donderdag 17 maart 2011

Between 2 Mountains Of SHIT!!

So Mr. Ghadaffi e,or whatever ur status nr.,life or Rank on the family three is,do u even have threes in ur country,or r u an puppet from hell,playing with fire,and scared to dry out???
Don't have it under control there?with ur soldiers,bitches, and family,invest in something better!!!
U stupid 1960 jazz/soul motha fucking character.
Nice talking every day with terrorists,murders,weapon sellers, stock traders,bitches moving like snakes,through that important shit of u,while maybe....yes maybe the one of those bitches of u has giving birth to this child-->

The sperm given as a present by an outsider,or an family member of u....that kid never had the time to grow up..even never had the chance to learn something,man moran,invest in other energy resources,an two abu-dabi that has a facebook account or probably fucking other morans from other country's trying to pretend they r,with does names say: I found this shit Funny ...facebook,accounts,internet....child....death!!!
How is it in the sun??can u handle it,enjoy it?Living in Tripoli,with shitty white clothed allah blahblahblah,and the pope dancing naked there also,selling heroin,oil,kids,bitches,weed,and out of date CD's,and finally the last drop of water from a desert through a system u call 8th world wonder!!!!

it's the sun isn't it,and all those outlaws,bitches,that give u a mirror, where u can't see urself in,because of those Italiano made sunglasses,maybe a RAY-BAN......
Owwwww,and Europe is now the traitor...and u don't sell that black shit anymore to EU.......go have a swim in it idiot!! YEAH all this because of that one picture,maybe a child from a mother throwing the last stones to a...ppppffffff whatever.............i've seen pictures before...humans cut in too,there is something wrong huh?,with ur "sheep's" make a nice kebab from it,eat it,and die slowly pls.......

One child,5.000.000 miljon believers,100 crazy mothafuckers,and triljons gallons of oil,problems like mountains,to come to the stage of insanity...hhhmmm it's gonna be a nice future for the offspring....NOPE.

So fuck like rabbits,don't care about others,throw bombs,let nature do his job,watch it from the ISS,feeling like a
god in an metal box out there,NOPE!,and try to make the globe as "ALLAH",cq "GOD" created  it........

Yeah i'm rich here,two botlles of water,1 pair of socks,no kids,aids,and pills,a dog i fuck every night,a stolen bike,and a factory where i make Galaxy's,and an SP,and neighbours,and grass,and,and,and.....PPPFFFhfrheio;Ugtr5fhg666by!!!%9fjkf,so i can type this...are u happy now?


what i see in the media now what's happening there,is an backwards spiral of human evolution....

-That ball is someones rectum,and everybody wants to go in it,grow there...and shitted out-
Tjjjeeehhh what a lot of future.....hhhhmmm sheeps,dogs,plants,murders,jazz musicians,hoppers or scarrabees
  wanted too grow there in shit....Ghaddaffy's SHIT!!maybe...and when they r full grown they became....humans i hope,maybe i meet them here in Europe,for sure,because it's the shortest route to get out of hell,and then...yes then...i may tell them a fairy tail before they go to i take my bicycle,go to there,and save Family Ghaddaffy by myself,only to tell him that last fairy tail,about a sun and a moon,and AK47 and blood and rotten corps in baked sand and fly's,and humans,and women and..and...and POWER
energydrink made out of bat shit from a cave,echo's between mountains,or in hollow mountains..that sounds great too,sink in that stupid mountain or piramid of u,don't need it.

Link this to his head courters,and it came from an IP-nr registrated for his holy toilet!!!!
or not...i'll face those bodyguard private Ghaddaffi murder bitches right in their vagina's before i get killed..

So and finally Libia's last hope...YES...shitted out of with suit and all instant by the woman on the picture above

Maybe,yes maybe he has some great tricks...that little man yes,see his eyes...speaking like..YESYES i want to fuck 72 mama sluts,YESYESYES,and Ghadaffi,YES my SON u may...So r u happy now?????Lady's?????with a possessed looking troll......

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