dinsdag 24 januari 2012

North Pole And The Ozon Layer

Hello there everywere!
Yesterday i was looking on Google Earth,in other topics i wrote about faces on the surface of the Earth,about
my interesses and creativity about green energy,for exsample Desertec Foundation,the technical draft of a Mag Lev Wind Turbine(i have a lot of links,that made me hopeful,that those things can became reality,and my own technical background made that also)....but ok about yesterday!
On the surface on Google Earth(i can't show a screenshot srry)i see a big face cq sculpture of a man that is blowing on the North Pole.
Now with that fact,i was thinking about the Aurora Borealis ,that sculpture gives me a sign,that there the ground is "perforated" and let  natural gas(Aurora Borealis) to the North Pole layers of the atmospere.
I do not know how long this natural behaviour of the Earth,in time is going on,but i think  a long time(wintertime,summertime there)
Now i search at  ozon layers North Pole on Google..LINK!!!
Hmmm it's getting bad for a several of years there,read about it.
And i go on,in my memory,i get a thought of Sakhalin and the oil and gas industry there,this because i almost dailly surf to this website:EnglishRussia...read the topic!!
It's about thermal powerplants driven on natural gas,to heat homes and give energy to factorys in the region of
Now that in mind i start thinking further,because that just one region that get the natural gas from there
Yest it's big business,but ok Vladivostok...today i took a look at the temperatures there...minus 23 degrees celcius...damn that's cold!!1so it think...know,they heat their homes also with it.
I start asking myself,because climate changes,big storms,a lot of other problems on earth(a sign of how this globe is fighting to protect itself,and our human lifes),why should and they can,build a nucleair facility there,(i read another article on the EnglishRussia page,about a Nuclear Facility near Moscow i believe,that is giving free energy at night because the production of electricity they made has overcapacity..)
U can heat homes with electricity,cook on it and on!!)
Start looking on Google Sat...
Yes they have a lake,the region is stable there cooling water for it..

What i mean to say with it,why use the gas that is so important for the atmosperic layers..and the poles
in such a big scale,while it's not required in this time of era on the globe...
Yes i think about China also in this case of energy "trade"...
I think it's a big mistake of humanity to pump that vein empty,why because we need the poles,the layers there also,and THAT vein is important if u take a good look at  lines on Google Sat,and where it leads to,this in combination with the sculptures on the surface says enough.for me.
If we go on this way,the globe will be an icecream to be protect it's life,not ours.....i mean it's gonna be an global ice age from outher space with massive storms...that the most,or even no one will survive.

The line to the Pole,the square on the screenshot is an big region where i see,i think is a big  swamp,i see that as an big natural breather ventile.
With this shit,i mean gas and oil,and global "needs"!!!! i have in mind,at another part of the globe...South America,there is an Volcano pumping itself up big time under it's survace.....with the same gas,oil,and air,and other materials as rocks,minerals and on.......if i u,take a good look at the lines and surface of that region..u can see where al the shit(materials came from)..and where u could pump for it,to lower the volcano it's presure.

All these global facts gives a sign that there could come a big fucking global shit ice age,ash from those volcanos..... and more.

Just a warning....hhhmmpppfff just!I mean pump on the right places now,use the right technology on other places....and we could protect human life on Earth.....damn fucking shit,i get War The Worlds in my head,but in this case it's War of the Regions(Continents)...that's separate us and the same time come together.

Ok solutions...facts,and Warnings....all about inside out and outside in.
Fuck i hope they gonna start thinkin logic on all these things.

Good day,good things on and for Earth could turned back....and we have the time,to do and go what humanity has invent and where it's for............to reach what we want........think about the future.....

after all it's all about life...and not!!!......

dinsdag 17 januari 2012

I was thinking...

Solarpanels.......here an example.....SOLARPANELS!!!...measurments:1.3 meters lenght,1.0 meters wide..
easy to use on a grid.....they produce a lot of these panels worldwide.......on the SOLARPANELS link,these ones r  peak power 180 watts..........let's calculate.....

1.3 m lenght
1.0 m wide
130 meters in length(150m)
100 meters wide(120m)
100x180w peak power
18000watt peakpower

These ones are cheap chinese made ones......with "just" 180 watt peak power

now i check google maps.....-->
8x500km lenght-3x500kmwide
minus 40 % land......

