woensdag 2 maart 2011

Because one site and one picture on it.........new conclusion

Yesterday i was visiting the site:http://englishrussia.com/,and strange but true,i was lookin at a pic for more than 10 seconds "overthere" ow no here i mean!!The one on top.
Yeah strange but true,and i think the pic is no Photoshop copyrighted picture ,or an on-line photo editor ...
So some things i earlier in another topic before "said" ,about that guy named:Sinterklaas with his long beard and almost 400 years old,this "fairytale"for kids commercial celebration(a bit now in 2011),on 5 Dec.on the painting above in the pic,(from this topic:Armenia Celestial Beauty),let my mind and thoughts role 3D 360 degrees all the way(NO female,NOT ALWAYS,with wings....)This because,other things like that wooden brick,where A'dam and someone called  Eve(mayb.a bodyguard of Ghaddafy...hhhmmm i don't know that!!!),together with all the animals(maybe worms to,YES TWO YES,and flys to,because all those animals had to shit on that boat,and ADAM and EVE and Noah couldn't clean the mess alone),but hey!!!,they stranded on a mountain...they thought!!!In fact it was an vulcano or in those days with all that H2O on it(mayb,5m2 piece of rock), called:http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/IOTD/view.php?id=1515,again strange..even Nasa.gov,calls it today a Mountain.in fact it's a Mountain with an "hidden" tube in it.
The last link of that tube came from this site.
I watched that You Tube in a flash of light,and watched some fragments a few times more,this because there r rocks that i saw,that really have all the signs of..yep wood!Wood that became coal or  "STONEHENGE" those ERA's.
My thoughts about this "shit" last night where:Sinterklaas isn't Sinterklaas,he is Noah for real with a red mantle on his body,and why red??Now,red because it was cold those days,and when that wooden brick/boat/ark arrived at the top of that mountain,the good man had a problem;not enough area to let the species free,and in a fraction of time,after 24 hours waiting in the harbor(the light had to inspect that ship with his Largo..srry. Cargo1st)mayb pdf-format better so u can enjoy the content in ur browser,or cbr format,without to do an format.sys,gggrrr  an UNIVERSAL sys,with everything and anything will come ,Sinterklaas aka Noah told me when i was "young",and i see changes everyday,year,time and on..and on
Noah set his foot on "solid ground",he climb(atized) to the top,said hocus,pocus, Pontiac Pilatius,is the past,in a matter of time,i don't know how much time,i guess the species had no clue about time those day's,the solid top where the man stood,was gone,and the man was gone to,and no it wasn't kryponite that shuttled him to space,the mountain have a red surface through all those things that happened,and yep geologically u can examine it,and the surface of it is copper.
and the good man is the cryptonite,no crypt for him........so that's why Sinterklaas wear each year,
a red mantle on,to travel with his steamboat,driven on coals,that is polutive no-a-days,as an energy resource,because of the mass,and btw there r other ships now for the rest,only he may use coal i think now(cultural,historical,enz.),to a piece of land that came out of that great ocean called: the Netherlands.also because of all the natural/universal things that happened on that rock.
Back to the facts:The real slim shady was gone,living good with his scientists that try to find him in an office of Universal Records...srry in the Universum.(thnx,respect all..yes all who let this new shit became possible)
u can use/touch to listen/read/watch this shit in/on/through(the last word is the best to explain) ur Galaxy,or another brand Tab that can do that shit to,Thnk Steve that he was the lead scientist and took that Job,together with his buddy's,tabs hehehe good thing,all those window's,make more of that fucking solar panels to of that dessert sand,there is enough!!!!!Damn i can say that,with words like this,but every thing,need the right timing,and on.........ow not really,things happening already.....
But real now,on the moment that all those heavy impressive things happened in that era,the arc,could not get away,no captain,a lot of elements came out of the earth,heat,The 3rd Wave(Google that!)all the angels/species/whatever.......where spread because of that holy happening all over the globe.....(think back,think further)and the good man watched for more then 7 days....years,back now!!months,further now!!...lightyears,or nanoseconds to what his/her/it's "things" he had seeded on this globe,do in "daily" life with what was given cq created,because of that explosive happening.
And No Alfred Nobel was not there yet!!
Now in 2011 bible/Western counting years,The No way i could explain it what,is still in charge of all on this globe,he can't give all his powers to this one globe,because he is still busy creating more of those things,and his wish is that the highest species in charge,on all those living globes in Universe,have  the responsibility together as ONE,that life,all kinds of life at 1st,knowledge,wisdom,and more.....stays as Nr.One on the  priority list.
