maandag 9 april 2012


Ey there!!Where ever u are,maybe u exploring Antarctica on a cruise....

...and stranded like pinguings......

But hey, it's about the topic item meteorite.yep i woke up this morning,and was reading
one of the many webpages about those spacerocks,astroids,meteorites,exploding moons,all the same for me,
Common take a cruise to it...ORDER NOW!!!


Take your wheelchair with u...
Leave it behind,after u people have eaten all the fish with teeth
Then if u must go back,use an icerock like these guys
They look like pinguins,just as u then,because u have filled all the pinguings to keep warm.
But then huh!!then,u all don't see it coming,while sitting on an floating icerock drifting away from your holiday island.....


And that because,u drill holes in the ice there...

Now an meteorite don't came out of the ocean we all know.....

So last question from me,what we all doing there,while there is an international law,to protect Antarctica..
Ow an in the same time different country's wants a piece of it,just like the North pole..........

p.s. Yesterday i was checking some coordinates some on a piece of Antarctica...that's already uncovered,and opposites of it,where also happened Natural things in the short past,and then i must think now on the clip here right above.............above,above................all holy things came from a

All with all,i'm not happy with it,but ok,i make an wooden boat,and take with me........2 nice chicks(rated ppff 16 18 say it?)because i do not have the time,and the wood,to make one,for cows,pigs,sheeps and lasy chickens have learn to fly again,and u know.....Noah did that also....the whole Arc story is a loussy lie,with 2 of every species,that man alredy knowed animals could swim.....

And chicken fly!

Bye!Have a nice day swimming.

P.s.had to came back on this one,because i personally have some believe,that if we not have to dig to deep,in the future this crack

Could go on with it's job,without outside intervention...

Do your job,while thinking about it,and after worktime clean,re-use the shit,as best a possible!!

But hey that's my thought,with what i have learned in the years.

dinsdag 3 april 2012

Fuel and Oceans...

Hello there,anywhere..

Today my thoughts became back,at an "old/new" problem....

The pacific garbage island...(one of several in the oceans)
I've made a topic in the past about this,with all the frustration and written in my style that day.
Now i think humanity has an solution for it.......
Because all that waste,salt is became the second layer of the ocean,it must "work" hard trying to destroy it,but at the same time,the cold and warm oceanic stream cq better "moebius ring" go on also,then there is the biosphere weather "program" air lift up h2o aerosol drops of the ocean and takes it with clouds up to another layer,with that,wind drive it to places the globe needs it to cool down or to give rain to plants and on and on,u know.
But if the oceanic salt breaks(trying) down the waste,that will came in the air,and we breath yes...and get ill of it.
my thoughts of this image are:North pole is melting rapitly,the "tiny"
concentrations of salt sticked on Antarctica,"dropped down"
from the oceans,makes it harder to create new ice in winter,so
Antarctica is melting slowly to,sweet water freeze easier.
and some more long term thoughts of me...
hmmm i do not gonna explain now,don't want that.
I only say:take care of  what u feed,and where u came from...

on parts of the world,and go to a doctor.......
Cold streams under the warm streams in the globes oceans,get some other temperatures,then it needs(not much,but hey!we all know the word sensitive...).

Ok end of this biologic simple explanated story!
A month ago orso i was Googling things.. and came to the site:Plastic2Oil.
An intresting firm/compagny with their website
I came to this site,because here were i life,most household junk,will be burned,incl.plastic.....and i'm/was frustrated a bit about that.
Now they have processor plants that can convert waste plastic into several oilproducts.
Nice handy processing the U.S. in NY.
EY! i thought today,what if they build some more of those processors,get them on an bulk carrier,or/and a floating platform,some other machines like shredders,sorting and washing machine,and station that by that big pacific garbage belt,feedstock enough......oceanic cleaning,self suplied energyproduction,work,and environmentally friendly cq. problemsolver and saver then some floating drillplatforms(i mean we all know some accidents of it)but in this case,we get
some oilproducts back,clean the ocean,and more...of it.on their site.

My thoughts are,it's the best u can do with that shit,recycle it into downgraded plastic isnt an option,but Plastic2Oil is,to solve a problem,and get something back.......Yes i call it something...but i know if this came from the ground and out of the oceans,and it will be planned and started,then i know,it's just more then something,to save and get back what the most of us should miss if it isn't here anymore....

EY!! it's NICE to see some posebility's (excuse me for my grammar)for life on this pumping GLOBE,where i rather do not have a massive cardial discease...for offspring.

