dinsdag 1 maart 2011

Wikipedia Dutch About Worms ,Links To Home fly...??

Today i was checking,what kind of underground species could swallow me,when i...srry my death body later in the future stored 8th foot deep...
That is the worm,the worm makes humus from death organic material,and that is good for the ground,plants enz.
but if all the hardwood is wiped from the earth for making deathbodyboxes then the worms have a problem,to get to the food....and no threes to lick the shit of that worms,because they r polished flat wooden boxes also under the ground,and stones above that boxes don't suck wooden polished boxes,maybe religion people r afraid,the death became zombies and that's why they put a stone above it??
But anyway,on that topic about worms explanation on Wikipedia,there was a link to the home fly,and on that page they explained that the home-fly lay her eggs...(strange maybe u have only male home-fly's)on the worm......
Let me explain it:The worm dig holes/tubes under the ground..wet ground..not desertground...fly's fly in the air,and on solid ground they fuck..on solid ground or on a lamp or on a tree or hhmmm whatever,those eggs came out in 3 till 8 days and no way those made can dig a hole in the ground surging for worms to ride on the back...????back!!!!Whatever u know how a worm looks like,then when they,are finished riding that worm and being full grown home fly's they dig there-self their way up out of the ground,go to your home and annoying u,in your home???the wings of those fucking insects,can't handle that,much to fragile!!Point!,must make a topic about that here,because 2 weeks ago,i was riding on my bicycle,through the local forrest,where they may dump me when i'm death,but that later,if the forest is still there,because that day,i was looking to wood harvesting needle trees,a lot,they saw the threes by bottom of the ground(1m2 diameter)and leave the rest...yesyesyes for humus again,and all those trees,yes all of it they moved it away,to the border of the town and forest.going further on my bicycle and take a stop,by a restaurant there in that forest/dune and there was also a pottery,where an forrestgump,,ow srry forester in rest,was makin pots of clay,and asked him why they do that shit,he gave me the explanation,that it was no problem,and that 12 months later,new trees on that area via the natural way grow,yeah ,new trees,the ones that r sawed where big/high i guess it must take more then a year before there r new trees on that area ground,because no-one calls needle trees that have the height of a bonzai a tree,they didn't even see them and just step on them...so i began today searching on wikipedia about info,specs about that three,and the grove den ,when he is 80 years old they harvest them,while those threes can became 800/700 years old.
So what's up about this issue,the young "trees" eats the "feet" of  his/her/it's grandmaster that will be hummed,and not laying in a wooden policed box,and that forester didn't explain it well,with his words,saying that there are "standing" new trees in one year time,trees don't stand,threes grow out of they earth,and it takes more then a year,before u can call them trees,or u must give them shit,and sunlight and wind,so they will grow in height like some weed in ur backyard...damn pottery there,called himself forester,maybe a death corpse will be gone in a year through worms,but a three u cal it a tree when it's full grown and that is not in a year time.HELL!! music now!!

Have a good day...
worms....And all that because different kind of persons,put information,from different media,schools,teachers on it to explain the story of  the rainworm,in all his facets....maybe a rare worm i don't know,somewhere under the ground on a piece of land i don't come,where people have houses,where they call some rare fly's that i don't know,they have such kind of symbiotic behaviour,but to explain that on the Dutch WikiWorm page,no they don't do that.Damn 16 year old/young biology students that write such a shitty story on Wiki
How many different kind of worms r there in the world?But the page says Rain worms.....damn that link is a puzzle to search on which worm a fly could lay her "eggs",but it's probably a muckworm that have that shitty symbiose and here they call them mestpier,and not a rain worm.......if they create a wiki page about the rainworm keep the explanation by that type of worm instead of typing incomplete story's about several worms,or else call the topic just worm!!!BiologyWORMS!!!christ what a fuck topic,to make a topic on this blog......

Ow and a human u call it a human when it's born,or baby,kid,full-growns are humans,the little ones u give other names,ow yes u got different kind of humans pygmies,dwarfs,blond haired,male,female, Neanderthals, Homo erectus, Homo sapiens,blue eyed, Eskimos,and Jezus ow no that one,i mean the one is gone,guess where,and how!!hhhmmmm stupid shit to type about,but hey...typing this stuff because of that worm,and go on without thinking about the whole story that stands here right about now.

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