zaterdag 24 december 2011

Green Server Farms......

Hello there

Today i read an article about Green server Farms..
This they could realize on every continent,
Cooled by water,Electricity by hydro power.
Cooled by climate control,Electricity by sun and wind power.
Also inside a mountain it's always cooler...and safe storage....
This i was thinking over a year ago also.
Those farms are able to save control for the electricity net everywhere.

donderdag 22 december 2011


and new-year,yes it's almost new-year,and what i going to do,is buy a bottle of champagne........
Buy some flair lights,put the speakers for my open window,put a porn movie on,very loud,and when the clck tics away while fucking hell here,the whole neighbor hood came out to look what's on....the flairlights going skyhigh,and i give everybody a hand and wish them a happy new year....fuck that shit here!!!
It's getting bored here,where i life!!

U all a happy new year!!!

(yep that song on the tube clip came right after all the exploding porn noise and the firework)
maybe a beamer also,hhhmmmm no i better don't do that,i guess police came and get me......or it must be a porn movie with cops,and beam it on my neighbor wall outside....hehehehe that will get them.
no that's to much,there r kids here in the hood.

woensdag 21 december 2011


Today i read an article,that gives me just another glance of hope,for  digital online streaming movies.
I read in the article,that the movie entertainment industry has created a solution i like,together with a lot of
internet i predicted somehow in a topic on this blog,when i just started this blog..
So for me,no downloading as hell anymore,like i did in the past,through usenet,and getting all the movies that way.
UltraViolet..multiple chooses to get content,without degenerating a whole industry that created it,by downloading............

Good move over there!! Hope u keep on making a lot of nice movies further in the future,i'll pay for it,on this way,and i know why i will,i don't like seeing an industry dying,that created so much good movies i watched.

But by now,i'm downloading one other,srry,when everything is update here,i'll create an account on UltraViolet.

zondag 18 december 2011



Howdy,today i read an article in The Sun...........
This holy globe because of the rules of a noob,getting better and better.
A techno church in Sweden,damn i bet the visitors get XTC,mdma instead of hosti's....

And they r playing Hellraiser....

The Swedish have good ideas to go to church...and let the holy truth  came out...........
Damn strange funny believe,and i know Sweden has almost eternal darkness the whole year,so will they see the techno light......
I'll go to church again,if i may marry an peroxide blond female from there,that's for sure!

vrijdag 16 december 2011

One.....liner last

If time stands still,it's time to move on.

(this one,because i have to go now)

bye,have a nice day!!


If u scream in the dark,then it's actually a cry for help.

(Yeah i'm reading articles of Fukushima,that's why i thought back about this pic,icw the oneliner)

One liner of the day....

If u never forgive,u will forget,and if u never forget,u will forgive.

(this one came in my mind,because i visit this site,and was self explaining the system)

Bye for today

donderdag 15 december 2011

Oneliner...of the day.

I hate to believe,so i will never believe u!

(came in my mind,after reading THIS article,about banned punks in Indonesia,because of a stupid religion)

woensdag 14 december 2011

Everything Electric!!!

Was thinking,if every household in cold areas put a closed circulation system,in the form of tubes,low on ground level,let i say 10 cm in diameter,on ground level because heated air goes up.
in those tubes u got some sort of radiator formed "plates"made of hollow thin tubes,where the fluid,water streams through,that u can heat electrically
220 or 110 volts and the Ampere is important,then through a dimmer,like on a lamp u can control the heat,then
no household in the world ever needed an central heating system heated by burning gas anymore,so the population don't ever need that gas anymore in households,and the gasses that r rest on/in this planet can be used for really important things,till that is over also!
So with this simplified system we can run on clean energy to warm our homes,and it can be look good also in ur home.

Ow and don't forget to use a tiny strong smart pump,for the fluid circulation!!!

So just another simple idea,what can has great positive consequence for earth and our peeps!

Less work, no gas pipes to homes,and the same function,so...........think smart
all that copper gaslines,we can use for....?!

This just came in my mind,and had to type it here

Your whole home heated by that,direct connection on one security group for electric and done!

FUCK THAT! start building skyscrapers,new build homes,enz. with such system,cheaper,economic better,ecologic also,easy to repair,and it can look much better!!!!
                                                                  o   o
                                                                   \ ii /
                                                           My French Kiss

Better Earth starts with good ideas,for us all!!!Start with it!

maandag 12 december 2011

walnuts and empty cans...

