maandag 17 januari 2011

One Western 3rd World System......

Working....wake in an other stake,go home.....go shopping......
Damn here u enter a store and the 1st u see and can or don't can fruit...fruit from warm tropical areas on the globe,
most of it,think again,most or a lot of people go shopping and buy food and other stuff for a week or so......or let it bring while they order it from home(lazy,or buzy),so think about that,man and woman with kid enter the store and the 1st they put in their shopping baskets trollys are fruit,next'bread,also stuff that is flat in no time,thenbottles,and glasses with greenery,and meet,and milk and frozen stuff and so,u must see all those people order their baskets in the store or running around and looking and talking and smiling or unhappy looking,butt its always in that store......then somewhere in a corner where u never come u can throw ur wasted battery's and stuff,so no one will throw it there because they dont know they can dump it there......then u see all those cars on the street for that store dump their glass,paper,and more....plastic also(since a year orso,and what do u see in the street where the store is settled............a lot of waste ,flying in the wind on grass and so on,there is no system i think....100ths of cars driving to that place to dump their shit,instead of 1 firm with some trucks driving through the city to collect it......stupid i think,same in the store,u see all those people walking from lane to lane and back and so on,and u see them six times coming back in the same lane..........disorientated by all that stuff or a bad system.......
When i was 18 and standing in line for armyclothes(damn green stuff)1st they gave u was underpants,2nd,throusers,3rd whatever,and so on,and not 1 a jacket,while u standing naked and then underpants,and then go back to get socks,and then go out to get the size of your dick,and then go in to get another size of underpants..thats what happens now u know...where i life,all around me,dogs on chains waiting for their "friends"in rain with all kinds of characteristics,smelling on your ass,shit on the street,and people throwing stuff outside,or kill eachother,looking sad,people with gold teeth or smoking sigarettes selling homeless streetjournals,or make music with whatever(that's a positive fibe)smelling thoughts u can't take with u while u walking on the street,butt when u somewhere in a green area u can take flowers,get some other stuff u can eat,here u can't take anyting from the street,what u like or need,or that makes u happy...anoing it is......time to go to humanbirthplace the forrest and set one internetconnection there and let people surf naked there,or with a rabbitskin on their asses or a leave,no then they feel happy,if u go sometimes to an office..damn,most of them looks sad,just sad,empy,real empty,u get a feeling in there that u r dying in space,because their lifes nothing,and on the street here,u feel u r in a mental institute created by anything and everything,and in the and it's nothing more then some elements running driving around,flying away...and on....

U ever feel that u r getting crazy because somethings try to make u crazy or so....yes mental institute,thoughts and feelings,manipulated or real......HELL!!nope.....on a cloud and heaven and then its freezing there above..and those clouds full of positive and negative ionisated h2o became icerocks and chrush all mental members of that institute...enjoy the silence....hehehehehe

or yesterday,go to a fatfoodtakeitwithurestaurant,for one bear,i guess 12 people in there,and what do they all do(at least 8 of them)doing nothing butt staring at their cellular screen,weird shit,no talking,only staring and waiting for death hot meat and patato's....sad area here a bit........but...sometimes u hear some positive things...but later u know the most are false positives..........lalalalalala hahahahaha,time to throw some cows here and ducks and flying cats,goos and elephants,some tigers,and Noah with his wooden brick to take them away and let the rest swim in their salty tears.done with it

vrijdag 14 januari 2011


182 days without love,or positive feeling.............

That's it now,nothing more,nothing less in a city,or.....?hidden stake outs...
time to get it right,and go to the sun,tough the sun,and take that positive energy back to the places where it can be used.........OUT!!!

zondag 9 januari 2011

Tower of babel.......Wikipedia

Today i got some rare things in my mind,all because of a song of Crazytown a song out of the mouth of a leprechaun,singing that he lives 13 high/low in a i get  the tower of babel in my head,and wanted some info about that...
Genesis  splitted and a Phil Collins became solo entertainer out of that...and what do i read about that tower..


