donderdag 15 maart 2012


Because of my short past,i was thinking about solutions......
for a great new world order when i'm dead or something.....
1st. i life in the Netherlands,and my 1st job when came from school was by a compagny in the oil and gas sector.
Now my mind tonight is getting active about energy and recources....and empty oil and gas wells.
Gas wells!!! Fill the empty wells with our and animal shit by connecting the head sewer to it...we eat and we shit.i learned that one person can produce 30 liter gas a day by shitting all his shit in the toilet(LNG)
Now 2012-03 there r persons on this shitty globe,so thats a lot of gas!!!
Next!!!And thats the big thing in live in 2050 orso,the oil consumption now in 2012 is rappitly 2050 it's a fucking problem,then there r peeps,no fossils anymore,so how do we solve that global puzzle??Now my plan is this: no funerals anymore with wooden boxes or burning death corpses,but we all go to a shredder with flesh and bones and skulls,and the whole shit we pump in those empty oil wells,that together withsome organic enzymes,will do the job.
Ey what i mean is this...we have a great time as long as we life on this globe,because of all this globe gives,and we make,so when time has come,and we had it good and must make place for next generation,what the hell does it matter,in a box,burned or shredded,all in the empty holes of this globe and we r carbon and h1 for it,no probs....

p.s. what do u want? the hell of dante or being an endless piece of something that is swimming in something that makes us,and that we make?i choose number two.
Hmmm what the hell,i life now.......

PMN 2 Syria.....

Ey there,today i was curious about the dailly living of the Syrian people,so i Googled Syria....
I came to the Human Right Watch site and saw this You tube clip----->>

So i was curious what kind of mine it was and search...found!!PMN-2
Then further,it's an Russian one,completly made out of recycable plastic........
How to find these ones?So......SEARCH ...or u can see it from an distance and dismantle it like this guy--->

Or this guy--->                  

I bet u,a lot of Syrian young peeps who work in an olive garden there,go in the olive threes like this way-->

Now the picture of a tool like this to go up in threes--->
These devices to go up in trees costs $10 a piece now a days,cheeper then a stair to climb your way to heaven...........yeah there in Syria they all wanna go to Allah and God and the ISS to meet Mohamed and 72 virgins and Jezus on a cross...?!

Another way to get rid of those nasty landmine carpets over there right now is so--->

I personally think,this is more effective way to get the job done in a short period overthere.

I mean,100 deaths a day there,day in day out...No Tea anymore for Kofi and Assad,and then walking over a persian carpet to the car with both a smile on their face,and a day later Kaboom...and when the shit is over there,they ask red cross and the islamic version of it to come over there and give every one with one leg a free  

Damn fucking hell!!!FREE,FREE no way,here in the Netherlands the AID tax goes up and up in smoke..
and then the red cross came here to my door,asking if i'm willing to donate for all this shit,and the olive oil gets higher in price,so my last question...WHATS IN IT FOR ME???'no this shit how i tell it is all a joke with a serious bite,i hope there will come an intervention for a day or two,and the shit there is finished,new start,end of an era overthere,done,then the syrian peeps can go further with what they do best,and that is glass making!

have a nice day Israelian people!

Ow and by the way,just checked some facts on a web page and in Syria there r daily 23.52(yeah the 52 is a baby with one leg)births  á 1000 population
And the death rate over there in a day?HELL SHIT FUCK!!!!a loussy 3.67 á 1000 population
ow but wait....maybe i'm wrong about that....later!!!! check for urself in Syria if it's true.