zaterdag 16 april 2011


Grooveshark death sharkskin......
Help them with money,another mental statement they need and help and love,no money u later!! ......fuck off with those birds
Pb they get a lot of Pb
A fucking shark in Sheep/wolf clothes,stranded on the shores of California
radiated as hell,and birds fallen from the sky with thousands all over the world,

and all because of all this news

photo's and info

and 6500 times the amount of active jodium 131 today in the's getting well huh to save a hitty rotten powerplant??
meltdown already happen,desparate as hell and in the news......6.5 million ps3 sold fuck of players
die in ur cabine and never come back.

because of the Oceanic waste patches,like cancer spreaded through the bloodstream,nature and storm and Tornados  can't clean it any more,radioactive death fish stranded everywhere,last 3 years,weather here

See the squirl above the ISS to Fuck U Shima,so place the whole shore there full with wind Turbines in future
that sucker above the ISS trying to clean those shitty garbage layers in the ocean,but don't have the power of a plastic Dyson,birds inhale the shit,flying with every wind everywhere,and fall down when it's to much for them,fish the same,swim to save harbours and stranded death,here u have humanity,eat us,waste it,and swim in rotten corpses,walk between insects,and step on death birds.
Shitty Locals,with their we will never know how it comes.really i go to the woods,and became an animal
and no human anymore,don't wanna be a part of that family,shame on u.

Nuclear energy Netherlands...power consumption of all people in that on short periods.....
this one..
just the same as water cooking device..(electronic!!)
in 2046 it can be really wiped away,placed in 1969,turned of in 1997,and completly wiped of the history in 2045....?1?!! and now 2011 a new one.......yeah the offspring,have a bright future... en lighted yes
Wasted Toxic radiated piece of dumpshit offspring out of billions of vagina's to dump an one round garbage belt we put on fire,because of biological decease we all together created.
HELL and birth defects, mutated chromosomes ,syndrome of down.
done.....humanity lost...if this shit goes on...

A lot of lying shit holes moving "forwards" on this planet today.

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