Babel was the first city that build the offspring of  Noah,somewhere in Sinear....
So now i linked that page,read it again and had mixed thoughts about it...
I guess the rule/sence had to be.......The offspring out of that wooden shitboat,somewhere on a mountain in Turkey...with two humanoids and all other saved that shitty tower,somewhere on earth we know out of historybooks called Sinear.....what is now a desert called animals there maybe some insects,and some nomads,with their camels.......and yes..that tower was and is only a fatamorgana in peoples minds....and an oase can be created there or u must find it with google earth,bing birthseye,or get ur camel and try to find it............
So the author of that dutch topic on wiki....didn't explain it well...and was probably a bit dizzy,from all that fairytales in all that "books" testament,old testament,death paper(US) in urns...and more of that .
And now new generations can read it  digitally .....the story get crazier and crazier...just like Crazytown with his lollypop pornbitch.
Man ow man........two humans...and Noah..that's 2 man and one female humans,build that tower and fucked all those animals overthere,and that boat......not needed anymore,throwed away on a mountain...and u kids,that's the story of
Genesis,and out of an loveaffair between Noah and an Female Gorilla in a room on that tower builded in that Era, Phil Collins where born......strange isn't it???? And if u hear all that songs,u know or guess that the creativity out of that livingtowers must be high voltage and selfdestuctive in some kind of way.............and all those woman with plants in their rooms...humanity pulls the earthskin outside in........or inside out?????hhhmmmm think about that....hhhmmm electricity again..and from the lamps to become a nigger(srry black coated humans)in ur room,but a beach with pina-colapsa of bacardi on some rocks,and sunlight...enjoy ur vacation,while u walking one of the miljon roads to Rome,to tell this story overthere.and no thumbs up huh when u walking behind a highway....just some Johnny Walker Red Label and when botlle is emptyed u take the Black Label...just like sun coated..........

vrijdag 7 januari 2011


If my mum or dad  die(go down),then it's their wish,how they want to their message),i respect that,even if i got my own thoughts about it,and some church organisations....have their own autistic behavior to get rid of death body's,
That's why i typing this shit here,and will give it on a piece of death wood paper,to someone...
When i'm death give my shitty death body to the world back,no big stone but a tiny one..made out of my mothers stone...Fuck that...yes with a middle finger,where birth and death date stands,to give that to my children,so they can watch to that,and have sweet memories.....
it will be a dessert with a lot of underground parasittes and greenery waste...or somewhere in the wood,between threes...where i will be burried.never in a pollised death box made out of threes.and my death corpse in a balsemed with chemical shit.....
In the woods in my local neighbourhood where i die on that moment where i live polis...nothing...just like DELL no midlle earth persons between that piece of crap.
Fuck that...really somewhere between threes and plants,and my son may burry me,and digg the hole.
Ove!!!!.Put his own music on,no church,no other piece of commercial holy crap...done.!
and a tiny 10 by 10 cm smily man with middlefingermade out of my mums tombstone,with the words...Fuck Off,and birth and death date on that midllefinger date. Done!!for my kids(2 or 3) of that things,so they r not fighting for it,when i'm a rotten corpse 8 foot deep between threes.or in a desert.
And yes.........i don't abuse,and will not let myself be abused..........make it here,or make it in the woods,cry when i see destruction,smile when i see life,happy when it's good,down when it's bad,ow life is hard...before ur death beloved familymember will be burried,i'll cut it in pieces and give the meat to dogs,or when someone  stucks between the stearingwheel and seat,i will piss on it,put a snake in the gasolinetank suck on it,and let the fuel flow over ur body,and make a fire,heating my hands,and wish u well,polish my teeth i dont have,and go to sleep.and when u r burning to death i'll make ur lovely partner is that life or not??In ur stinky rotten brain yes...because u hate....and r no good.........LULZ.

But hey that's later on huh.......
                                  This one,handmade by someone who's good at that,for my kids!!!
                                                            my last wish,shitty fuckers!!!
                                                              Respect that last one!!!

With on the backside of it:In Dutch or English:Smile When U Take A Look at The Front,Look Back If U Want To Remember!

woensdag 5 januari 2011

Christmas threes...

