zondag 3 april 2011


Ey was searching to a name for parts smaller then atoms....forgot that,quarks i remember later...
But i came to this site for kids...and grown up also of course...
and the picture on it..gave me an internal conflict qua thoughts..


And then this log.....

fox...dry...water,dry air takes water from the surface...and on....

Why u should ask me....hhmmm,because,the world spins around the sun,and is high voltage now
that's why i keep electron,electron
Then why proton change in Aquaton u shall ask me....
Hmmm,aqua is life,and if u don't like some-one,u wait till he get his bad,then u take two cables
high voltage is the best,with a great amount of Ampere,put it in Electricity producer(own words)
for safety wear rubber hand cloves and boots,take the two cables and throw it his/her bad...(ey this is not serious huh!)that's why i keep it +and also because if u are 2 days in a desert 55 degrees Celcius without
aqua ur probably death.
Siliton instead of neutron baked sand is death and hot..that's why,and u can use it to create mirrors,windows,glass...yeah u know....desert electricity cooling water,keep windows clean
and if those two intern tons melted together u have one X or/and :
and why 1/0 after electron.....controllers.....yeah think further internet......electricity....
Red and Blue makes Purple....pppfff why i type this about colors Green and Yellow=Earth not leak1

-Earth around the Sun,Moon Around Earth,Sun Hot,Moon Cold,A round (the) Earth+
Serious for kids living in this age with internet and electric goodies,i guess this is a better/easier

Nice day...forwards MAR$ hhmmm CH
o    o
! O !

Streaming open Water,are the Oceans,
Beginning,Natural Global Balance,Full
Still closed Water,are the Lakes,
in the end.
Oman....Oman! What am i typing here,i should turn someones neck 360 degrees.

u can do 666 different things at the same time,without clouds bare naked,and burn in hell!or not?
One?One What?

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Nope not possible,back up an entire World.

  2. Ow yes!Multiple Personality,don't forget your multi- tool,incl. a shotgun,ps3,Wii,knive,your personal psych in a church,and toiletpaper in/on it....to kill the whole shit,when ur full of hate against or because........
    your pocket in ur jeans is not big enough for a global back up.