vrijdag 8 april 2011

Sand Storm in Germany cq. E.U.

Say What!!!....And Germany Desert storm.......what is going on???...a VW  for every one,sand coated lone stars,
and ow lord in the USA,want u buy me a Mercedes Benz when i'm 16 on MTV yah,with diet coke party's,And...That fucker in Africa also,sing that Benz song together with his great family,but they piss on the streets there,so the sand will not blow away,and they burn death rotten corpses rolled in plastic waste,so that's another way to let the sand where it is,because all those 365 Mercedes..yes yes+1= 366 * Mercedes Benz* brand vehicles,because Rolls Royce CEO shits on that Zimbabwe tiran,No oil...no BP....No Grain.....No Rolls Royce!! Yep the man there is a copycat of that Sultan of BrownY....
But hey,wassup,or what is on in, Germany with their....oeps.... Der Grundlichheit.....gone with the wind??????

And the VW Touareg???? back to their mighty kingdom called dessert,
bringing thousands of photo voltaic plates,to that area??

Ey nice day huh,meatball


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