woensdag 13 april 2011

The Ghost Of Tehran....Iran

Yeah another one!
Here u have.....
Click pic.!

Now i'm an addict of Google Sat.,i'm searching for other shapes in the earth.....and i can say,that it's full with it.
Tehran...they hang people for pleasure there,while they harvest crocus flowers at the same time,to make rice yellow,while the flower is purple.

Probably the Iranian population eat the honeybees,because all flowers are already harvest.

In Tehran they all have a mind going upstairs,like their blood(Google pic) or V2rockets,
Here a wiki about Iran Nuclear program....NUKE DUKEM,
The peeps got oil there,they can swim in,just like they emptied the Caspian sea for caviar,i did like to empty their penguins.
I read this about their nuclear program...FOR MEDICAL PURPOSES ONLY
Those Ayatolla's wanna play for god to,and that sucker also lied...5 nuclear plants...for medical isotopes
yeahyeahyeah...a lot of cancer there,while their hobby is hang people for free!!!!

yes that man stole a crocus flower,he must hang
and that beard y motherfucker ayatollah fucks 11 years young penguins.

A Fatwa for everyone,easy come easy go,they think.
If u see the 1st Google screenshot and what the mountains show..thenn u had it huh with that 
shitty believe....

Ow and then nuclear power plants.....there.
for the energy needs... u can't do a thing there, Jesuits,Soenits,Sjiits ,they hate each other.burn flags as a national event and hang people if they where never throw to earth through a vagina of an Islam/Muslim/Soenith/Sjiith penguin..srry lady.

hhhmmm fuck,i'm tired today.hate religion,hate Tehran,Hate religion,and go to sleep now.shitty topic

man ow man,they love those beard apes.....

Ow and after the bitch had here opium kick shes standing where??...there---->

and have a rich culture....yeah hanging people...rich
fuck less,learn more.....

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