zaterdag 12 maart 2011

Tsunami,Earthquake,Massive Slaughtering,Apocalypse,Hell,Armageddon,Waste(also downloadable for mother earth btw,but she don't want that shit,she wants islands in the streaming business,and an non polluted karma called biosphere,ionosphere,stratosphere,and on.Atmosphere pure pls...)

So today just as yesterday,i putt on the pc,and searched for that rotten shit called Tsunami and Earthquake,and it's going down there as u can see on this You Tube flash movie-->

 ,u can read/see it on newsmedia and,also on ur tablet made of plastic
In some kind of way that's a paradox of all things that come together and made it an HELL overthere:
The people from Japan who where searching for Anti-Christ in New Sea-land and trying to save the Queen in her Church on a piece of hot land that was drowned earlier with Tears From The Sun in gods new episode centra for life in 2011 also heard the news(sea-land) and get as fast as light back to Japan to save their own Queens.
So frustrated as i was because after a night of drinking to much beer here in "heaven" and SAW all the garbage people had throwed on the street,when i was gone,and all that plastic that's not listening to the wind of change i clean dailly and this morning too,so i search for another song and found this ONE! In some kind of way it's a good song, if you came out the HELL to put on together with the picture above,and knowing that this is No Ordinary World,but it begin to look like it....Ironic don't u think?
Then reading that on that island called Japan(i got a sony to boost up the music louder here,so respect 4  their hard work,they really don't deserve this tragedy!(maybe some there but the most not)(open link to see!)and keep ur mind with this link!So no laughing now.

(update 2)Damn now i read that another cooling system is down,i prefer a precision bombing around that complex,if the energy that is needed can't be lead to there on time.......and let that whole complex drown in deepwater to cool the shit(if that is possible)

and on this site: u can see what's happening over-there!hardcore underground Quake-arena
Like these two try to play further on-line on their dedicated server
In insane mode yes!!While these men keep on betting on the match:
(No!serious,it's not good there,so take it a bit by byte serious,it's not the K9 or is it K1 they have to climb??Confucius is a bit confused also now)

Ow btw!!i also read on the web,that there was one Death person in California also,because of the Tsunami,and the rest over-there is playing 

                        ~This logo is created by Kat Von D.~
and riding a Harley,custom made by Orange County Choppers after a custom personal paint-job.

FUCKING nuclear power plant is melting and the planet in this Solar System
swallowing the shit there,so the nuclear waste is instantly gone,just like one big cup of noodles overthere.
full with Monolakenatriumglutamaat AKA number E651and another nr.almost Nr.E666 huh!! where u also get CANCER from,if if u eat it to much,only for the waste ow no taste i mean!!
So i think that big cup is for The Big Hot One to drink,and The Little Unbelievable annoying Devils on land may eat the shit and smell the Rotten corpses,because The Big Hot One don't want fish in his cup of noodles!.
And the bastards who got all that food for free there,what they gonna do with that food!!!They will make fertilizer for the ground,instead of eat it,or try to learn them swim against stream just like Fucking:
Also in plastic,sick huh?that cq. they can do the job,swim in deep water in slices against the stream,with a deep water diving suit on,and the little ones can't???Ow that is because first before the shit there they came out with trawlers and the people thought we learn them 1st. swim in olive oil in with TEN of them in a metal (X)box,and then they try to learn the fish search in the ocean with their filled with olive oil submarines and The Dolphins Cry because their school 
where they get their food from,is gone too,and they died also in tragedy,Sad but True.......

biljons of submarines,that can't go through/against the stream with their olive oil  fueled subs,so that's why they throw them all on the land,and let them try to walk,because evolution for them goes to slow the scientists there must have thought,but nope,they can't learn walk so fast,because they have no legs jet,so all the holy cows there can walk over them and after they all r demolished into the little atomic pieces of life after death,and the cows there, they get the death penalty also,through an metal stick in the head between their eyes ,they became:-->
Then the plants can grow on that land,and the people who first eat those shit dailly,like these two:
U can try them to learn eat the plants that grow there,Weed plants  or grain or even better!! Sequoya's !,are the solution for them to still their hunger,the only problem with those creations are......:They don't grow as fast as those creatures on the picture above. to give them what they need for their hunger....?!?!Or u can try to learn these Two:
 became like these 2:
before it's to late for the 1st.two young ones above

playing with a plastic ball like kids..............and they "earn" billions of Dollars,playing together with one plastic ball full with air!! EACH!!!while everywhere -dessert sand  NIGGER brothers- starve to death,sick huh???.....
Then this Fucking clown:
is running to all hospitals and give the obesitas sick people  a lot of  Dollars to let them smile,just like him....  these people:

told him to do,otherwise they will not drive-in,but they will drive him flat,with their holy cow,called car on route 666,and now that sucker must donate also billions of dollars(because Red Cross China only has 100.000 euro for this tragedy) to Japan to save them to,otherwise France fries will throw an Atombomb on his head and that cold sick clown his head will Melt down!! ,and the French will get the meteorite from Betelgeuse on their head,Belzebub told me because they also play to much with atombs to give us all Energy and CERN is playing  to much with big bada boom magnets,all because the scientific world is to curious where/how the Universe was started/created with their Big Bang Theory.That's why Betelgeuse must throw his kern(el) there,God told me,Yeah yeah,that holy noob also has the control of Belzebub,Satan and his/here/it's friends......
And the sucker who started that shit relatiFATE all his theory's and is also Death now,just like all those Japanese
missing persons swallowed by sea and earth,and those billions of  sardines on shore,because they where sick of it,to control all those submarines fueled with olive oil they canned in.......