Today here the already death Cristmas threes,where all those family's grap their commercial presents under from,on those two christmas days,will be mountains high,and will be burned,one,two weeks without roots,the needles in socks, and then burned,i'm gonna smoke a big sigarette today.
Stupid morans,bying threes without roots,cheer them up with lights,and glass,presents under it,and two days listening to white christmas or so,yeah sure,10.000 kilos of coke from Colombia,or fucking artifisial snow to make ur Christmas White...and then away with that no needle three,no cup of thee from the needles no,smelly socks with needles hanging somewhere,so that fatass rednose can put more presents in....
Why can't there be sell only threes with roots,so they can life further after that stinky 2days somehow holy fairrytale party,human like to do,no every year,some area need to be filled with new threes,furtalized(artificial)
only because it's easyer to harvest on a big scale,instead of dig them out,lazy SOAB!!!
Walked today to 4 of those threes without boots...ow roots srry,holding itself on streetlights...
5 fucking red things in it to cheer the area up,while that piece of life will fall down without his boots...ow roots....ow no suckin fuckin tywraps...just like that drunk alcoholic...Yes!!!(have fun)
man..manman......go to the forrest,put ur children on fire,give the threes ledlights,and fuck ur wife,the kids are not yours,if the mountain not comes to Mohamed,all the biljon Mohameds will come to that mountain,Just like all those black piets(sinterklaas)go to children stapled in skycrapers,showed from  windows through Micheal Jacksons,or fall down ,that other guy...thats why he is addicted to heroine...u know who time a MOAB on that mountain of death threes!!!,i think the threes will walk in the future,just like in the LOTR and demolise hollywood,and go to the desert,to get a glimp of light.
And those plastic threes can be use year after year,time after time..........again that shitty oneliner...ironic isn't it?while looking for life,porn,or money in ur a place that looks like North Korea......hahahahahha!!!


Today..Yesterday,in Tokio 1 big Tuna is sold at the cost of!!!!300.000 Euro's....with a weight of 342 kilo's,
they make thin slices out of that animal,and sell one slice for 30 Euro's.
Hell if you do that with a pig in Germany with the same weight,cut/laser that animal in thin slices,and sell that for the same price...i think,nobody overthere will eat pigmeat anymore,(read another topic here Aldi,and u know it's true what i say)....
Then,if u buy here the same flesh from a tuna presurized in a can,then u pay 0.49 eurocents for150 gram of that deathfishmeat,same flesh,same fish,and u have more.......the ocean less,but hey,maybe the fish could swim in ur stomic acid.
so let's see:
10x150gram=1,5 kilo=4,90 euro
x10=15kilo=49 euro
x10=150kilo=490 Euro
x2.5=375kilo=1225 Euro...........How many of those sea animals are stored in cans..
x10=12.250 Euro=10 Tuna of the same weight
x10=122.500 Euro=100 Tuna of the same weight
x2.3=almost 300.000 Euro=230 Tuna.......HHmmmm i don't buy those canned tuna anymore,
The Japanese don't kill that spiecies,those canning fishfactory's on the ocean do,so buy fresh fish on the market,taste better,u give more money,so the dealers and fishermans can control the population....
Ey!!.......strange isn't it,better everyone rich and eat thin slices,instead of everyone poor,and eat the world!!!
so that's what i call bussiness,i guess,the 1 piece of rice will sold there for 5 Euro's
slice that rice into thin parts,and hey!!!everybody rich,everybody food,and u can ship it from
India to tokio through a botlle,like a letter in a botlle,so one poor lonely soul at the beach overthere,find that botlle and can become a millionaire over there.,because later in the future u can only grap botlles and canned tuna and plastic fishingnets,and other shit out of the ocean.
So Cristina Aguilera is not a genie in a botlle,the piece of rice is,and i'm...
Man ow Man....300.000 Euros 1 fish!!! i believe it wil taste good,but 30,-Euros for one slice,will not do the job to let stop my stomic screaming like a pig.

If u read,that that fish is almost wiped out from the ocean...or the last are hiding somewhere in that swimmingpool...then the best thing u can do is buy pallets of that canned tuna here,keep it,and wait and sell when all tuna is consumed,and shitted out,for 10.000euros a that's something huh??
Or all the Japanese,will do the same they do with koi-karpers,and only look at them,feed them well,while they swim in a pool,
and they will life long and in happiness...........
Other example,somewhere else on the globe...The Victoria"pool" with victoriabaars,that fish has almost eaten all thecichliden,so here in Western Europe that fish come in glass boxes with water,so people can look at it,
And there,the locals has to feed the Victoriabaars,withfor them unnatural food,to let them multiplied,for selling and trading with Europe,and the need to eat that big lake,is a swimmingpool for those only 1 kind fish,just like humans here:
and u have to feed them with rice or worms,and after that,u can take a crawler and harvest the swimmingpool,to can them all!!and ship them to Europe,Russia,and the USA.
but!!p.s. don't forgot to take all that plastic out of the water to,otherwise,there will be no next generation life there,and the water will go to the drain to empty the pool,just the same as the Victoria lake...........
what they do now there,ones in a while they fight there,in Angola,Kenia and that other country,and all the death corpses they throw in that lake,so the only fish that swims there can eat,just like some floating corpses in the Ganges where mutant animals eat tall the garbage there .........ironic isn't it?

