vrijdag 8 april 2011


Thought today,i'm gonna upload some pics,for Google-Maps.....this one at 1st--->

It's my sister...
Why u do that u ask me....
Now the bitch,yesterday annoying me,try to irritating me,with an family issue i have...
She's 31years OLD,lives by my parents,has a job,and  owns an apartment,and she's an invader that must be fucked,otherwise she will stay irritating me,with her big mouth,and on,and my parents want to have a easy old day,that's why.(she must be fucked,her vibrator makes to much noise)
Next,a photo of a town in Spain,Benahadux,uploaded........
Then i thought,ey,i got one from the City Almeri,wanted to upload that one also,trying to find the exact location of the picture,searching,and came immidiatly  on this location Google street view-->

But serious,why panoramio...why pictures,i see almost everything with Google Street View,so all those pictures r boring and not needed,photos of people or animals...bullshit,they all die,and have nothing with Google maps to do,........not right with what i say--->>
Here no roads,ice molten, penguins  on a rock on Antarctica...they die also...
...ey that picture looks like one i have from my son.....wait!! photo editing!!

A bus is a bus,a penguin a penguin(in the desert yeahyeah!!)....and a sheep a sheep.
people are people man.

So quit producing 10.000MP camera's....not needed anymore...
A tree with a skin and..
on that skin,a shape of an old man pretending he's Atlas.....everything fits huh?


_____________________________________________________  !_______________
FUCK OFF!                                                        //
her umbrella,her umbrella.....GGGRRTRRGRTRRGR      //
                      `=O-o~  ~~~~ ,=0o-o ~~~~~~'=Oo-o~~~~  ,=Oo-o~~.,//~~~~~~~~~~
                                      ? NSFW                                      oo

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