I came to write this topic also,because,i asked a dumptruckdriver how much his truck(diesel) burned.....
200 liters a week he said,and then much plastic combined with other materials he collects,in a week time with his dumptruck(one of many)and drive to the central burning plant,to let it all get burned,hhmmm,that truck could be drive on diesel out of the future,it will be, i know,the secret to an succes in this case,is to have an logistic system,that collects sorted materials,and get the shortest route to the next step,in the proces
Burning isn't an option in most cases,as a beginning in a line to create energy,these times,only for Satan and for the Black Death.............hahahahha,ow and the Sun is beginning also on some places.
Damn,i have an Samsung Galaxy s2 with Android 4.0 installed right now,and i place those sunbeamsuckers by myself if it must,and will be still in contact with u,and then,when finished that loussy job....i place in every streetlight on the globe other lamps,so in some sort of way,u and the globe get ur nightrest after doing other things.......
And this short episode in this topic,because i was walking to the store today,count all the conventional TL lights there,1 store,over more then 500 conventional TL lights,á 55Watt,10 hours a day,lifetime 12.000 hours,and when replaced by these TL lights,they create the same,or more amount of light/lumen,better for the eyes,23Watts,10 hours a day,lifetime 50.000 hours,economical..electricity savings on long uses 1/3 of the normal amount of energy.....can u count.........then i walked back and took a look to the sky,under a streetlight,one of about 3 million streetlights here in the Netherlands,almost all conventional gas unloading bulbs,which together,are responsible for 2.0% of the total ammount of Dutch electricity consumption,and The Netherlands is just a stupid tiny piece of land on the globe,and here new gasturbines gets plant,in a place,i checked that place with google streetview,and theere are all conventional streetlightenergysucking bulbs,while almost everybody inhome there has an led tv,3d....and in that place there are offices build,where everybody doing his thing 8 hours a day,and ask each other in a dailly routine the question::Ey dickhead!have u just screw today?While i get enoing double bills of them....sometimes,and they'r playing in the boss their time in gasfired heated offices,and lots of pc's,where they play 6 hours a day with.....ow and look at porn in the boss his time(i do the same,after played angry birds),and they all walk to the coffeecorner,while  some female is screwing Bill,or viceversa   on the scanner/printer that moment.......can u understand i'm frustrated a bit,on this moment,i places windturbines for the coast of Antarctica right now.And ow no!Not in the populated direction,but pointed at Antarctica,so it get's  some cooler there,and i let everyone  tredwalk as a sort of dailly officegym,to create some energy to let the windturbines rotate.....
Strange story huh?
While serious,yesterday i took the question on myself.....Where these people get they their power from?
Yeah,looked at that place,because three years ago,i read something about it,and it was almost unhabbitat area,a good place to start almost completly with natural energy,and develop the unfinnished city real hightech,and with it's own cycle,as an reverencepoint for other city's,i say this because of the name and state of it.....and the challenge that area.

Shit!!!This writing also because of EARTHDAY.........with it's ENERGYDROP....
choose!one hour a year the lights out,or everywhere on earth new powersaving light...bu


More links will follow later,together with some calculations,pictures and links and other 2012 stuff with it in this complete my thoughts that i have now,thanks to Googles searchengine...Thanks Google,and internet.and and and........hhhmmmm you know there are to much thank u's.......

donderdag 15 maart 2012


Because of my short past,i was thinking about solutions......
for a great new world order when i'm dead or something.....
1st. i life in the Netherlands,and my 1st job when came from school was by a compagny in the oil and gas sector.
Now my mind tonight is getting active about energy and recources....and empty oil and gas wells.
Gas wells!!! Fill the empty wells with our and animal shit by connecting the head sewer to it...we eat and we shit.i learned that one person can produce 30 liter gas a day by shitting all his shit in the toilet(LNG)
Now 2012-03 there r persons on this shitty globe,so thats a lot of gas!!!
Next!!!And thats the big thing in live in 2050 orso,the oil consumption now in 2012 is rappitly 2050 it's a fucking problem,then there r peeps,no fossils anymore,so how do we solve that global puzzle??Now my plan is this: no funerals anymore with wooden boxes or burning death corpses,but we all go to a shredder with flesh and bones and skulls,and the whole shit we pump in those empty oil wells,that together withsome organic enzymes,will do the job.
Ey what i mean is this...we have a great time as long as we life on this globe,because of all this globe gives,and we make,so when time has come,and we had it good and must make place for next generation,what the hell does it matter,in a box,burned or shredded,all in the empty holes of this globe and we r carbon and h1 for it,no probs....

p.s. what do u want? the hell of dante or being an endless piece of something that is swimming in something that makes us,and that we make?i choose number two.
Hmmm what the hell,i life now.......

PMN 2 Syria.....