or u can try to let Talipa grow in an desert in California....HHHHMMMMMM strange??a fish that eat shit from another fish,look at it,and when they are fully grown,sell them to all those Hollywood actors,for 30 Dollars a slice....... fucking strange world...the bears in Alaska shot to death,the wild salmon,never go there,they go to Scotland or Norway,right to the there growing rooms,will be feed by scottish skirt wearing man,and will be sold in thin slices......what is going on here???
On the market overhere the whole year,a sign on the fishcar says:New Dutch Haring...the whole year........year in year out!!!!!!!!!day in day out....schools.....haring...........can't be,miljons of haring paring each day, day in day out,synchronised in a get new fullgrown.... that fish is not new,it swims (Trying to swim) here in the Northsea longer then the people life on the land,in schools to be some kind of functional for that sea,hell they fight and fuck for their life in this piece of earth pool...and  fight for ours...????strange huh...?if u read this and look at the picture of that swimmingpool......

1 ton of Wasabi in the ocean instead of plastic and u have ur global sushibar,on ur boat,enjoiing the sun,and find botlles filled with rice,drink ur sake,and pull some of that oceanleaves out from the seabedding,and eat well.
Ow and yes here we get a big ship with 5 Somalian people on shore in Rotterdam,and they can't be sliced,because they are to thin,so what's up it this strange behaviour on this globe??

maandag 3 januari 2011

De Reinunie..

Today i walked to the local consuptionstore,yes the store where,the  Thrash disposals stands,thrash that normally must stored in the disposals,now i know here in this neighbourhood,lifes a lot of thrash,luckely their life some good healthy minded people (who care) to,who don't care who clean their shit they making,maybe the community must give those individuals,an  pole made of recycled plastic,to put the shit back in their ass,or pussy,those workers from the cleaning firm Reinunie who have had an fucking technological mechanical wastetruck,to do their job,and ride alone in one of those machines....
they can take an underground iron box,with 3 or 4 buttons,to empty it in their,machine,but what they don't using their hands,to put all the shit that was surrounding those iron "caves",what belongs to their job to,
they get payed to do that shit,or else they can better sit at home,and virtually driving one of those shitty dumptrucks on a playstation or something,so one moment in buzzlightyears,i was see that,and knowing..that everybody on this shitty dumpglobe,give their family,kids,and friends the best wishes....good start 4 a new enlighted me a noob....had to put all those shit in the boxes where it belong,otherwise the wind blowed it in their front and backyard...yes then they have a problem they think....for paper.....fucking bags,with all kind of shit in it,and more,glass and other stuff,shithole Beverwijk.........for miljons a new city office somewhere...with a big billboard that explain their fata-morgana they have in mind...VITAL HEALTHY BEVERWIJK 2011.....i get some mortal thoughts right now...blow some cityblocks down here with an Apache...and those morans,may life in an indian tipi....just like Hiyawata,then they will need to hunt for food,some cats orso..,collect all that paper that is surrounding me....and others,and make a fire to heat theirself...and eat rats and dogshit to survive here,while that lazy movo from Reinunie,can play playstation,and pull on his dick,feeling like a big man in a wastetruck.......

I have had it here,in my appartment on my balkony i have 4 bins(founded on the street,everywhere,and i will trow it or in someones backyard,or if i have to empty it,all sorted with tiny mountains,next to the generaltrashdisposal,and keep on doing that.....or they place those shit in my street, or i will throw it on my street(sorted,i will)With those suckin forans in their office,with billboards saying this and that.......what is a Fata Morgana!!!and having ten times more income then me....or those garbageboxes,everywhere...only not where they belong....

