dinsdag 28 december 2010

Alternative energy....(This is a long one,so if u have the time or will??)

For a month or so,i was thinking and lookin' the web for alternative energy resourses and methods,this because,the most energy resources people use now, are somehow poluting the invironment,otherwise not endless due to earthelements,or make people sick,and was far looking into some future....
1st:Oil,not endless and in some kind of matter,important for now...and the future,with what we,humanity build with it.
But the places to get it from,will be get more and more difficult mine it,and with that,more problems for the inveronment and so on...
2nd.Nuclear energy,the nuclear waste must get stored somewhere save,and that is some problem if u look in longterms to the future,there where several nuclear plants in the past that had litlle problems,and big problems,nobody can say
this kind of energy production ,will go right way,without probs(but hey,we need it now!)
Another prob with it,people get really sick of it,if radiation come in the habitat where people life and/or work.
3rd.Coal,To burn coal,to get energy,will always(how good the technology may or will may be)bring some polution in the air,and 2nd it's not endless.......
4rd.With the technological progress,and the investments in green energy programs in a lot of country's,i was thinking and thinking,and tryed to see a worldwide solution,that with the creations of low consumption  electronic goods,now a days,i guess,it is a solution for future-generations...or ours,because new findings go faster and faster.......thnx internet!!!(sitting here with only a pc(230W) with LEDscreen(10W),two pc-speakers(8W),and candles(no honeywax but parafine :-(.. FIRE) i use the most on a dailly basic)

Now,i read a lot of websites and googled a lot of words,for alternative solutions,and found a lot of positive things to give the human population on earth energy for the future,without much negative influence.

I'll give some links,with information,and pictures of webcaptures,to explain how i'm thinking about  their solutions, and how it interacts with my thoughts....

Now let's begin.....The production of oil and where it come from and what we do with it,and the fact it's not endless :Wikilink..,read the page well,and look good at the graphics ánd statistics,for instance this picture:,USGR what u see are basins whit oil,will the oilcompagnies have the instruments to get the oil from there without getting the same consequeses or problem they had in the Gulf Of Mexico(Deep Ocean Drilling)
Other fact!..The North and South pole are the two places on the globe,that have great influense in weatherbehavior and how the globe is turning and spinning,in this solarsystem,i guess and think,that if humanity need and trying to get his oil out of that  oil bassins( i hope they will not,because,making there such hollow "gaves" by drilling those bassins empty,will create a deep impact in future for the earth,noticed that on or by some "great" bassins that r now "sucked" dry,Like Slochteren,Groningen(Gas)Link! They have now a problem in the form of landslite,and light earthquakes.
And that litlle territory on earth,looks like nothingLink!! compared to the size of those bassins and territory on the USGR link,Slochteren is a litlle swimmingpool in the Netherlands,so if those "bassins" there are gonna be sucked dry,i guess,and smell great fuckin' deep shit for us,and the globe.(This is one of the many examples,i give,but offcouse there r more.)
It's a big problem,when thinkin'there r almost 1biljon vehicles driving on this stuff on the globe,and a lot of systems relaiy on it in dailly life,and the global financial system takes oil as a base core.
Seing  now in this millenium,car manufacturers,creating cars,driven on biogas(methane from biolandfill and out of our stinky sewer),,ethanol(till the worldpopulation is crowdy and we must eat instead of driving),electricity(u don't hear them comin' LOOK OUT(picture above!!),and
invent cars powered on hydrogen(H1) (using a basic element is not the good way to drive further to the future on earth,when u know,that's the basic core-element of this Universe,or thinking about the hindenburg or the hydrogen bomb for instance!!Mayb it's a clean energyproduct,untill some cars exploding for your home or in your garage or on a busy driveway...busy driveway,the one after the other will explode or they gonna be airborne and send to orbit,because of one,yes one explosion!!!,i'll come back to this one!)