Hello there
Just an hour or so,i entered an bring some plastic bags,bags from the streets and disposals there,so peeps can re-use them.
In the store i thought,let i buy 2 cans of beer.
When walkin' inside i saw plastic bags filled with walnuts from California.
500 gram 2.25 euro
25 kilos bags so i count
112,50 euro a 25 kilo bag
But that is not all....on my way back home,i picked up several metal cans of the streets and grass,also plastic bottles....and i can count.
In California they give 10 dollar cent for one metal can cash refund,so if i collect here,let i say
1500 metal cans i have the same amount of money a walnut bag costs ,but here it's worthless,something isn't right...(and that amount of cans here on the streets i have within an hour!!)
Because....when i was in that store the chief also called a manager was called: through intercom:
Mr.Kramer would u come to the info bar ...
I hear that so i speak my mind: Mr kramer would u come to the info bar ,Ey she said Mr to me.i joked up loud.
That mr kramer hear that,and as an asocial person he wanted to remove me from that store,pulling on my jacket and so,i didn't listen,get angry,because of his behavior as a personality,so they get my inner back!!
and that inner of  me is hell,so they call police....police came,i may not enter one fuckin' store of that firm,police said...Who r they.......almost all puppets and wankers.

If this go on i will kill finally that blue bloody bastards also,because ey who r they to say i may not enter those stores......
YES puppets of society,protecting the wrong and stupid..

don't get me wrong,i'm a nice lovely person,only people who abuse their "power",and can't take a joke
may die,i also known how those peeps r in their private i smile and fuck the shit up in future,on a smart way.
i also get my gun,and if the shit hits the fan,i'll kill some bad egoistic shit personality's who will do the same without thinking.....

bye...another story of this mis understood person.

zondag 11 december 2011

fukushima solution...

1st make strong suits out of polymers,3 layers,inner layer aluminium(take a look at the reaction of aluminium in an microwave oven)
2nd with those suits u can go in longer,and inspect situation safer
3rd the melting concrete because of  the hot  Nuclear fission product,can be used as a melting pot for iron

4rd after melting iron and casting it in the melted concrete hole,cool it with seawater with pumps,so the iron clot.

5th the surounded around the concrete take away,with the best possible options,in this case i think,of an thermic

lance and cut out that cone with that tech.

6th use a big electromagnet together with that great lifting helicopter(i dont know the type right now,but they 

use it in

Canada for wood harvesting and fire brigades...,YES have it!!!!

this one

Sikorsky ch54 South-korea has some...

And drop the shit in the big pacific so it stays cool and can do no harm.anymore.

this shit--->

Maybe i think,personal i think it's a solution,to come pretty close to the shit over solve the problem quick.

this is just a simple plan,that can work ,must work it out better,but not on this blog.

Good Luck with it,if anyone read this!


dinsdag 6 december 2011

E-Books cq Epubs.......

Hello there.

I'm tired reading shit about this,u may not upload,and download,all kinds of laws protecting intellectual content
and on and on......Damn i've made myself a lot of e-pubs from paper books.
It's a good invention,i would never say it's not!!
It saves trees where we land mammals get oxygen from,but all those copyright shit....lawsuits and on.
Big on-line firms,acting like kids and sue each other,i do not give a damn!!
Got here an 2 Terra Bite hard- drive full with e-books,but don't like reading those books.
So i've upload them and download them and now finished that,i throw the 1-Terra bite map E-books directly in the recycle-bin!!!
So that's word it in my eyes,instead of 17 euros each by or Amazon,i do not give a shit!
My harddrive can be out,and rather like to see it directly on line this content,without downloading.
There it goes............500.000 E-pubs,fuck that!I'm gonna play with my LEGO building blocks,and make an hole new world out of it.

pls. don't interrupt me while busy

serious i got better things to do now,like the energy,that's needed to get all this working,yes the energy on a clean base!!!For You,not for me,i live in a forest like an ape,where people think they can play with!!!NOT!!!!


zaterdag 3 december 2011

Faroe Islands.....and their cultural stupidity!!

Hell yeah,hello there.

