dinsdag 21 december 2010


All those bookstores......
there,and there and there,must be all provided with their content in streets,from different publishers,why not a bookstore with an internet-connection,led displays,and specialized printers in it?
Customers come in the store,search their book......yeahyeah it's all gonna be e-pub,but some want the old stuff
paper that is...and the shopassistant print his or her book or comic online,custommer waiting there while he or 
she enjoy his cup of coffee or thee,sitting in the bookstores lounge..
would that be great???
Think so,no parkingproblems for the distributors enz,no unneccesary books unsold to the paperdisposal enz...
And some social behaviour there.......hehehe great huh isn't it?
Only is it here oon the globe???something like that!!!

Bye and the peeps using this idea,,,ey my thnk me on this blog,and thnk all other who made that possible,
a better earth can be come.

Can be a store,with paintings or led screens on the wall and a lounge,where u could chill
and enjoy populair books the store has already printed.
surfing the net lookin'for other stuff.

Ps. integrate the "store" with epubs and peeps can come with their E- readers,Ipads(for comics,hehehe Color!!)
and have some social feelings there,toghether with the "paper" lovers,hehehe

cheaper Donald ducks thats what i like,reading and hold on a divice like!! an Ipad,and less cars in a shopping centre or around
in a city,kids come with their Fischer-Price Pad..or My First Sony Pad,....made of solid(recycled)plasic
and hightech inside...everybody happy....enjoy ur future..and day.

Maybe in the near  future,when everyone on earth got a tab,they have a thin layer on the backside
with photovoltairic cells,so it's easy to fill the battery,in sunlight......when u r in Africa on vacation,or 
sitting in ur backyard,and so on....hitchhiking somewhere?where there is no electricity......handy then
for navigation....


Enjoy ur future....and have a nice day.

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