woensdag 16 maart 2011

Snow Chains Cars Fast Salt Corrosive.......

HHHmmm 5min ago i ,was looking at international weather reports through this extention,,,
on their site,reading and watching something about snowy weather and salty molten ice in New York,that is fucking shit if u must go through it with ur bike or walking through it,and for cars corrosive...
I was earlier in the short past also thinking,about this issue and iron snowchains they use to get up the mountains in Austria and Swiss,those iron shit on hard traffic ways demolish the  structure of it.
So i thought,not some kind of plastic snow chains,invented model to get them fast on the 4 wheels,for the normal streets,and do their job,and leave the beautiful white surrounding for what it is,instead of grew molten shit water.
The some sort of material like pulling cables,cheap material,re-useable,non demolishing...

,behind,the four wheels,50cm back with ur car,on the netstructure, a lock system too hold them on the wheels,done.....as long there are cars on the streets.......?!!??
People happy,aria nicer,car holders happier,big stinky slowly trucks with salt,less.....it's idea,if it perfectly works..with ice on the street.......go test it......maybe,maybe it will do the job with the right structure.....
was looking on the internet for such kind of snow chains...no-where,only iron-ones.......~
In December here in my aria,they used cars with a turning tube on the front,with hard plastic "hairy" thin sticks,they scrubbing the bicycle ways free from snow/ice..,works good,why not for car ways,that together with those chains do the job.....Let them do some tests with that.

Have a nice life.~~~~~~~~~~

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