I just checked Live Leak and saw this-->Stupid Shit!
I was thinking calling this a festival...?yeah of  Carnage and that to prove their men their adulthood!!!
Cowards!!Those Ocean mammals with a double period to give birth to the off spring ,that we also call breeding time,and they look like Dolphins.
Those animals can do nothin' back,owowow they r man,NOPE they r insects hunting non domistic sea mammals, like the English do with dogs and foxes!!!!
I Know they life on an island,and from earlier days,peeps settled there needed food to keep warm and survive.
But now!!In this age of time on earth,with all the tech and knowledge,i see them ass low life greedy slaughters with an intellect of insects.hehehehe u r what u eat they say...........not here, with this issue,butt that will come.
The good thing is......those population special mammals,will never turn back there in the future,and they can kiss our ass,on that stupid island,they all gonna be cows eating grass in future,nothing less,nothing more.
Some closed population of humanity,r just staying stupid,so we wait,do nothing,and when it's time....WE FUCK THEM ALL IN HELL!!TILL THEY WIPED OUT FROM EXTINCTION!!!

Here some music i had in mind by this topic!

I'm going to fuck hell up,this Saturday,bye!!

donderdag 1 december 2011

Fuckushima...Part 2

I read today 1-12-2011 that Japan wanted to close cq shut down all their nuclear mining!
That's good,but they show the world,they r afraid,and they should be!
read a lot of news about this,and know,it's a prob after that tsunamy.
Yes mother nature has unexpeted futures under her skin.
The Country that's getting the good thing out of this science(no atomic bombs)is quiting mining energy(read produce electric)on this way.
If i was standing in their shoes,i do the same,and we all can learn from this disaster!!!!!!
Good move,if their land gets unusable where they have to relay on,(it's a closed community)
I also would bet on wisdom,and let the money flow in the oceans,but we are smart!!!
From those civilizations came and come a lot of positive science,they will get their energy from healthy
flows!!!use less,create less power consumption electric goodies,and be happy,Build it up,use the weather science!!!!the whole globe needs it,to get it of positive stream and knowledge..
It''s all about a controlled energy sourge,and if we understand weather,or can see it,we can control it and use it!! for our pleasure!!!

ps i know they don't shut all nuclear facility at one's,but they will invest great amounts of economic goodies,in the good science created,we do also(or have to do!!!)

Keep it on!!Japanese u will survive!!!!  

Libyan Yiad Fighters...

They go to in the army as soldiers,and get paid for it,to get a life...
That's good,now western civilization can do really do smart and good bisiness,if....
the make up new government will not be badder as that dictator ruled "his" peepz.
50.000 of those crazy fuckers,that fight with their own life the last months get a job,and may train in the dessert,and get a sand coated/colored uniform.that's really good news,they r hero's there keep them!
So we western  civilization,can do new business with them,i see a new era and new positive posabillity's
for that country cq region,now the religion must not get the upper hand there otherwise,it's gonna be an next Iran,and that's fuckin' destructive!

We will see........and know for there!but i know already,better days after war for the peepz in Libia....hhhhmmm i call it dessert,nothing less,nothing more,because i do not give a shit about borders in some kind of way...


woensdag 30 november 2011


Hello,this issue came back in my mind today,and i'm gonna explain what's going on,or let i say how such Halo
arises probably.
Here the "Halo" or must i call it an Aureole......

Ok let i begin,it's "just" an gap in the force field of the atmospheric layers,created through multiple "things"!
Above some other parts of the globe,this strange weather behavior is also noticed,above Mexico for instance.
Probably the moon has to do with it,otherwise but that is in my eyes no option,the one of the two nearest two planets from Earth,Mars and Venus!and that togeter with those holes in the ground.
This together with the massive big holes in the ground, on several parts of the globe create probably these signs,that can became a real threatening for life!and i'm sure these two things have to do with it.
The holes are the problems,and not the moon or the planets!!!!
Here the hole in Russia that i have in mind!(Russia because that "Halo" above was noticed above Russian ground.
Now the pit or hole i mean-->

The reality already is written on the picture.!
This creates the issue in the force field!
The solution,i have in mind is this,now the pit is out of use:Put it full with all the scrap metal they have in Russia,and that is a lot,if u take a look at this site:
Take all the crap with trains to that place,and after filled it,with that,putt it full with earth and sand,so the
mine is closed,and the earth surface there is glad.
Then that dangerous weather sign i think will not came back,otherwise is my prediction,that some meteorite will invade and explode on Russian ground one day there,or/and the other parts of Earth where we created those holes as humanity,and we all know,what happen then,or what can be happen on Earth!
Extinction of a great part of life or all mammal on the ground(no not the mammals in the ocean),with more power then several atomic bombs,it's how big the meteorite will be.
I have one or two in mind,butt i'm really not sure of it,also i have to say,that it is a logic next step,that it will be one of those two.