Ok i let the "issue" oil for what it is,and go to Nuclear energy..
Ok we go back to the past,somewhere in 1900 a lot of peeps where studiïng the microscopic tiny things that make LIFE....and DEATH possible,and what humanity can do with it,called: Nuclear_physics,now,we all know how that "rocket" science is evolved in all those years,in the good,ánd the bad way.
But hey,without it,a lot of citys,people with cancer(this is paradoxial,many peolple died from cancer and other related diseases,because of this stuff,so there is really a thin line to work with it) ,and once it is started u can't stop it instantly!!!so if something goes wrong in the processes we use this science for,in a lot of cases it goes really wrong,some links(althrough i guess,and know,u can Google to),hhhmmm...i let the links,because most human know,that in the past ánd now, there r globally a lot of issue's with it.so i stop with this one and u readers got to google it by urself,point.in my eyes not an eternal source of energy,to "illuminate" a worldpopulation with,for generation after generation,to generation,and so on,also in this era,a lot of nations depends on this,as a energy source.but what r we gonna do with the waste(in a other topic in this blog,i told u what a lot of nations do with waste...Yes BURN it,instead of recycle the stuff,and this "stuff" we recycle till it has no use for us anymore,exept,it could kill "us"paradoxal isn't it?)hhhhmmm, burn it,with some kind of system....?!?!?!,with this "stuff",we got a problem,with the storage of it,the time it's staying "alive" and more issues,the only thing i can say about this,it's a good invention,if it stays for a short marked,butt if the world gonna use it,for the mass,then,yes then the world got,ow srry will get a problem in the future i think,but hey!! that's what i think,and see now .i stop with this one...understanding that it is in these days "an" option....option yes!!!there are more options to get electricity......
                                         Will u take a walk here with your kids,or without,if u see this sign?
And knowing that ur unborn kids can get these sidedeffects of it:
                                   I don't wanna play a game of DOOM on this world in the future!!

And on.....Or must be afraid to eat salad 2500KM from an disaster with this stuff,and let that green for what it is.....

-Electricity Come and Go,The Elements Will Stay,In Good Or Bad Conditions,On Microscopic Scale,And Universal Scale.-.......................................knowing these facts,has set my mind on active "mode",...with the help of internet and more information sources,in this "time" i life in,on this globe i/we life on.(more links will follow)

I go on with stuff called coal....YesYes,that black stuff,that stuff we could burn,to get it warm,just like in the "old" days:

Or we use now on a massive cq. large scale,to "wake up" our electricity "needs".
Ok,i will understand,that closed litlle community's somewhere on a desolate place on earth use it,in this time,what a lot of other community's where in their day's...litlle.........Damn!!! maybe i'm living to far in the future with my thoughts,and mind,but at the other side of it,here, where i live,the powerplants are really HOT because ánd through this material,so through that burningmethod,many peeps have electricity,day and night, without almost no brake....."in the cable"
But hey what's on with burning this stuff,to create household-electricity,and the other "things" we get,outside our "safe" home(Yeah we are no birds,who live day and night outside,even homeless people have a cartonbox or a "bridge"or a "A long warm jacket" as their save heaven cq.living space.) ,otherwise then heat or electricity:
Not really a place,where u want to go Delta-flying if u know what i mean...OW!!!...and a good link,to fall back on what i just called HOME!....with this link,the most things are already said,and shown,(good and bad conditions,healthy and sick conditions,enz,enz,enz.)but i go on with this..yeah it's begin to be a story,instead of a blog topic.hhhmmmm??:-S

What i mean,i know,a lot of industrial factory's,"need"or use coal now as a base material  to "heat" or powerup their systems,so people can buy the stuff they create.
But there r other way's to heat things .......Look at the desert........(or powerup human overthere,look how fast or how long some black colored people can run on earth,they learned that in the desert!!,that system is used by insects to,to feel the heat less of the "bloody" hot dessert sand,solar panels don't walk away!!but they can'" run" on...YES,....that H1 using/or giving "THING")(I do know,some things can't be melted,but heated or baked without a doubt,that's possible!!! through the "THING"that's heats some deserts on earth at daytime,nope no boiler overthere,to short on H2O overthere ,with the systems we have now,altrough i think i'm seiing double,that our computerchips,made of "sand " can be baked by humans...a fata- morgana perhaps??? )........THINK!...and try to search and learn from what's now,and what was in the past......

