vrijdag 1 april 2011

1Sign...1 Solution...Multiple Ways/Layers

Last one,for the weekend....click it(YeahYeah...no flash or so "simple" and "fast"......
Sun Cross.....Sun Catcher,bye bye...

And together with this solution,we can make nets of steel cables,they use normally for suspension bridges
like this one on this table(the one at the bottom-->THE SITE!
And harvest all the debris out of the oceans where it is became a belt in years,so we protect life,
less tsunami's and poisened fish,and sick air above land(in this case USA)but there are 5 of those belts on the globe,we could re-use some of the plastic,when it's brought on shore.
Back in the system,that stuff!
(Tornado's bring freshness to land through the oceans water,and spread it's "air" on land)

Shredders and presses on board of the bulk carriers,so in one move we can take as much as possible back to land!

And damn i make(d) a lot of mistakes also,when thinking back again,hhhmmm,never happen....


Knowing that burning prog,that burns round plastic discs,with data...nope not the sun!

Done..nice weekend,and don't forget the topic before this one huh...

this topic has a label with this and that and on and off.....

Ow and before i forget....3 days in a year,there is a kermis in a town,where i was 'throw on earth"
plastic cups with water beer,music for the old people..and the last day for weekend late...this--->
Do that on an surrogate island!!!!and let the old people enjoy..their old days....
like sheeps in an...hhhmmmm how do u call it?In Africa round,one short,hole,and all wild beasts captured.
whawhawha swa whatever.

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