zaterdag 16 april 2011

Galapagos History....

The Globe has so much to show,and to say,today a few things about Galapagos(The French Portal,music from the same servers as Grooveshark? i guess) and his past,presence....future...

Galapagos Isabella.looks like?..yep!
Good pinpointed that volcanic piece of lava....
Old holy animal fucker let his captured souls go on Isabella

Damn,only the woman standing in the way,pppff i don't mind
Pin-up point
But then those cracks on Under Galapagos...hhhmmm looks like
(simple drawing)An old fashion clothed,man Eaten by a..hhhmmm say me?

Maybe or in his words back then Mayday maybe,it was this man
Jonah was his name

with this unbelievable Thomas with cookies
travel agent,and then,Nautical Wellink the Dutch Bank President,gives 120 air miles..for a trip under sea.....Air Miles and then go 120 Nautical Miles Under Sea,
Now that's what i call a philantropic person,in a Bermuda boxer short.
.......Bermuda Triangle,Golden in a dream
And a nightmare on the STREET(if u low on cash or an neurotic illness and afraid to come on the street)

But ok, Galapagos,u r there now,through that 

pretending ur in a Spermwhale for three days,just like Jonah
as an insect called Beetle,eating all the rare species of mother nature instantly,like a cup of hot noodles,shit it out,make balls of the shit,and leave the Island Isabella.


an octopus,Crocus Safran from Iran,Rice from India(1 kilo,5 women and kids poisoned through some snakes,then the rice is good)2 birds from the Canaries Islands,and 1 Pig.
Yeah the Spanish in 1600 put everything on fire to eat
But one Aztec snake fucker,keeps a face of one of those bastards in mind,when he was healthy and had no pocks or measles...aids from fuckin local indians.
Because sickness of those Spanish look-a-like Carlos Slims,looked those days like:
Teenage Hero Volcanic Turtles

The earth can tell a lot these day's and that is a promise

Have a nice responsible day. mucha suerte,adios.........damn adios,when they meet someone they say adios,when they leave someone they say adios,it's Hello....go.....Bye,Hallo....gaan......Mazzel.....and those!!!!
Adios......Adios......Adios. go and find clues in deeper ground and on higher ground,if nothing else to do.

Nice Saturday here.there..everywhere or so.

And then to Kenya to investigate this

In an hour or so here or if u have a long retention and like French,here,or here
Or maybe here,or if no where,maybe on this here or create some self with it.
thnx4the Artists who maked it,and better on the internet then in the second hand paper disposal,so my cat can piss on it in it's next life,or a fucker can wipe his ass with. 

Here u can chat with them,thank them,say to them not painting on trees,but in caves on rock walls,or...or..
make 100 paper comics,so it's an collectible..and the rest digital on whatever Apple u eat,with an Android home in,while flying in ur spaceship through the Galaxy,leaving Las Vegas,with their dark cave casino's,full with carved comics on the wall,and some Neanderthals,spitting Tyrannosaurus Rexus out of rocks,and drive away with their Lexus,and let the others use tooth brushes to wipe the sand away.
And when that is done,they place mirrors there,and u in your spaceship use laser beams to give them holes or some electricity,but only when finished reading!!
Ow and Dolphins smile.

That's real...Live...grgjmmmbbll Life!
And from Earthwatch to Mars the red Planet a boxed
female skull,and from outer space
seen on the Earth

A Rubicks Cube Earth in an red Christmas ball hanging
like an Iranian on a Crane,but in this story on a out of the Earth tree,
while we all sing and smile along together with this song:
Nope!he has left the hypercube....

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