HHmmm what i think,is that it's gonna be a long way,to change the way we we life............with all our "NEEDS" we have now.....or in some other state of mind we think we need,,,,hhhhhmmmm i need coffee now!!!!short break!YeahYeahYeah...No campfire to heat water in my home,to make my coffee,but a electric device...thank "god" or better i thank PHILIPS for this one!(got a philips)otherwise i need some kind of meltingpot in my home to heat stuff,and....thinking......where do i get the material to heat that thing up.....
if i chop some trees here,i have a problem!!,if i use my neighbours dailly papers..i have a problem,so i thank my Electricity-compagny.......DAMN!!!ON YOUR FEET SOLDIER AND MAKE COFFEE NOW!!!...and help or create with other things ...later on in my days.....Fluke..what was/is PHILIPS their slogan...uuhhm..yes!! Let's make things better"COFFEE NOW!
Ok,back again,it was a long coffee break,but it tasted damn good,i'll stop typing things over the stuff called coal,the need for that material,make dirty clothes,black ugly faces,big holes in the ground,and the air poluted,and dark clouds....no nice windows computer system white clouds with green grass and a blue atmosferic background standard wallpaper......and the wind blows on,and on......

Ok 4rd. The green energy solutions,no fairytales,like ONE that says that a globe is made in 7 days,and all the creations where made 1 one day,and the weather the other day,and on Friday,Friday met Robinson Crusoe,and on Sunday that bastard that instantly created all the things,like a cup of noodles,left us helpless and fullgrown without  levy-strauss pants,but only a Leaf...A LEAF!!!!.......
So her u see those multiplied,Adam&Eve,Clones,dancing naked on otherones graves,and they have a green three,that will be their death,because they eat,the three,and make paper from it,and a fire,to grill those animals.and that fairytail is gone to.
to cover our things,and the wind blowed that stupid Tommy Godfinger underwear away,so Bjorn 3th Born human gave us his underwear,after he was done playing his game of tennis using the planets and stars as ball in the Galaxy,and i will tell it,it was him who made Maria pregnant,while Jezus was creating massive big wooden rackets,Maria had 3 Islam friends,and they made her in an artificial way virgin again,and then 9 months later,Jezus was born,and Marias friends where back on that moment to look and give gold and other things,to trade that for that Sheep,that was at the birthdayparty to,to make Kebab from it,and an all seasons bedcover,so they had it warm in the desert where they came from,while they doing there some naughty private things...With...YES with....72cloned artificial Maria virgins,Maria get an second mariage with Virgins brand owner,called Richard,and all the cloned Marias didn't came further then the Stratosfeer!!! under that all seasons bedcover,litlle strange all those story's,my guess is:if Adam and Eve where the 1st two on Earth,they must have fucked like Roger Rabbit that day's,because the leaves where blowing away constantly,till there where no leaves left,and on and on,they don't had to be ashamed for theirself ,walking naked,only she could see him in that period,yes and all those animals,like woody woodpecker,bugs bunny,and a lot of  Dodo's in that time,but hey,they had their own taste of life partner,so the don't give a fuck about those two perfectly shaped humans,because all those animals back then, had that shit already seen through GODS fiber-optic cable that brought internet at light speed to all his creations,and Google had Only Adam and Eve as search words that days,and on Google-maps all the animals easily could find the Garden Of Eden!! All the dinosaures in that time,where watching:Aliën3,in that time,in their home,together with Fred and Barny,and The Jetsons where producing,3rd Rock From The Sun In That Days.............Then Adam&Eve tasted the forbidden fruit,and that long strange animal that was named Kaa from the Junglebook,took an end of this loussy fairytale,and their only kid was raised by Wolfs,when they had the time on their Rolex watches and not had to dance with Kevin Costner....END,FIN,POINT.Back to Life,back to reality.

Go natural called "Green" energy......hhhmmmm electrons and stuff are not green,the sun has another color,biogas is colorless,water moves,and is colorless if it;s good for consumption,and the wind is blowing,solarpanels,has some black and grey tints,and some piece of brocolli.is low on kilojoules,but ok.
they have called it:GREEN ENERGY.