The "Watcher" that created the globe,with his stuff/power,has the final decision to wipe that highest on the ladder species out of extinsion,it is happened before,u know..Dino's..remember!!!(good huh,techno and stuff to remember old things/things out of the past.....)Science,Visions,Creations,Happenings,All the things,Idea's,All became reality because of  Energy..seen or Unseen,Felt or Unfelt,learn......grow.......Better!!!
No complete mess on earth pls,but hey we all know where things are created there is always more..
and if the shit became negative/down in that spiral~ then u meet,or there r situations of all kind,organisations,talkers,whater,u know we know!!(only the blind can feel an hear better,then the one that can see)that can solve the probs.POINT!
thinkthinkthink,three times,instead of fight for the thirth time..u know,bad situations,Hell's Fools brake lose...no 3rd world war now pls...hhhmmmm AC/DC....important science!!! got an jacket when i was 14 with their band name on it,good to remember that band, while typing this story on this blog,and if i'm gone/or you invisible on earth....!!?!!heheehe.
Cars good/needed for now(talking in light years communication.. riddles) ,Everybody "work"or has a meaning to do,and needed!,for now.......H2O impossible to life without,H1,highly explosive as an energy source when normality comes and focus is gone,and without that here,no H2O build-up....Oww u can say,use it for a short amount of time when there is no other solution,or when it's needed to succeed solving problems,butt no autistic mis abuse in the form of ,hhmmm,it cannot go wrong using this element as normalization for 10000.0000000.000000000-i stop typing zero's i'm using to much of them,of years........hell people who cannot live without the sun.and machines r not bad, if well used and evolving without loosing the grip of Nr.One...........so the Australian lead singer of this band,can shake it,became Sinterklaas on that mountain..hahahahha...no 7 billion people on his hard wood electric guitar ever to go to there via Somalia,and will not be robbed,without missing one of that 7 billion.......these days.
What i see more on the photo's that r on the site,where this topic all started with...r the threes rare needle trees...yes also that i written in another topic,leaf a long story about that,search the web if u wanna know more,needle threes,leaf threes.....fauna....flora....grrrrr.
Then i opened a new tab and beginning to use Google maps also be possible because of 00100 and on!
The basic can be visualized......and realized,don't forget that!!,i typed that mountain's name and there it is visual on my/our/your net.p.s.my personal net....,protects the color white/Green/Black all stored in billjons shaped piramide formed things.ps.my personal net,incl.the second back-up,what not have to be the color green to surround that tiny personal,black dot.(think about a huskey,with to different collared eyes,probably an internal battle,and with that,and understand that,or trying think about Noah's story ) net...haahhaha.that's also paradox what i typed....
But ok that mountain,Googled with maps,toke some screenshots of it and a picture from the data-base,one by one i link them here..
Nr.1.good!opened the maptab. and watched the whole picture just like the Scandinavians thought the globe was plane...no,not an airplane,PLANE!so i watched at it,and came to the conclusion,that i don't have to explane some things about that mountain......because i see more,just like yesterdaynight,on earth...Google earth,and don't want to explain all the things now in this topicblog....So i gonna talk to "our Sinterklaas"and ask him why we can't Breath later on,when the World is on fire,and that all because  some creation of diablo or some of his mates,fucked up some things in my personal life in the past,Hell what am i talking end.fin nokia
mayb. in the next episode,just like Harry Potter,Police Academy(that has no story-line),LOTR,the most of u all have downloaded,watched three times,and GODFATHER 1 2 and 3.or i'll take a focus on other important things,and if that not gonna happen then,yes then i go to the woods and 1st Dancing with Wolves,or a Huskey,and after that,i Run With Warriors,away from the water instead of to the water ,because Dolphins cry ,Live cryed,and Grooveshark swallowed their whole discography........just like torren(dutch Google),and new shit that over old lines thousand and thousands of times,stored on different servers...or..........nja whatever.
Maybe and maybe some things in this story i have in mind,turned 360 degrees and clean is that shit also.......
Have a nice day,other time....got some Ore and get 2beer somewhere.later.

try to.
turn this amount of frozen H2O back,that's an adventure,and an good sign...

And damn,thinking and thinking,back about what i have seen,on different sides,amounts of numbers,that explain what people/machines/technological inventions use/consume/produce/can give/waste/or thrown away when it's not necessary ,that i really must puzzle
to come to the truth,my opinion after what i have seen,to much,to many in some situations when it's not needed.on some area's,damn hell difficult to explain how i come to that,but not,already said/explain that on this blog...

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