No shit anymore!!,I was surfing on the wave of California on the net,and i also read this shit
Those animals can't hardly move over land,the fuckers that kill those animals has thermal clothes on to stay warm...also made out plastic...are fucking bastards by killing so much,and the minister over there is with his moves he is the same as the specie in question who said that 80% of the population may be fucking killed by men using a stick,where they smash those lovely looking Skulls broken.....insane motherfuckers!!If they need the shit to hold their self warm....yeah then i can understand,but in these day's the inuit eskimos also have satelite dishes refrigerators!!!!!Damn why they need that invention over-there????and thermal insulation suits,so that fucker there is insane,and the animals in question must fuck like rabbits,after the slayering,
otherwise next year humans must kill 100% of the tiny population that is left.
Not understanding that those animals over there has an important job for the ecology there......
Then further on,in that region called Pacific,seals come on land in Canada,and beaten their head in,and good heroic people over there step in the pacific,on a regular daily base,to save 4 yes 4 Dolphins!! (they also come on shore,fucking crazy mixed up world)while on land 60.000 Seals!!! where killed,strange behavior there...
So after throwing this You Tube  Neurologic Visual Flash thing here above,i got another song in my mind from entertainer nr.60.001,a Dutch entertainer named:Frank Boeien Groep,singing about::1 second and u are out of your world,and everybody lost(or not..) the way,that because the Earthquake demolished also in 1 second the Highway,and Tsunami's throw toxic radiated Mud in everybody's eyes,and waterway's full of Rotten Fish......on they other side

So why not on all continents immidiatly this shit:

No hell for the "happy few" leftovers of human race,all humans in a big hole...done....and the last seal can smile again..or not,because he will also eaten by pirates on a wooden Arc just like the last stupid dumb ass DODO that is wiped out,that way,hunger,they had those day's on that ship and one Dodo who didn't want to putt his dick (with a bone...scientists say,yeah the whole day a hard one and  post-mortem)...?!?!!!in another specie,hehehe lonely on the top huh,that boedistic moran said with his shaved bald head and red carpet on his body,and  glasses on his face,while he and his inmates singing :                     

 the whole his hands also...a NOT!!! Because they r all gay there in their fucking unbelievable tempel,and that's why the lady smiles....because the lady is in this topic mother earth,and she get al the bad shit in her billion mouths and her lips are red because the whole uncontrolled population is leaking  red colored blood.....and mother earth say's:TASTY mjammjam......hahahaha the last navy seal is fucking with the last sperm whale and they laugh out loud because the new born messiah out of these two leftovers became a Sea-lion(LI-ION battery) ,that will eat fosfor and throw that shit on Zion so all the beards there will burn,the wall will fall on them and that's their stone,fire out,they gone...everybody happy,no millions of pictures of those morans on Google from all the visitors there,because uploading is for bitten and all rights are reserved,trade mark(ed) with a bullet in their head,because that population over-there was fighting against machines in the Trilogy Matrix under the ground(also downloadable,streaming,On stock by www.AmazonRainforrest.Amen....whatever)and the lady on the picture below is also marked with one but she is the last of that lousy religion also and smile,because she will have good sex with a holy cow,and that is how i end this topic.. later with no shit!!!

That is what her only daughter shows to her male overpopulated country

                                                                     FUCK OFF!!!
                           is also sick of those useless for Nature toothless poison snakes over-there!!!!
(update nr...)took a walk outside around 12:30am,and the sky is dark,dark/white noise out of the Sony amplifier,and when i walked outside i felled a few drops  came out of the air,came home,take a look at my left hand and a dry tiny place between middle finger and ring finger with a tiny open dry gap,maybe from the inside because of to many up's,or because i,did my autistic thing for the last day's and clean some shit from the ground,but i had that dry place not there,before i came out of my apartment on  ground level it was still,but the higher air-streams keep going on...,i guess it's toxic or radiated condensation from the area over-there reached The Netherlands.damn took a shower a few minutes ago, my clothes in the wash machine,and on i guess we better stay in or not to long outside if u don't really need.But hey.....don't forget Christ in his church!
Fuck Off,with all your debris,i got plenty of water here in Queensland!
Clean it,or die in Hell!!

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