donderdag 30 december 2010

Aldi Products cq. Waste....

Howdy there today i,walked in a supermarket,with in my mind,to get 1kg of Basmati rice,
i walked through the lanes of products,and a female fat(thats not my point)shop assistant of that local ALDI!!mall
was sorting the the products in the refridgerator,what i saw was that she placed new products in it,and throw the empty cartons of the products,in an other cartonbox,and......she throwed a lot of "food" products in the same box with the empty cartons,for instance this product:

Fucking fish that comes straight packaged and well out of Vietnam,where it eats SHIT!! all his life,shit from other fish,the date on the productpackage was not overtime,but anyway, it is wasted for nothing,handled for nothing,growed up,through eating SHIT!!for nothing,shipped for nothing and in a freezer,for nothing!!
What i don't understand is,that shopassistants throw Shitfish(and more) that's not over his consumption date
together,with the cartons in one big cartonbox,
There are a lot of poor wellfare needed people here,who would it that SHIT...because they don't know,what's in in it,and even if they do know,they will it eat....the next product:
Ham cq. a fucking death piece pig, that is sliced in thin pieces,also not out of date......what's in it to keep that death pigs color,and "freshness"....all kind of shit!,throwed in the bag with carton,comon give that death pieces of pig,to an pigfarmer,those fat animals,eat almost anything(ask the white australians,when the setlled theirself,on that piece of land called Australia,those "criminals",rejected ones from that English rock,take their pigs with them,and in a short time,most of the local nature,was ruined and eaten by those fath bastards,and now,throwed away.....out of that shitty store,common,that pigmeat,they could give it to those 5 five skinny slices of Somalians,5 of them with transported to here with a Marinefregat to the Netherlands,that's a long way home,to give them shelter,and 3 good meals a day,and a television,and a playstation 3,in their cells,till they must appear for the Dutch ow man what is wrong,with this,i don't understand,it...."good" fresh meat dumped away in cartonboxes,5 Somalian pirates out of Mogadishu,who can make houses of that carton,and eat that talipa,who do on piracy,because their community has hunger,taken to the Netherlands with a big Marine-ship,to let them waith here for months in a cel,that cost the people of the Netherlands thousands of  Euro's a day on taxmoney,the skinny ones can eat wel here(sure 1 week in a month better then me),got the right to call their brows over there,can play PINGPONG,and have their first fresh shower in months,and after that proces,the will stay here i guess,or get some 1st class tickets,to go back,but will come back,to the Netherlands,and do criminal things,because prison is good here,and if they are free after some months in jail,they have some money,and thrying to rob a big ship full with shitty Tallipadeathfish out of Vietnam,together with a few thousand ACER-pc's,in the harbor of Rotterdam and all because they don't know what else to do,and think this is their heaven on earth,with what they have learned in a situation over there,in Mogadishu,through the internet the get some RPG's and making plans to take some Apachy's,and then...then if those plans where really came out in a good order....for them,yeah i guess it's the same situation as the movie Black Hawk Down,where thousands of local hungry people get to one chopper,and STEAL(ow it's an upside world,i shuffled the two links)I have seen this movie,and what do u think,they got pigs there,an American,french lookin information collector from the US base,hunt on  a bicycle,slaughtered a pig there,take it to base where they have a nice barbicu,strange isn't it...hmmm ideas,ideas,to not spill anything,or everything....hehehehe, all the shit from that chopper,that they CAN'T eat,instead of stealing and eating the shit that is throwed away by a ALDI female assistant......before it's out of date!!!!!
WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!miljons of taxmoney wasted because of 5 Hungry Chopper Downloader's  Pirate's from their PirateBay,and me as a poor fucker,who goes to a mall like ALDI!!!for buying THEIR dailly food...
YES Their yes....3 meals of rice a day,or 2 a day.......FUCK THIS Situation.Have a nice day...Ashes to Ashes...or Food for Food,give that living pigs for Aldi their own food

All because that trip in the Aldi,and because those Pirate Somalian Chopper Downloaders,or shiptakers,are
Muslims and eat no pigmeat,that does not mean,they could not fish there on sharks,or the sharks can't use them as a tandstickor,or all the aldi products can't not transported to Mogadishu by a Marine fregat....and the last thing i'm asking myself is:Was it the pig out of that Black Hawk Movie who eat all the local flora  and fauna overthere,i think so,because almost all the Somalian are thin,and is that why a lot of that Country land is turned into a desert,just like those imported pigshistory in AUSTRALIA
Fuck if they are Muslim over there,then give the packaged pig meat,to the Talipa,and give the Talipafish to that hungry Somalians,so they have 3cups of rice a day,ánd some fishmeat...problem solved!!

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