I have given a possible solution for it,so i don't have to say which of the two meteorites will penetrate the earths layers and create some kind of these catastrophic disaster for us all.

This solution, i suggest to do that,fill those holes as quickly as possible,on all the places where these Halo's are noticed.(search the net,and also you-tube).

And now the i say bye there/here/everywhere!


In 2061 Halley will come by!!!So 50 years to go maybe.... i say!
The other is the core of Betelgeuse maybe!(this big Sun look-a-like is on it's way to implode or!!!Google for info over it!)
When implode,the core of it will go away from earth,when explode,the core of it will come this way!!!

If i'm dead,i like to have/give this earth to the the offspring,together with all the nice inventions we created,otherwise we u me,have done everything for nothing!

Have a nice responsible life u all!  

these thoughts together with all the manipulating shit that's comin'on my way these days,made me that i'll like to kill it instantly!but i don't and i never will do that,because.......yeah think about that!!!it's a philosophic one!We need work power,and they r made fysically the same as me!So if i kill them,i got no respect for myself in a order,butt if they keep on doing that,we better get rid of those from this planet!So sometimes exceptions in it's order,can fuck the hell away,in  my principals of life!

dinsdag 29 november 2011

Desertec Foundation/Green Energy

Hello there again as usual.

I was reading this morning some articles on the Desertec Home Page,
and was glad and happy to see plans are starting well with this mega project.
A 500Mw grid starting to build in Morocco,Egypte has a solar grid over-there running
150Mw grid,it's really the future for our electronic goodies to run on.
I hope it's gonna be a snowball effect in the regions all there,and more firms,lands join the projects

But that's one,over-there night falls also,and then the grids don't produce power,butt
that's how i think,on the other side of the globe,they have a lot of hydropower,if all connected,we humanity
are be able to go green all the way,and get rid of polution.
Here another topic i read a few days ago,scientists in the US of the University of Stanford,has invented some sort of electrode build with nano technology that can store power on a large scale,it's in an early stadium butt,it's an invention what we globally can use in combination with these mega projects,here the link-->
(it's in Dutch,so u have to translate it,or Google the topic)
Me personal hold myself now a days busy with a sketch i made several months ago.
a sketch of an Mag-Lev windturbine here:

It's a simple sketch and must work it out,technically ISO 9002 drawing,it's sort some kind of principal of an inside out electro motor,but now to create energy by rotation,instead of using energy to let things rotate ,where the copper winded spill stands still,and a hollow bus with magnetic plates in it,and perfectly designed blades are rotating,whatever the wind direction is!
butt it's a difficult one, because such turbine must work with all wind directions to create power by itself,through wind,also if there is almost no wind,and blow away the standard windturbines,if this one can hold it longer and give us more power out of one turbine,instead of several produce the same amount of energy, in the near future.
When finished the ISO drawing,i'll give,made,putt it on the net,and show it to engineers who work on dailly base in this industry.

Stay Tuned,this topic i'll complete further with some ideas i have,together with info,ideas,pictures and sketches.


vrijdag 25 november 2011

The 3rth Wave...

Have read this book,and yes also the the other ones of the trilogy.
There is something right about,what's in it.
Only people lose control,and logic thinking,about were they life on.if a memeber of this wave right now.
The thirth wave is evolutionair,but also at the same time degenerating.
Read it,i mean read a lot,and make ur conclusions!
Science brings us far,but if we don't understand basic principals of the earth anymore,we lose grip....and die!

here the book,yeah,another flashback of a link.WIKI(donate them if it's possible 4 u,it's needed,and free based)!

Bye,have a nice day!

woensdag 23 november 2011


Hello there today.
Today i wanted to check my iq,it's been a while i did that,and i can suggest everybody do that ones in a while,it keeps your mind sharp!
Today i had an iq of 122,ey i'm high gifted!!

Did the mensa test also,and there came out,that i belong by the upper two percent of human beings 
with a very high gifted iq.....hhmmm i do not let myself,taken away my goodness anymore,and nothing good came out.

hhhhmmmmm,it's low i think back now.
Two years ago,i did this test in an mental institute,and i reached a score of.....damn i'm great....162!!
Gonna go to that score again,i know how to reach a score like that,and what u have to do for it.......a lot.

