vrijdag 31 december 2010

Tweakers explaining the story of Ddoss attacks,and the FBI....???

Last one,B4 new year here,i surf to www.tweakers.nl
And what do i read??The FBI,has the IP-numbers that lay down the sites  Mastercard and Paypal,
and how did they get them ???The FBI did a raid...a RAID yes to come in the building of the hostingprovider,who gave the IPnumbers,to their clients????Why a raid????In my mind i see thousands of peeps from the Dutch secret service,who do a raid,into the KPN headquarters...can u see imagine that?Why not coming in through the front door of the officebuilding in a desent way,and take a screenshot of their administation,and go away,after they drink their office-coffee,and go to the homes or cars or maybe the ISS, from the people who are pinpointed with that IP-number and lookin for the Terrorist needle in that massive stinkmountain,who's leading the BOTNET or all those morans using a Dutch program to Ddoss,where they can be tracked back with??? .Yes maybe the owners r all users of Thor,or some other kind of project,and the FBI really don't have a clue,only blue jackets,and guns,and cars,and they are the ZOMBIES walking to ONIONS......strange...that zombies eat onions instead,of human flesh,and the FBI is running....ow srry driving!!! to PC,IP,instead of humans.......must i be afraid,that all those secret FBI and other 3 letter,organisations,that ARE some kind of,come in my pc,and do a raid in the srvhost.exe extension?????strange huh??and the peeps
that pinged the servers to death.using the 3 letter word LOL..hahahahahahahah

So never invite US police cops,into your home for a cup of coffee,You will have to buy a new door!!!
or a backdoor......because u and the hostingproviders are a Virus!!!

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