What i mean,why must i be the one...a car,to clean that shit their in front of an mall...where maybe 20a30 blocks had to get rid of their shit...........never will do that time i will shit on the streets...just like a dog here...and no shitty cop that can say anything about my behavior...dogs do the why they well and not me??but i will do that sophisticated in an area that deserve that........,and again fuck this shit,i hate it,only fuck all day,drive cars,eat,and sleep,in their pigstables.......done with it,time to let those suckers sleep in their own shit,i will bring it to them.

ow i'll countdown to 2012,i'll see that bastard come and take me,and those four morans in a car ,what must be the four horseman of the apocalypse...because they have used a pump or an injection,to get a horsedick...they,yes they will,....hhhmmm my thoughts...go down because of an ....... made of their own shit.

1 January i wiped a playingground made for litlle kids clean,as good,yesterdaynight,i couldnt go fall nice in sleep,and take a walk..on a road to the local steel producing industry what started with Ing.Wenckebach,in that timethis habbitat was some kind of clean,now,some conglomarate firm out of India called TATAhas the lead over this local industy,i don't wanna have an local habbitat like in some populated places in "Beautiful INDIA",what i did.......i guess,it were 100ts of them...iron cans in the grass(next through that lane)i taked them all
and throw them on the street,looked nice that lane,with all that shitty iron laying there on the street to that factory...those morans can find the way through that,while driving in their cars,made of the same material,out of the same factory....tonight,i'll do that here again in the same radius i did three weeks ago,but i will not colect them.....i take them out the plants...and throw it on the streets...everywhere...fuck that!!then u hear those shitty bastards in cars or people with shitty dogs on a walkway,where those shitty dogs shit,screaming their frustration out.....yep empty iron cans on the street,no gasoline...the piece of iron on four wheels,the same,or are we all throw them in the local "woods"...woods......nope some shitty plants to make the old locals here a bit happier,or trying to give the population some positive feeling,time to get my own wigwam,and usefull gear to go and life their...had it...with those miljons of neurotic,moranic psychics.....(their are some.. good ones),in my eyes the most here may emigrate to a garbagebelt somewhere in south-america,and try to make a carton-home or something.....shitty micro thirth world here.
and all those things,i do it only to get my hour of fitness,in the "fresh" air,instead of cycling on a piece of garbage from TELL HELL for an flatscreen,in a private livingspace....because those psycological cranked fat ass humans,they are the ones who,trying to cycle to their televisionstars in the form of food,and dump all the waste they create everywhere.....outside....
I,m just had it with some human behavior and shitty systems..on this planet....fuck like rabbits,dump yourself in an empty hollowed by mankind itself created holes,and get sick,and die,just die please,in that hole...thnks,if some same thinking people wanna help me,dump that shit in it,pls be my guest.
1 child or 2(better) child,enough,be happy......boy or girl,doesn't matter,so all those chinese or indians who want to have a boy and go on till they have one,..FUCK OFF!!!sell kidneys,throw urself in the Ganges...but better u pull urself on fire like Ghandi did.........i think.....and more other shitcommunity's....who only wanna have boys ur nations r overpopulated!!!.......globe full of male-gays huh???........only priests like u...
 Like the pope huh...Go Up And Multiply Urself.......Eat urself UP,or give urself to the worms and that blind tube digging animal,that can life there.....or make it a litlle bit better,where u life,not for yourself...NO.........for the ones that have to live for and from it.

zondag 2 januari 2011

Copyright Protectors...Like GEMA,BAF,BREIN,RIAA..and so on..

A new year,new chances,and an topic,from a German News-site from 28DEc,2010.
THE LOCAL.....Damn locals!!
So a copyright-bureau send bills and warnings,to kindergartens,because kids sing songs/LYRICS that are copied
on a piece of death wood.Strange isn't it,that they must pay for singing songs,that are multiplied with an old Xerox on paper,the school has to buy,same with the paper,they must sing the songs with their own voice,instead of all those copyright garddogs,barking it for them,together in their classrooms,i guess babys have to give their mama's and papa's,money to,when the are sayin' their first words:Mama...Papa....or mum or dad....
                                                                 so that's what u get parents
Just like a crowd go to a concert,and sing in Harmony with the artist,then they first pay for the concert,and when they sing along  with the entertainer...i guess they must pay again.
Or a crowdy Japanese Karaokebar,people there cover/or trying so some songs/lyrics,and have a good time with their frieds after a hard day of labour,must pay for what they see and sing ,on their digital screen........

