vrijdag 1 april 2011

How A Cartoon Artist Can Create,Be Made.........And Get Payed.....MEEPMEEP

Cartoon in Dutch=Strip......
Nice weekend "almost" all...on the globe.

Ow and yes a note for the girl in question..i'm uploading as much cartoons as i can of ur colleges/family so it stays there,and ur/their  job/art is not for nothing in the end....???end??FIN!!! NOKIA......from paper..to electronics..FIN!!!! have a nice weekend also.

Don't have the skills right now to make an website,but hey,put the Dutch Comics i have here:
I hope they  make a portal site just the same as  www.grooveshark.com,and all comics in the world will be stored on/in one mainframe/server so it want be lost and everyone can enjoy it,and it will be translated on the fly in all languages on this globehappy life eveyone
Big job.....if u look how much there is,or not..http://www.zilverendolfijn.nl/zz/fs/1/NL/zd.html......and this is not all...
And this one to,one big cartoon-->> Charley Chaplin..stupid movie..but if,yes if,the kids read a comic in such style on a hightech device,yes then it would be ok/better...uploading right now all the content bye...

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