maandag 20 december 2010

GPS system and the next European and Russian version

Here the situation..more of the same systems,only for safety purposes,Europe and USSR build their own systems..yeahyeah some Militairy purposes to,but i guess and think when it comes so far
that USA (gps) shut the facility down for other contignents like Europe or USSR or whatever,then i guess,it;s time to go somewhere where those sattelites are,to look how nice lightened mushrooms
grow on the globe.
Come on allmost the whole world use tomtom and other navigation hardware clarion for some others,direct build in by car manufacturers,u think they shut it down...?
When there r 2 more systems,how many more satelites will be hanging above us? doing infact the same,and must be maintained,yeah the don't let them fall when there is something wrong,to
Who is gonna go there and do that job,with which rocket??an American build or a Russian build,yeah the Europeans only shoot those hightech things in the air,no Human,only sats and stuff.
Common that's expensive,and i think not needed on longtime thinking,more danger in future for astronauts,yeah those things could be damaged by a tiny thing,and then there r more tiny things,and so on.
HHmmm i,m going and look to the stars,and mayb,mayb,my son or my daughter or his or her son or daughter,could look at sattelites in the night, instead of stars.
Manmanman what a sattelites,today cold,humidity,snow,and by my girlfriend,woman..... no good television broadcasting because of that,ASTRA..Hotbird,Hispasat...all bad,and what do i see,good broadcasting on
the internet,and that is only gonna be better in the future,with i think,that r my thoughts,its better to shoot only sattelites in orbit for real important things,like weatherconditions,globe,or space
science,and yeah,telephone and some backup,and offcourse for google earth hehehe,further guess or think.
What i mean,the ISS is international coorporate,why all those fucking trackingsattelites made by other countrys who do the same (maybe a future more,but that is software)so they r afraid Americans shut that stuff off for others
Damn!!! i thought we life 2010 and that the space program was international,i mean USA use soyuz now they got no hhhmmm i call it rocket with an ship on it,till their new build is space prove..but they will always work toghether in space.
Common will those Americano's when they r ready to go solo to space, do that without other country's,where they first hire rockets,nope.
       Who will say,the same things will not happen or are already happen with the new "born" ISS??
Hmmm with all the pics and info,it looks like,a journey into space is much more dangerous then taking an airplane

Damn what a waste,i thought gps was working well on the globe for all country's checked the internet for those devices and yes,everywhere on earth u can buy that stuff.
Picture from 2008..and evolving...not!!mor death "moons" to come!!
Ha just thinking, the Space techno's coul'd and r gonna made little handy rockets
who can and will be put on those unusefull sattelites ,to take them back to earth,
and the athmospere would burn the most or all of the materials....
-cleaned well looks nice-
The picture above with the sats look like fly's,surounding a poor hungry african as on the picture below

Less "fly's,,butt as dark as space(the picture,and what it say's)
Picture from:The Big Picture-Boston Globe 2010!!!
Like an out of order satellite: OW YEAH THEY ARE GOING DOWN!!(like fly's)

Butt hey,it;s a big step for mankind,and when they r ready the could play in orbit,or the moon,no human ever is been on Mars,and now? they plant the orbit full with "artificial moon's",butt there is only one,and yes USA planted their flag there,but the Russians where the 1st who had a "1.1 ISS
And now?if the european or the Russian gps "lookalike" is active,will the gps go down then????nope don't think so..
HHHmmm space thrash round earth...must google that.......are they be able to get all those material back to earth so that we could use it again ,so will it in the future more dangerous to float in space,for a "mechanic" to do his job....hhhmmm it;s no LEGOLAND there so..?
HHmmm Legoland mayb from the groundbase to instruct them...hahahha.....

says enough i guess,everywhere humanity is they create thrash,and make it theirself difficult to go on...or go further....ow people r just stupid,when they think their smart.........but hey,people will be born and they will die...or not?

Update!!:At least India,don't send thrash to Orbit,also they try it:

What i'm asking myself about this,r the Indians poor,orso,or do they have a poor  relationship with Arianespace for instance......Damn some country's wanna work in space,and they can't or want "work" together with other nations!!!!!!for now....

StarTrek is coming...with Klingeons and all that other shit out of the mind of an Science-Fiction writer...


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