Ey there,today i was curious about the dailly living of the Syrian people,so i Googled Syria....
I came to the Human Right Watch site and saw this You tube clip----->>

So i was curious what kind of mine it was and search...found!!PMN-2
Then further,it's an Russian one,completly made out of recycable plastic........
How to find these ones?So......SEARCH ...or u can see it from an distance and dismantle it like this guy--->

Or this guy--->                  

I bet u,a lot of Syrian young peeps who work in an olive garden there,go in the olive threes like this way-->

Now the picture of a tool like this to go up in threes--->
These devices to go up in trees costs $10 a piece now a days,cheeper then a stair to climb your way to heaven...........yeah there in Syria they all wanna go to Allah and God and the ISS to meet Mohamed and 72 virgins and Jezus on a cross...?!

Another way to get rid of those nasty landmine carpets over there right now is so--->

I personally think,this is more effective way to get the job done in a short period overthere.

I mean,100 deaths a day there,day in day out...No Tea anymore for Kofi and Assad,and then walking over a persian carpet to the car with both a smile on their face,and a day later Kaboom...and when the shit is over there,they ask red cross and the islamic version of it to come over there and give every one with one leg a free  

Damn fucking hell!!!FREE,FREE no way,here in the Netherlands the AID tax goes up and up in smoke..
and then the red cross came here to my door,asking if i'm willing to donate for all this shit,and the olive oil gets higher in price,so my last question...WHATS IN IT FOR ME???'no this shit how i tell it is all a joke with a serious bite,i hope there will come an intervention for a day or two,and the shit there is finished,new start,end of an era overthere,done,then the syrian peeps can go further with what they do best,and that is glass making!

have a nice day Israelian people!

Ow and by the way,just checked some facts on a web page and in Syria there r daily 23.52(yeah the 52 is a baby with one leg)births  á 1000 population
And the death rate over there in a day?HELL SHIT FUCK!!!!a loussy 3.67 á 1000 population
ow but wait....maybe i'm wrong about that....later!!!! check for urself in Syria if it's true.

dinsdag 24 januari 2012

North Pole And The Ozon Layer

Hello there everywere!
Yesterday i was looking on Google Earth,in other topics i wrote about faces on the surface of the Earth,about
my interesses and creativity about green energy,for exsample Desertec Foundation,the technical draft of a Mag Lev Wind Turbine(i have a lot of links,that made me hopeful,that those things can became reality,and my own technical background made that also)....but ok about yesterday!
On the surface on Google Earth(i can't show a screenshot srry)i see a big face cq sculpture of a man that is blowing on the North Pole.
Now with that fact,i was thinking about the Aurora Borealis ,that sculpture gives me a sign,that there the ground is "perforated" and let  natural gas(Aurora Borealis) to the North Pole layers of the atmospere.
I do not know how long this natural behaviour of the Earth,in time is going on,but i think  a long time(wintertime,summertime there)
Now i search at  ozon layers North Pole on Google..LINK!!!
Hmmm it's getting bad for a several of years there,read about it.
And i go on,in my memory,i get a thought of Sakhalin and the oil and gas industry there,this because i almost dailly surf to this the topic!!
It's about thermal powerplants driven on natural gas,to heat homes and give energy to factorys in the region of
Now that in mind i start thinking further,because that just one region that get the natural gas from there
Yest it's big business,but ok i took a look at the temperatures there...minus 23 degrees celcius...damn that's cold!!1so it think...know,they heat their homes also with it.
I start asking myself,because climate changes,big storms,a lot of other problems on earth(a sign of how this globe is fighting to protect itself,and our human lifes),why should and they can,build a nucleair facility there,(i read another article on the EnglishRussia page,about a Nuclear Facility near Moscow i believe,that is giving free energy at night because the production of electricity they made has overcapacity..)
U can heat homes with electricity,cook on it and on!!)
Start looking on Google Sat...
Yes they have a lake,the region is stable there cooling water for it..

What i mean to say with it,why use the gas that is so important for the atmosperic layers..and the poles
in such a big scale,while it's not required in this time of era on the globe...
Yes i think about China also in this case of energy "trade"...
I think it's a big mistake of humanity to pump that vein empty,why because we need the poles,the layers there also,and THAT vein is important if u take a good look at  lines on Google Sat,and where it leads to,this in combination with the sculptures on the surface says enough.for me.
If we go on this way,the globe will be an icecream to be protect it's life,not ours.....i mean it's gonna be an global ice age from outher space with massive storms...that the most,or even no one will survive.

