zondag 13 maart 2011


In a city on the land,Moslim dressed female women there,while the whole shit in their territory is going down also,bitches with armanie chanel and whatever kind of brands on a continent  where these 
                                                  guys have song about in one number of them..

And the Danish brand:LEGO-shit sold via E-bay.com from an Belgium citizen to a collector living in the USA ,where those puppets have a second life and can pump their shotguns empty,they get there a shotgun for free when they opening an  bank-account,then they PLAY-ON a kinder-garden with it,killing lots of 4-year young
scumbag Mexican poor kids.

                                                      (video-Google has the full length..btw..)

Then go to Africa,looking for new sportive build slaves,in the local Wall-mart over-there,and the modern clothed sluts from sex in the city,don't really wanna be 
with those penguin clothed Arab females,to much episodes and seasons,and will have new Friends....... ,from India,Japan,Whatever...i do this shit on this blog because i'm  bored seeing  day in day out,unbelievable human behaviour,and massive destruction that comes whit that in large scales,then i think to myself

Also not a wonderful world,every day on 08:00 hour Dutch time,year in,year out....because that sucker do it,with that slut,and that Chinese girl do it with that Russian dude,and then there r no good times,and no bad times,out of  that Box of Pandora,and in daily life it's almost the same but then real,and the real player u can throw it in the recycle-bin,vlc,u can do a lot of things with,and Windows media player,must get out of the windows structure here..OEM or Retail,Illegal or not,on a DELL that do it with an ALIENWARE and an symbiotic relationship is born,TOSHIBA,and ACER played also the game,and MEDION u can buy at the Wall-mart in Namibie,buy some boxes of hollow point 9mm bullets too!!,too create air holes in the case of the pc,this for a better airflow yes u need to cool it overthere,and the project:1 laptop per child,in thirth world WAR á $100 each later $200 each,standing lonely in the desert with his 

persona non Grata system build in,and everything is changing but you,and who am i
is also deserted to that dessert in Libië without an 
I-pad TABLET 2 or 3...
Because he don't give a shit either,he say's,but in reality,he can't program that hardware in that desert,so another has cleared that job,and he can listen to arabic music over-there sitting on a carpet by an oase,but in reality they stole the apples,putt them on their  Skulls and try to fire HELL ROCKETS through it,instead of bringing them to the people in Japan who r hungry,cold and they do really give a shit about their situation now.........eat that DOG!without disrespecting u...because i don't know u in real life....and i don't care about that.

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