zaterdag 2 april 2011

Another Saturday...

and the sun shows itself one day earlier....Rare Earth,Rare Anything..or not..wake
Then my vision goes to an coffee mug with the brand:Bright And Early on it,

almost the same as this one,without an Greek flying soucher,and another shape(roundings)
Curious about the brand,searching on internet,and found the picture above.
The mug also founded..and yes,strange again,found it in the grass,in the neighbourhood.. 
strange icw.....the Rare-link above.
while i was picking plastic bottles and bags from that piece of grass,there it laid.....,
not much info on the net,about the brand,but ok
A movie from 1918,same name as the brand...
hi there,back again
Laurel as the bellboy of an poor hotel...probably drinking the brand of coffee every early morning...
Further on Google-Pictures,a lot of walls,buildings spotted........with the brand sign on it.
Okey,next thing on my mind,2nd world war.....a US soldier took this cup that i have now,to Europe while on duty,
and so it became here,on a way ,and i can't explain the whole circle of the mug..just guessing,that that is the story of the mug....after all just another mug,and i don't give the mug away to a Greece person :-P

To come to the paradox of this story....between thousands of empty plastic bottles,dog shit and metal cans,i found one mug with this brand on it in the on a piece of mind..ow no grass i mean 5 by 5m2

Thanks...the mug looks good here together icw with the...........DE(Dutch brand) 
whereever,whatever,others crush them with a hollow plate made from stone
incl.stone bad...
too much words for one mug....

whoah....yes the coffee woke me up.......

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