The line to the Pole,the square on the screenshot is an big region where i see,i think is a big  swamp,i see that as an big natural breather ventile.
With this shit,i mean gas and oil,and global "needs"!!!! i have in mind,at another part of the globe...South America,there is an Volcano pumping itself up big time under it's survace.....with the same gas,oil,and air,and other materials as rocks,minerals and on.......if i u,take a good look at the lines and surface of that region..u can see where al the shit(materials came from)..and where u could pump for it,to lower the volcano it's presure.

All these global facts gives a sign that there could come a big fucking global shit ice age,ash from those volcanos..... and more.

Just a warning....hhhmmpppfff just!I mean pump on the right places now,use the right technology on other places....and we could protect human life on Earth.....damn fucking shit,i get War The Worlds in my head,but in this case it's War of the Regions(Continents)...that's separate us and the same time come together.

Ok solutions...facts,and Warnings....all about inside out and outside in.
Fuck i hope they gonna start thinkin logic on all these things.

Good day,good things on and for Earth could turned back....and we have the time,to do and go what humanity has invent and where it's reach what we want........think about the future.....

after all it's all about life...and not!!!......

dinsdag 17 januari 2012

I was thinking... an example.....SOLARPANELS!!!...measurments:1.3 meters lenght,1.0 meters wide..
easy to use on a grid.....they produce a lot of these panels worldwide.......on the SOLARPANELS link,these ones r  peak power 180 watts..........let's calculate.....

1.3 m lenght
1.0 m wide
130 meters in length(150m)
100 meters wide(120m)
100x180w peak power
18000watt peakpower

These ones are cheap chinese made ones......with "just" 180 watt peak power

now i check google maps.....-->
8x500km lenght-3x500kmwide
minus 40 % land......

100x18000watt peakpower=1800000watt peak power
10.000 panels of that firm on the link...but there r a lot of firms.......and these panels r just 180Wp...
130km2 (180km2)
So now u count on!!!!(see the picture above with the measurments under it!!)

Lay some hvdc cables from siemens or another Europe...and other cables or the same to
West Africa.....and a lot is done.
Those panels protect the globe survace from overheating...we get energy....that piece of desert has no other meaning,it;s fast to lay.....Look at the timescale......TIMESCALE!!!
and a lot of home electronic goodys and office buildings and on... can do their job!
Lay the panels in a good mosaic(sun)......

Win-Win...Europe can produce for others,North Africa produce for others,West Africa gets its desert energy also...and this thing in my mind is just a start...of something better.....

No coal any more in Europe(Netherlands Hemkade..oig,Google it).....less nucleair powerplants in France...
So two continents have a lot of energy from the sun...and the best...those panels r mass produce now,and they dont need water !!(almost no water)So this is a start....for a greater plan i'have in mind)

We Are The People Of The Sun( a paradox isn't it?this link!!) THINK U MOFO'S OF THIS TIME!!!

zondag 15 januari 2012

Fucking Waste...

today i was thinking back,about articles i noticed in the past on the net,that maked me angry and let me think how stupid humanity could get in the future..
Now i read this in the Jakarta globe...and that made me a bit more happy.....yeah i Googled :rivers waste Indonesia.....but there are more of those garbage belts on the globe......
But ok back if i see the picture on that topic in the Jakarta Globe..then i think...what a small boat...and one human..
for all that waste....can be quicker and faster.....make some space near that river,by demolize those bricks they life in,or chop some threes,big powerfull boat ,trawls behind,and bring it on land...done, sort it then all out.
So if that is done,fish out from sea will go back in the future to pair and lay their eggs in those rivers...just as wild salmon does.
Further in this topic i had another topic in mind,from Europe...a city in Italy has so much garbage they cant handle it...and what do i read as a solution.....Netherlands gets i by it can be burned here,those Italians
may in my mind do the same as those Indonesian locals...sort it by urself on the street there,fuck off,in another topic when i started this blog i already had a good system for handling "waste",and now i think about it,just like then,stupid shit everywhere on the globe,here it's just the same as when i started this blog......noone read this blog no one care...and in 2036 The Netherlands and other western societys get 2nd world countrys...and others............fuck that,don't like that,ow yeah i life in a neighbourhood full of psychological activitys,but  ido not mind that,my aim in life is to hold the knowledge i learn from past and future and make something good out of that,where we all could life in.
And not some bunch of local psycho's turning their minds in my direction and try to manipulate me...blablabla
also i do not give a fuck about that,u hear a lot out of those psychic activity....hhhhmmm i'm going on with other things instead keeps on listening to this the city where i life,there r also a lot of low lifes who don't care
about surrounding i'm gonna go on with dailly fitness ones in a while,and sort the shit waste out of it...for an hour orso...and then try to look if it has ground to build the system up i have in mind,,,better then it now is here in the Netherlands.

ps it's for all countrys better...damn what a shit story..all because i read this positive topic..

have a good day!