zondag 10 april 2011

"New" Old Shape Sign In The Earth.....

Yesterday,i had an topic about Neptune(god of the sea) and shapes that i overdraw on the surface of bottom in the arctic ocean i saw.
this one.extended a few more drawings on the screenshot

So i searched for it on Wikipedia and NASA,shitting a bit,on some NASA webpages
not this on this one,only put some lines on this one
So because of NASA,and the beginning of the "space-age" after the second world war,
i began to search for Wernher Von Braun(nope not shaving device)but the rocket scientist.
I came to this Wiki page.
I read that his resting place is Alexandria,Virginia,United States.
So curious as i'm,hoping that that will not killing the cat....
 a screenshot of U.S/Canada,from a week ago or so,
because of this news item:

Some writings on it,a simple drawn Jesus incl. cross,because
i was and am frustrated as hell,about the whole damn thing what's going on,the last years with this globe,and private situation.but ok on..Alexandria Virginia..

Google-Satellite the place in question....
The red surrounded piece of hill back got my attention,after some searching.
This is why..:
See the shape,of the forest,the shape of a skull,
I go to this page......Alexandria,Egypt and looked at this image:
The skulls have something in common huh?
screenshot with a drawing...

no art,hhmm not out and from my pc,and the progs and sites i used for it.
But hey art it is,right out or in  the earth,and more history,really something special,strange,amazing and

Great that this all is possible because of the space-age,internet,techno,science and on...
in this time,and can take a "step back in time"...

To explain the above,me on a shrimp catching ship,levi's jacket on,12 years of age,iron maiden
on the jacket,looking at two persons with the syndrome of down kissing each other...

Now i'm typing this..i'm checking the shape in question on  Google  again,because of this image:

The 1st coin(322BC),Hell!!minted in Babylon 322years before Christ!!looking at the shape of that hill with Google Satellite(Earth)....must really looking good,no false thing
checking if the angel above also is visible because the two lines on the head ,also exist on that mountain hill and i think i can see that,later on,must  really  spent some time with this one.
Read the topic before this one,with the Faces on Mars link.....and now in this time,so far with technology,history,and then this....the whole world is connected,from within and from the outside,and with space.
Really don't like "seeing" or already knowing Earth became an second Mars with shapes on it.

My philosophy:Mankind can only explore the Universe,if it leaves a healthy Earth for next generation.

Music......Movies......Situations In The E.U.........History.......Future........ Information......Technology........Energy.........Biodiversity.........Freedom........Religions/Culture..........Damn to much to linking here.
Fusions of Multinationals....think about V for Vendetta but then positive for people,Population......Faces On The Ground
Shit it's really to much,i'm gettting 

If i don't spinning an end on this topic,and focus for a moment on

while listening to some folk music
using green energy,to type this topic,while watching porn,and have this music on,and calculating things
with the help of this site,walking naked,and put everything on/in the right place,that all on one device,at the same time...yeah even pissing from the balcony in the grass!!!!that's good for the grass.sucking methane out of the sewer,and heat the room with it.

have a nice day. 

cold?kinetic energy,moving...
hot?shoot Kate Perry!
Cold Bloody Sucker.
Sure u don't kill Kate Perry,she's a human to.

only if she's a waste of energy....give her Beta blockers.

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