Now i know why Taylor Swift called this song:
and all u teenage kids,don't cover or sing along with her!!Because then u have to pay,and you can give your weekly pocket money to the peeps that protect copyrighted songs!!!

MINE..... i really want to know,which person was the 1st that copyrighted  that word.

And every poor soul who go to church on this day,and sing those old songs,that came right out that old miljons of time multiplied to GOD!!! when u sing a song there,,,hmmmm i do know the priests iare collecting coins and papers,when u sitting there and listen and sing in fact i guess the priest,has two jobs, protect copyrighted songs,by collecting money from each poor soul that sing AVE MARIA in a cold church,and bring the money to GOD,on a wooden hard bad for ur bud sitting device,and all those young altarboys  that sing for them........

must pay those priests with their natural resources,and all that because,their weekly pocket money,they get from their parents,are gone in the pockets or bankaccounts of some copyrightprotection organisations.....

Depressive huh...,don't sing kids,cry,cry,CRY......count,all the songs from all the artists,that named their songs: CRY!!!!

bye have a nice day.

this blog is copyrighted under the law of free speech,u may read it,but not read out loud!! when u read it!! @2011

All u guys and girls,u with a fast internet connection,u have to download,almost everything,lyrics,mp3,ebooks,divx,dvd files,games,cracks,system-updates,and when finished downloading that stuff,immidiatly use the recycle-bin,to get rid of the shit,so ur 2TB HDD stay's clean,buy an old Amiga or Atari,program new kernels and so,try to blend ur Dell Alienware,With a Blender bought through some loussy television broadcasting store called:TELL HELL or something,and have  your dailly amount of vitality shakes!!Go out ur dick shaking bunker,called your sleeping room,go to the forrest and make a threehouse,meet Jane there while you trying to be an ape/flac/mp3/wav/monkey,go to the BIG APPLE,and pay 0,99dollarcents,for a song, while you hanging on streetlights there,in ur underpants,and go to the local university try to learn something there,and have great partys/orgies with ur fellow students and Bachus,when finished using ropes to get from three to three,grap an electricity cable there,and try to get to that other Jane that lives in that other buildingblock skycraper,that u watch secretly with ur spycams or lookinglasses,and then carmen electra,finished her job,and u r baked just like a piece of dead animal out of a George Forreman Grill.

Or sign a paper with a CROSS,because ur never had basic education,together with all your warheadmates ,out of the hands of your local BIG BROTHER AKA UNCLE SAM,get a "job" in the Pentagon Building,and play on ur Playstation2,that don't eat UPDATES anymore,so that clustered for defence or offence mathemathic used playstations overthere,will do their jobs again,where the where enginered for in the first place,play games on a screen with your two hands,holding a shaky 12 button controller,where u get some of the same symtoms from just like u get with the disease called Parkingson ,so that's why the Warheads clustered those playingdevices together,and stick those controllers in their asses,because the basic function is left unused,and that my friends,that are their Drilling Instructors,Major Tom,was the first uneducated who signed with a cross,all because of the cotton  industry where mechanized that days,and North And South was ended,Patrick died because the cotton didn't do his job wel on the sigarette,and the Rebels lost the batlle,that was taken on American ground,so that's why they played the shit on in 2050,when 30 miljon ISS-clones(where they all tried to grow beans) overpopulate the orbit.and the DEATH STAR,that was 1st a peace loving sign from humans,tryed to kill them all overthere,because Elvis has left that building,and Aliens hired that building,to take over world domination.

Have a nice day.,and that boy in the fairytale,named Jan wanted to collect all the,gold that the satellites have onboard,to give it to his poor mother,who only had some land,and some holy beans.....and came in an unpredictable hostile inveronment,where he had to fight,to get the gold,and run as hell away from Sleeping Sattelites........never goes to that naughty priest again,who wanted his tiny dick and gold....

bye have  nice days,this year,and don't fight,or behead(wanted to link a picture,of one,but don't do that) humans or some other naughty shit.

And this out of my scrambled mixed up mind on a :