100x18000watt peakpower=1800000watt peak power
10.000 panels of that firm on the link...but there r a lot of firms.......and these panels r just 180Wp...
130km2 (180km2)
So now u count on!!!!(see the picture above with the measurments under it!!)

Lay some hvdc cables from siemens or another brand...to Europe...and other cables or the same to
West Africa.....and a lot is done.
Those panels protect the globe survace from overheating...we get energy....that piece of desert has no other meaning,it;s fast to lay.....Look at the timescale......TIMESCALE!!!
and a lot of home electronic goodys and office buildings and on... can do their job!
Lay the panels in a good mosaic(sun)......

Win-Win...Europe can produce for others,North Africa produce for others,West Africa gets its desert energy also...and this thing in my mind is just a start...of something better.....

No coal any more in Europe(Netherlands Hemkade..oig,Google it).....less nucleair powerplants in France...
So two continents have a lot of energy from the sun...and the best...those panels r mass produce now,and they dont need water !!(almost no water)So this is a start....for a greater plan i'have in mind)

We Are The People Of The Sun( a paradox isn't it?this link!!) THINK U MOFO'S OF THIS TIME!!!

zondag 15 januari 2012

Fucking Waste...

today i was thinking back,about articles i noticed in the past on the net,that maked me angry and let me think how stupid humanity could get in the future..
Now i read this in the Jakarta globe...and that made me a bit more happy.....yeah i Googled :rivers waste Indonesia.....but there are more of those garbage belts on the globe......
But ok back if i see the picture on that topic in the Jakarta Globe..then i think...what a small boat...and one human..
for all that waste....can be quicker and faster.....make some space near that river,by demolize those bricks they life in,or chop some threes,big powerfull boat ,trawls behind,and bring it on land...done, sort it then all out.
So if that is done,fish out from sea will go back in the future to pair and lay their eggs in those rivers...just as wild salmon does.
Further in this topic i had another topic in mind,from Europe...a city in Italy has so much garbage they cant handle it...and what do i read as a solution.....Netherlands gets i by boat..so it can be burned here,those Italians
may in my mind do the same as those Indonesian locals...sort it by urself on the street there,fuck off,in another topic when i started this blog i already had a good system for handling "waste",and now i think about it,just like then,stupid shit everywhere on the globe,here it's just the same as when i started this blog......noone read this blog no one care...and in 2036 The Netherlands and other western societys get 2nd world countrys...and others............fuck that,don't like that,ow yeah i life in a neighbourhood full of psychological activitys,but  ido not mind that,my aim in life is to hold the knowledge i learn from past and future and make something good out of that,where we all could life in.
And not some bunch of local psycho's turning their minds in my direction and try to manipulate me...blablabla
also i do not give a fuck about that,u hear a lot out of those psychic activity....hhhhmmm i'm going on with other things instead keeps on listening to this shit.....in the city where i life,there r also a lot of low lifes who don't care
about surrounding nature.........so i'm gonna go on with dailly fitness ones in a while,and sort the shit waste out of it...for an hour orso...and then try to look if it has ground to build the system up i have in mind,,,better then it now is here in the Netherlands.

ps it's for all countrys better...damn what a shit story..all because i read this positive topic..

have a good day!

donderdag 12 januari 2012

The Pirate Bay and Justin Bieber

Hello today,i was mindfucking today on jasmin and in the chat it came to justin bieber......
I personally dont like him,so after a short discussion,i thought by myself,let i go to the pirate bay
yeah also a discussion here in the Netherlands about that...
So i downloaded all the content of that Bieber fucker......just for fun.
It was downed in less then a minute.....so clear i thought..
And i aint gonna share that shit,so immidiatly i uploaded all the content to the recycle-bin.
So is this illegal???
Fuck off don't need that shit ever on a hard disk....
and i think i gonna download all the content whats possible,and upload it directly  in the recycle bin,after that
i throw everything away,and became a buddha somewhere in space.
That's how a lot of people go on with eachother also,so it's just normal behaviour....

Had to say it...here 4 u....pppfppfffff sick world

Have a nice life!!

woensdag 11 januari 2012


A sense of  of intellect will overrule intuition,without wipe it away,and that will dominate evolution.

a new way