vrijdag 8 april 2011

SexFeest @SexParty___________@

These words i heard this morning,and 2 weeks ago,out of ..one of the 2 police-officers who where visiting me at home.
They visiting me,no not an anal visitation,but they had something to say...they thought......
They told me,that i may not call my two kids or the mother of them,because that was stalking.......insane huh?
I may come in the street where they life,but i may not ring the doorbell????or come in visit to my son,or daughter,or have contact with them,not play with them,and they may not have my attention for a moment?!?
(and because all that shit,i'm frustrated,call them,yesterday,hard words,and today.....the provider software for internet telephony is shut down....privacy huh...?nope....)
So searching on Google for Sexfeest and Sexparty,and came on this site:...giveme.......Drunk girls on hardcore sexparty...hhhhmmmm hardcore?? sorry forgiveme but have a nice party there--->
Babylon Zoo...hardcore....?? or here--->This Is How We Do It! and........

So after all that un use-full bullshit you go to the Doctor to check for
1.http://www.chlamydiasymptomen.nl/hoe-zien-de-symptomen-van-chlamydia-eruit/chlamydia7/.....i will run away from that,instead of getting back in the cave.....i choose rain,and tornado's and snow and sun,and open air festivals,not an open pussy....like this one.

5.http://www.goeievraag.nl/vraag/druipert.14517...yep a cockring in your penis will give some blood....
7.http://www.herpesgold.com/eye-herpes.htm.....herpes gold???!!!what is this!!! what u see=what u get,after watching porn movies-->
8.http://www.life2live.nl/stis/sti_syphilis.....?life2live....hhhmmm yep that piece of flesh in that stinky hole has the shape of a premature
9.http://www.babybytes.nl/encyclopedie/Baby%60s/Geelzucht....yellow fever.....pure safraan is expensive,but hey if u r a billionaire,why not use it as talk powder for the skin ...... 
10.http://ismailskep.wordpress.com/2008/11/07/trichomonas-vaginalis/...i don't shake hands with Ismaels,that's for sure.

Was thinking...and thinking,would it be possible to dump all those fucking vegetarians in...
the green disposal
(but i don't have one here,to throw green porn bitches in,after used them,so my green waste,i throw them all on the grass)

and eggs that are 100 years of age,u lay 16 foot deep under the ground.

Yep all from this TOP 10 site

And AIDS isn't populair,nope not in the top 10....



And made this thing also,a year ago-->
Shall i duplicate the sign,and take a tube of glue with me
and search on google-maps where they life,yeah all of them
who'r talking that bullshit about sex partys
and put the sign on their front door..
                                                                          seal the door with 
\_____________________________crime scene______________________________/
And lay 30 or 40 body bags by the door,just in case(i don't know how big the party is?)
So if u wanna party,and move that body,also move to-->

! "
I go now!! Tapping some rubber out of a tree.

After all this shit,enjoy some new cirque du soleil stuff HERE!re!

other topic..Panoramio..i was looking for a photo with female "nigger"  called in Dutch:Negerin
1.safe search off....
44.300 results.....

2nd.a little bit safe...no pics but 11.100% left....

3rd....A night vision Googles filter ..
8.600 over...Damn wassup?

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