donderdag 3 maart 2011


HHhmmmm was thinking about another thing,not thinking,it came in my mind instantly..
New cars today,u get them by one bottle of water free
Like this one:,and safe some fuel p/km or b/mile,but hey somewhere or everywhere on the globe they r stored in different ways......big parking places in the harbor of Amsterdam....automated round towers in Germany.....enzenzenz,the new cars huh!!!
What i was thinking is this:....if u buy a car like that on a day,drive it one day,go after that day,bring it to a machineholder like this:
placed near every steel factory on every a new one the other day,
less area waste...
I think about this because all those car manufacturers made those things in lightspeedproduction,thats why there r so ones stored,and unsold,as fast as they can produce them.
Next day,u walk to a toystore and buy a plastic kiddy car that u can handle with ur feet,dump that after enjoying it,in the plastic disposal,and at night u gonna walk on ur feet and hands to the walking Heineken refrigerator,because the power is down,and the battery's r empty,drink ur hot beer,and let ur partner wipe u with a sweap(stake) and get some stiletto shoesneedles kicked in ur eyeballs,so the next day,u don't have to look for another

Have a nice day

Here in the Netherlands u have old cars stored on places,where u can get second hand parts at almost no cost...Insane isn't it,shred it,meltingpot,factory's,new one,Space creation
This i typing,because in Sweden i thought,1 or 2 years ago they found an car cemetery over-there,with rotten old cars,where nobody interested in is,  laying there for century' what's up with it?
And ow yes,the "person" in this story,can piss in his tank,when he drunk to many hot beer out of that walking fridge,and drive on his ethanol,otherwise his little young multiplied bastard son of him will throw brown sugar in that tank.....Hahahahahaha drive on that energy!!,and ow yes,my mouth is an radiator,because of the coffee,and now i'm mentally ill,because all that equations between persons/materials/cars/food/rockets as dicks/shit as peanutbutter/a nose like an dyson and if u have big ears then u are a wing nut,and u can fly then as Disney's Dombo with a fucking mouse on ur cap....FUCK THIS MENTAL INSTITUTIONS!!!!

So now i'm gonna piss in some-one other his tank,because i have no car,and like to give my bio-fuel created through beer for free,so another one can drive his car,and instead of Co2 that came through the catalylisator
u can smell burned bio-fuel..  I get high of it,and struggle on the street,laugh out loud,when I lay in a dentist chair,because,i killed him,and rest there in peace and  feel nothing that moment..............
And the next day U buy a Bugatti Veyron ,drive 400km/h and collapse against an oak here in the Netherlands

Bye have a nice day....after the first Left turn.......and all this shit because i'm/and the machine are both unemployed,and uploading this shit the whole day to,while i'm searching for better answers and other things,that i read,and i'm interested in....trying to learn from it,and keep it in my mind.
Yeah sitting here,and doing something/nothing/thinking/eating/listening..and typing this on a blog will help a bit maybe/knowing for some,and more..hehehe.

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