donderdag 17 maart 2011

Images On The Globe,Through Weather,Ground,Water,And In Situations..

Something else today...through satellite and old cards u can see them,most of it through satellites,and that is strange,strange because,today i've downloaded an satellite weather image from NASA,and i don't know if they fuck the shit up with an photo-editor,but ok,that's for u too deside,in my eyes it's real,got an old globe here and an relief wall card,and there i see some signs and other things too.
But ok let's start with the weather image out of an NASA controlled satellite-->
I've draw lines on the image,where i see my eyes an samoerai(because of the hairstyle) in action mode...fighting that is.
Strange huh on a moment above Japan where daily life is not ok..............
now i do one other picture form Google-Earth maps, a picture of Indonesia and Papua-New Guinea--->
         -click on image to expand-
The Red surrounded area..Papua New Guinea on the right,the left,the island where the picture lives for real,in our ground vision without satellite images like these,click on it and say if u disagree with me that the island not has almost the same shape as the animal on the picture below-->>
-Almost out of extinction-
The Comodo dragon

Could or shall it be,that the Google image show us,that Papua New Guinea was the birth ground of that species?HHmmmm old storys from that island can tell us that.
And that the dragon was there top predator/carnivore
before skull fucking motherfuckers with bones through their nose,behead all the shit there,and put the heads on pointed sticks,to make "gods" afraid,and that animal thought...hhhmmmm not a nice chill area i go have a swim and move to the next island..East Timor?I guess the Papua's in that time saw this animal as an holy animal sended by their "god" and that was the reason,they cut heads of people from other tribes on that island too make this animal happy,and not coming in their living area...with other words...they where afraid!!!(afraid,a good thing/sign too let u know when u go over some kind of line of ...hmmm natural/universal facts)
In an Era in time on earth,after the time of great Dinosaurs,where wiped out through an meteorite(Red Rock??)
And that this short one was protected by forest/wood,or water...?
(p.s.)If u expend the look from the "Google" sky
you will or not...see more...
(Google makes it GNU for the mass)

Chili and the Crusoe Islands...(2nd picture on top)
South-America with some signs9there is more...

White Icy  Skull above Santiago.

ESO very large telescope....Chili,looks like an....

For the coastline of Chili...

Robinson Crusoe Islands...

Next!Isla Robinson Crusoe,coming out of a mouth from a skull under the surface of the ocean...

How does Isla Robin...Looks like??

Close-up of the Island....Looks nice huh?the forest,but what does what?

On a mountain of that island,a "ghost" with both arms stretched

Now in the air...clouds,look like? my eyes it is.

                                And at least of this Crusoe Chili Shit,Yeah,eat Chili's and u shit.
                    A wiki-screen capture with some info about some birds or insects when birds are gone from the area,and what they eat and need.
That,with pictures above,can tell a lot about the future.........if not in harmony with the nature there.

otherwise check for urself,and to the people in Santiago if u read this shit,or can...
watch out for ur future,when u sold too many hummingbirds........and keep  them lonely in little cases,so other species must do their job,and those u can't keep in cases....

So have a nice fuckin 'life over there.i put some music on

BYE. other part later...maybe.....

Paradise huh?Everything get shorter and Smaller,even my dick, when i go for a swim
in the Arctic Ocean,and deadly as..Hell???!!!???Paradox huh?
(come back to that one...the deathly as Hell i mean!!)

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