Hehehe,but that's my secret,and i ain't gonna tell u 4 now.

Test urself weekly is good to keep ur mind sharp,and get smarter or stay smart!!

Do it u know,together with ur EQ that will show ur a real human with feelings.

bye there,laterz.


dinsdag 22 november 2011

Earth 2010 sinkholes

Hello there,if anyone read this blog.

I was thinking back about a picture from The Boston Globe i placed on in a topic on this blog,in 2010,
and it came back in my mind today.
This picture-->
Called a sinkhole.

This is the case!:
This hole is not for nothing on earth,it's for the core of it,they say its 60 meters deep,but i know it goes deeper without being there.
I guess and probably know that,there will be a split point where smaller holes goes deeper.
Look at the perfect shape like a circle,what could have made that,there in Guatemala-City.....i think i know but that's something else.
I know there is an underground river there also.
What i mean to say is this:If i had the power there,or on earth to change the situation,i let the community of the world dig rivers to that hole,from sea to that gigantic sinkhole,let it fill with seawater,and when full close it with
with some kind of giant cork,yes i think logic about how the earth works.

So i hope with this story/explanation i give some readers wisdom here/there  what they need to do about it,to let it not happen again.

p.s. there are more sinkholes in this world,same situation,they must be filled with h2o,and rain alone can't do the job,so demolish some buildings there,and dig 2 rivers to those holes,for Planet earth peeps,the core needs it to cool down.

simple sketch of where the rivers the best can made
(Yeah i'm lookin' at the globe lines)

Otherwise my prediction is that some places on the globe,will be like an Swiss cheese in future,and the core will overheat with what we all know,what happen then,just the same as an nuclear reactor,only biljons of times stronger..........
Hope some people will or can do something with this information.
Hell i'm trying to save the world,and i'm defensive against disasters the whole population will know in future,and not in a nice way!

bye for today,hope i said enough about this issue.

p.s. srry for my grammar,i'll work on it.

maandag 21 november 2011

Google Street View.....

Ey got a good idea for Google street-view!
Because i read THIS topic on the site,and in a flash i thought about an issue for Google streetview.
When a street is under construction,the car can't come there,but they need it to complete the street-view map in that period to update their street-view map,or the narrow streets,in city's  when on vacation and walkin' with ur mobile u can find it directly.
I took a look at this site also-->rare street-view pics

What if a car can't take pictures because those nice streets r to small,like in Amsterdam for instance,or they have to work on a street on the moment the firm drive around for updates?

Here u have: The Google street-view cap!-->

Now that's the shit huh? takin'360 degrees pictures while walking in narrow streets and other places the cars can't come!

Valencia,Spain,there r narrow streets with shops and on,
people want to visit on their holiday....

Have a nice day there,new brave world is comin'
for us all!


enjoy life!bye 4 2day.

zondag 20 november 2011


how it's made now(backyard garden)

Thought by myself,let i show some pics of "my" middle age apartment,it's renovated and we/they bring it back in old style like it was in  1600(Western Jesus telling story)
Here some pics(btw. this topic because of the one before this one)

How it was in the old days

And how it was in 2008

The inside is now under construction,and u can come and visit it,28 euros a day pp incl.
And if u want some more luxury,u can come to my headquarters-->

Castle Marquette

Yeah in this castle i had a very important Norman from the time on a visit,yes yes u can land here with ur heli.
The rest of the time it's just a castle where normal regular persons come now.

hhhmmmmm this topic because of the other before.

p.s. i will upload the inside of "my"apartment when finished in this topic.


Howdy here there everywhere.

