkthink.

Next thing Antarctica nice and cold isn't it??
So...take a look back to the picture on top,and the slogan under the brand..
Yeah Natures best......in most circumstances,,not for us,in an era where Tyrannosaurus and his mates
used 4 meter tall humans as one peanut snack..because the bigger things,already eaten,and no way back..
Big Bang...meteorite, from the stars....(chill out for an hour)

2 other links all connected to each other...

don't dig to deep if u don't know what's going on....
Damn oil spill in the Mexican Ocean,and after all,no-one to blame really or....
130 years of oil use or so,faster and faster,u don't over see all the things anymore,like the space shuttle controlled and programmed to do his job well/with tragedy and with evolution,other things the same,Usain Bolt...to fast to remember or see all the faces in H.D. quality.
only light speed can bring or send us data to do his job...no false worm pls.(i mean with that,that has the power to demolish an whole www system..that's just 50 years of age....and has a future..nobody want to throw in the recycle-bin...~How many people work on it/have worked on it,invent things for
hhhhmmmm think back...the Chinese Wall....USA BOMB IT...and then....Here u have a few Back in ur  garden,the Chinese or machine language.......told me,because it's programmed by Confucius and that man said a lot of things.......and had a lot of pupils...

U can split a worm in two pieces and it's "Half-Alive"nope half death,the same as milk,half full or full...they take nutrients out,so it's in my eyes half empty.spit to deep and hhhhmmmm Chili..hhhmmm or other several places..i can say whatever,but other methods to  make electricity cq. prodigy r possible....

Damn i don't wanna spill nasty hard-core words to a wall a few thousand km from my bed., ,i can't blow that vertical wall away with that....

I+------+------+------+------+------+------+I        (        I+------+------+------+------+------+------+I

/   \ 


and a lot of....


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