I THROW this topic now on this loussy blog,so u can read it,if u want,and go further another day...

Ok,Watched the movie HOME,and thought why should i go on,seriously with this shit,u peeps google by ur self for today,to make it better,so i disided to tell a fairytaile,and the shit that comes out those tales..

enjoy....Ok i go on,my mother told me to many fairytailes,before i go to sleep,when i was young.
Now i'm a mature one they say,i think,but if i see a "thing" like this:
and they told me that that hole is digged because of getting diamonds,then i mind goes~~~~~eereerythhhh~~~~and i ask myself,how that seven dwarfs could dig a hole like this,and get back to their mushroom,where a princess called Snowwhite lays dead in a box of glass,and some brothers written that story,and publiced in thousends of books,then one day some prince came,on his horse,a white one,just like Sinterklaas(also for kids,a dutch holy noob,that first came from Turkey,and then emigrate to Spain,and that man with a long beard,thought,i take thousends of black colored men,i call them all Piet,just like in the Netherlands,buy a boat,that is driven by coal,instead of let all those black men,take belts,and use their muscles to go to the Netherlands and do his business there,with all his corporate cloded black clowns,,men yes,no women,,and what do they wear.....skirts...like those morans in Scotland who throw threes 1m far,i guess,they r a bit infected by their good ol' Scotch,that they store in oakbarrels,and let it rotten for twenty,or twenty-five years,but ok,i think those poor souls that throw threes,must have thought,no scotch in it...i'll throw it away,and then what do those black faggots more,they have a row by them,and every kid that is bad,get some ass whipping shit on his/her back,but if i u you do that today to warn your child if he is not listening(on a desent way),some shitty child care bureaucratic dumpshit,stands for your door,with a lot of papers,where they treaten you with,just like a black poor addict who needs cash,or liquer,and rob a store with a gun,shouting give me your cash or alcoholic,those flukers do the same with their papers and want your kids,if u have give them on a rare moment a litlle warning.so that's what i see today in this world,those kids,will then be psychologicly examined,and turned inside out,and they will find something what in their eyes is not right,and give them treatment in the form of pills or another family(without kids..who raise your kids for a while)...WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD TODAY!!,they will find something because all those psychics,must buy diamonds from dwarfs for their wives, to get a fuck from their wifes or a blowjob,so they will say there is something wrong with ur child and declarate,a lot of money on it,and go buy Six(66) Houses and Five Cars or some else,and give their kids a car if they never have smoked a sigarette on their eighteen birthday......birthday..HHHmmpppfffGGGRRR,u can only  be born one time,so i should call it BEOLDERDAY!!!instead beiing that Prince on a white horse(because they have eaten those horses on their bread,with pepper and salt)who kiss a DEAD white female corpse,and bring it to life,again,FUCK ALL THOSE STORY'S,here listen to a nother song for your mental health CLOWN!,or watch yourself in an hollywood production called The devil's Rejects,mental illness..damn what a prob,butt ok U see yourself in the mirror fool!!!,the bitch with brown hair living in a cold fucking castle in Scotland,must have thought in her innerspace,lookin at herself,and thinking in her rotten mind,why ow why is my husband throwing threes outside,and that fresh prince from bell air on his white horse don't wanna kiss me,why is he going to that stinky hole somewhere far away on this tiny globe,and kiss a death corpse in glass.Then she came with an idea...she picked an apple Ipad with a worm in it,from here table,inject it with the Black Death virus,she had found in one of here stinky sewers,where all tortured through the game SM,unbinded corpses driven in stinky shit and all other stuff,female montly inventions,that looks like litlle red mouses and more,things.
She was clothed with scrubbed animal skin called leather and gave that Apple Ipad to her slave,not knowing that that white prinsess was already dead through radiation and blood cancer,that is why she was stored in glass...and the real deal was,those seven litlle suckers had one brow who was hooked on crack,his name was Dopey,and they need money so that's why they dig that hole,and they thought,that death corps,in glass we dump there,so that poisened Apple idea was All For Nothing,the brothers sing....no not really they just faked,because their voice was gone,through yelling each day against there youngest brother,just like the father of Micheal Jacson did against his youngest son,back in those days,..so that slave,when he finally  arrived,he was sended to Siberia,and get fucked there dailly in his ass by an potential polarbear,and the Prince of from that bubble called Bell Air,used the Bell invention and called his lawsuite fat ass miljonaire with an Iphone yes....,and told him to get the papers ready for their marriage under the protection of goody's,because hey,that sucker also wanted that Apple Ipad,when they go out of each other,a day later,from the day they where married,in a desert with Elvis Presley as their whitness...So that is real story,and that how it must told to ur kids,before they go to sleep.

