maandag 14 maart 2011

Dog Shit...!!!!

Thinking further ánd Back.
A few day's ago i took a walk in a tinytiny Forest,tiny because,an acre of it,is gone...for what,to create boxes for
for death people,lay that 8 foot deep in that forest,what's gone......put grass on it,5 threes,and every week flowers,that could stand in your room instead of an urn...that piece of forest when i was young,i get Blackberry's from it,now they put carved stones on it,that i can't taste.....and rotten flowers,and candles in plastic,where the death can't do anything with.
But that's not the fact(ow instead it is a little,it all together now)...the thing...s  that give me irritations where-->
Those things....What's on it:..-refill bags-.....yeah your dog shits in the ground,in this story'on the ground in a tiny forest...u take from the ground with an plastic blue bag...and then..??empty it 5 m further??? and use it again???
This man-->

walking back when the dog is clear u think?/
the next round u take  the same bag out of your pocket and do the same thing???STUPID SHIT!!!
Here u can also throw it in an
The sign say's:cleaning bags for the dog.... other dog bags ,and only the disposal is only one time filled...when it's installed why must the owner of that shit machine clean for the dog??
Stupid...if u throw here one roll of toilet paper without using it in the toilet then it's done to with through the drain.....
But back, walking through that tiny forest..and yes,between the threes several of those blue bags with shit in it...where is the logic...would the person who did that also clean the hores shit overt here that's what's irritating me,yeah and the dog shit on the street also,when it's'on your boots,shoes what ever, if those animals must shit in a city and u r the owner of that animal...then if it wants to shit on the street,u pull on the cable very hard and
throw him against the last three there,so there u can shit!!!!
It's not normal another sign..
Dog toilet... a piece of grass where your dog can do his thing,special for dogs created area,no kids,no football there,u can place a sign like that on a cemetery to...only grass and football,almost no kids,i hope..........
Bags for dog shit...And an Amazone/ on a horse,or better an police officer on one,when there is an riot in a city,would he clean the shit..nope,and a dog owner can get an fine for it.... the same only then times bigger bag....nope,i became to this topic because read this side:tomorrow,translate it,and u know my frustration...
And the owner(s) of these 2 dogs-->
i would advice,never clean what they drop,molten plastic on your hands is very painful,and the shit with it gives u biological nasty scars on ur hands,and maybe on a later stage,a bloodstream like an toilet drain............

p.s. take a plastic bag with u when visiting Amsterdam,and go to The Dam,full with pigeons,so over ur skull and done!!...hhmmm inside out world huh??

Better 4 bags,2 big ones and to short ones.............and throw them all filled away in a forest!!!!

Little things that grows bigger,and have a DEEP impact on me...and you.....the more you think about it........

p.s.shit in a closed plastic bag will create diseases in it,nature has a solution,and that is:fly's with green eyes to get rid of the shit!
And in a overpopulated city's,u can better use a tiny plastic shovel,to get rid of dogshit,of the streets,and throw it in some city-gardens(it's good for the plants!)orso.

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