Yesterday i get this for eyes-->EVIL SHIT(warning no nice vid)
Saw a little kid shot to death by a bullit in the head,together with more peeps there in Syria
a rain of bullets from a building too the humans on the street,probably government soldiers who did that..
Now we all know,that a dictator who is doing such things can't  go on with that,so i think international community will end this together with the internet community.........
I had to leave a tear sawing a man there walking with that child,and get mad the same time,what is wrong with dictators trying on an controversial way stomp down some intern rumor.
In my mind i had immidiatly...the France have it right,there must come an blue helmet intervention to stop this cruelty.
I know what's going on there in Syria,terrorists(Hezbollah),different streams of believe,poor,and some citizens demonstrating,that man trying to rule the nation of Syria while he's stirring in deep shit at the same time,and a little kid on the streets is the victim.......damn international weapon deals(Russia,China...and more)does not have to go wrong,only if the leaders of a nation keeps there head with it,in this case use the military together with the weapons as def-fence for an attack from another country,and further only to train.
What i think this sitting president Assad and his friends are monsters and let "their" soldiers train on harmless people,like on that YouTube-link.
I really hope there is coming an intervention now,to stop that cruelty and let that Assad dissapear from his seat ow wait from this planet.put another there who is right from heart for it's people he have to lead,this man and friends are not stomping some demonstrations down in a way like this.....i guess if u show the movie on Syrian Television the population will hang him high,like Iran do with his citizens when they stole something,or when they say they r gay.
Damn that Assad looks gay also.only a bad gay.
Middle east and Middle ages it's all the same,i guess in the presidential palace there the basements have these kind of appz-->

That's direct the fact they call their fuckers martyrs there,time to go to there otherwise bomb the shit,with precision bombing......the good not,the bad and the ugly HELL YEAH!

have a nice day huh!

dinsdag 1 november 2011

Fukushima Water....

Today i saw and read a Tiny Toon  story about the health of seawater in and around FUCK U SHIMA!
there was a fall out, deuterium contianed heavy water streams in the big Pacific,all those tiny nuclear parts,will be spread over the whole ocean by a litltle stream there,so the SHIT is spread overthere.
It can only be that radio-activity in that part of the big world seas is as much as it is here by the North Atlantic Ocean,yeah the radio active particles spread in sea,just as live does in the world oceans,here the vid-->

What,s going on on this globe....?! every time a nucleair facility gets a melt down and because of that an radio active Fall Out,the human citizens will be more psychic because of radio activity in the air and the water,and where the fall out is,there get people sick,the rest will be spread by the streams,of  the ocean,wind,air,so
psychiaters fuck of with ur pills and explanations of how some one is,only the time,momentum,and weatherconditions are important,let that sucker eat some grown vegatables around FUCK U SHIMA,and he gets radio active,the ground will be active there because no stream to spread it HUH!

have a nice day and dream on.

Ow yes p.s. They had to be,before meltdown and fall out,let that power plant dive into the ocean,no almost no risk,spreaded radio activity in an order it can do no harm on land,and cooled down in an flash of water,but no,the money and the electricity needs huh!
Now they r in deep shit,i wouldn't go there without a space suite and eat nothing from that area,that area is gonna be a heavy industry area.nothing less,nothing more.

vrijdag 28 oktober 2011

Re Disposals

Today i took my bike and go to "my" castle,and took some pictures 2 pictures r important,this because good ideas must be!-->
Castle Assumburg(click)
and here the good ideas:

Ow i keep it by one picture,if those disposals come to the places where they needed the most,we could re-use "thrash",a color code on it maybe a smiley and dump it in!1 for paper,1 for plastics,1 for Bio,1 for Glass,1 for Textile,1 for metal,1 for General,then and only then this world can became much more beautiful as it is now in 2011,it's fucking hell a waste of time to live on it right now!FUCK THAT!
Yeah economic global suckers invest in that!
Simple sketch of how it can be for every household worldwide.

bye 4 today,have a good time on earth!

ps.lookin out my window,and by the general waste disposal a plastic bag full with clothes,and a television,i hate that!stupid apes who do that,but even apes have eyes!,so colors,streets,disposals,material back in the sys.FUCK THAT ALSO YEAH!

One Comic I Like Online

Now i will putt 1 Comic here in this topic so enjoy,just JPG,click the picture and u can watch them one by one.....
Also i must say that i like this flashcode,more then this JPG here,must check how they do it,i guess this is gonna be the new shit for on-line reading cq. enjoying.also here old fashion jpg comic-->>

Ow and btw,if some one can create a prog that can translate a text balloon by pointing with your mousse,i think that can became handy globally :-) the comic--> 


















































Scanned by Human......:-)
And now if there coming one huge databank/base with a back-up somewhere else on the globe,with all the comics,books,newspapers........that will keep us the control that content will not fade away in the sands of time,then with the THIS link,that will save a huge amount of energy and the future will be bright!
(U can down them and translate it,i had no time to do it today,it's Dutch,or click and watch)
Respect to the owner/maker of this content!!!

Have a nice day!