p.s. The Next episode of this saga,was that all those dwarfs,yeah yeah nope not 7 anymore,  had multiplied theirself on this way:

Because they had no energy left,and where frozen because the temperature was far below zero,and Celcius,used Freddy Mercury to dig for gold,Freddy is Death now,he was sended to Africa,and tryed to put his dick in an Gorilla-ass,RIP Freddy,and the death princess became a Queen,and they throwed that big hole full of rotten Apple Ipods,Iphones,Ipads,because The Beatles where back on earth,and it was their brand,so they have to throw it in that hole,just like Chinese had to do with this shit:

Ow yes,that Lady GaGa on that Ipod also died,because of an heartattack,she worked to hard,she wanted to be the next Madonna,butt instead of that,she is really that death prinsess,who was deported to Israel in that days,in an Volkswagen Beetle

So all the people thought:Sand over it,when the hole was full with Apple products,never happen,and they all stick metal YouTubes
in that sand,and later on,they had gas,promised by GAZPROM!,because of all those rotten Apples,so the machines could work and,all the people had it nice and warm,and the cycle begun at a new startingpoint ,at the same time the methane came out,they where digging some nutrients out of that hole for the plants they could eat,but before that,they first,harvest all the mushrooms on that place,and had the nicest mental-trip and food  they ever had feeled and tasted in decades.

bye have a good time with this fairytale.

The man in the clip,has been treathed  two times with radiation,before he was cured from cancer because of radiaton,and now he's playing with barbies,without his daily skirt on.

bye and ow yes,the Wiki-Leaks owner publiced this story and became a restin' miljonaire somewhere sitting on top of the Himalaya,playing Mahjong with Boedha,instead of sitting in a glass hanging whatever, in a Swedish Atom cave,where the Pirate Bay also had to leave,a few years before, they don't like the man,with grey hair,and he died there because the oxygen level was to low there,and the locals didn't want to carry his personal climate control apps,so high!!!Ghandi putt himself on fire,because he wanted to play mahjong,with that man,and all the Indian people had it nice and warm.That was a good move of him,the Ganges is water,and no swimmingplace for rotten corpses.That man had science that days!!

Fuck that shit!!!...Where is Tom And Jerry,and Tweety,and that old lady that HOLD THE LINE!!,and is cookin'instead of surfing on a board away from hell,created by swedish branded sakerhets tandstickor matches,in the hands of a peroxide blonded Eminem........?strange isn't it!!??How it was,or can be:
 Have a nice life out here,or there.......

Damn i'm no clown typing this shit,for nothing,what i mean,is if this cable can do his job,and get energy to and from two countrys,enough to give half A'dam the electricity it consumes,and give those Norwegian peeps,who like a lot of light,and  both have a backup....then it must be possible,to lay some of those suckers on the places that are colored black on the pic below:

Hhmm,facebook,can do the trick??................all the contignents cabled,wired...
lot of bits and bytes,Energy,energy,energy
You must start somewhere don't u think,others already thought and did,but on a large scale,or must there come first a WW3 before people do somekind of heavy work just like in 1940/45and on,and on...that was not one day work,and see,all the gastransportationlines,r thousands and thousands of km long,so that shit can be done with this to!!for this generation to look at youtube dumbass movies of cats or use the pc for other purposes,and other stuff for nothing.till its over,or
the hole population need wellfare and drugs,and guns or knives,to to have/make a great fucking life for him/herself..........
To send power generated with  solar panels(google it.),that can be modulated(so if there come new and evolved ones on the market), from the sun that on some ,planted on the best sorted places somewhere in the black circel.

then i think West Africa has it's clean power in the 1st place,people there have work,and power to make that piece of earth something better, whole Europe has power from the sun there,S.A. has it's power need,from there it can go all the way to Russia and Asia,(yesyes,only when it's daylight up there)In India they can do the same trick,and all country's can back each other somehow up,Australia can give the region out there powersuply,Indonesia and so....and after decennia's of work,the could back one can back another up somehow,just the same as,Netherlands buy gas from Russia,Italy buy it from the Netherlands,and so on...
More kinds of clean cq. green energyproductionmethods can be realised instead of only virtualized.
If i think,here where i life,most of the green waste will be burned,instead of putting it in the ground these days,somewhere near a place,called Westland,Netherlands,where they grow vegetables under glass,and need a lot of gas to get it on temperature  there,and a lot of electricity to let the light on for those plants,then i think those,plants have the right to have their shit back under the ground nearby,just like ur,death family-members on a sematery,where u can go somewhile,and have something to hold on or get memorys back so.
like that plants grown there, have the same shit,and have something on it,just like leaves from a three falling near the three in wetseason when it's time for the three to get bald,and will be rotting there and all the stuff out that leaves sink in the ground,to give the three it's nutritions,to get through it's hard period in wintertime,and have the power to,let new leaves grow,next spring.Fuck that shit,i'm not dumping all my vegetable-waste in a
general garbage-disposal....when i was young my father had i tiny garden to grow some vegatables,and all the rest what was not eatable or rotten,became on one mountain,and they used that as nutrients,and the food was good,u can think big to in populated places with this kind of methods.burning vegatables,together with all the other rubbish,in my eyes,Satan can come tommorow on earth and putt the whole fucking globe on fire,instead we get baked slowly in a desert,by the sun and walking over miljons of  dryed bones,looking for fresh water,what's gone.Yes fuck that shit,don't want that.
I'm srry for my kind of language,here,maybe it's all the frustration i get from dailly moranic behavior,that i feel in my aria, that comes out,i fuckin'feel like a chinese here,standing on my head,instead of my legs,totally misunderstood,in supermarkets,where u never steel a thing,give people answers where stuff stands,and get a warning that u may not come there to buy stuff,and get some safety-loser over there,who get u by your jacket,and pulls your rightarm on your back,all because you stole nothing,that kind of shit yes!!and then they find it strange that i get a frustrated big mouth and lots of adrenaline,and want someone whose create  a situation like that,where im the underdog,do things that i'll normally never should do......mentally ill persons..
the same rules and on and on......maybe its better to live in a forrest for me and grow my own stuff in my way.and put my midlle finger up against some elements of this hospital-society.sick world!!Why u wanna have kids,these days......no it's winter now,and if it's spring it will all look beautiful...in the forrest,and in ur flowerurn.so 
its not over yet,some wild flowers out of nature,are nicer then one on a market sold in plastic,and death in a week,because of,artificial nutrients they grow on,and the next stage for those rotten flowers,are the general waste disposal.all because all the people in city's in skycrapers or flats,only have one garbagebag,instead of a windows recycle bin,where all the unwanted zeros and ones where recycled........fuck that!!
Populated big city...?!A lot of Cars?!,To many people!!,pull some stones out of the streets,and plant some threes,and in a later stage some rare threes,not like those dumbasses in newyork(srry over there,i dont mean it  that way,but 2 skycrapers down,u have only1 big park there,and planting a "holy"ALLAH building overthere instead of a young newborn park...hhhmmmm ,and more,next to that comes a GAYCLUB!!!manipulate an Guerillia war there???i see the Apaches flying in the future,and shooting HELLFIRE rockets over there,just like in GODZILLA... i've readed on the net,ground zero,is nothing worth or a lot??metropolis yeah,seen that movie,ow that's nice,in a city where tulps costs as much as water for a month,in some moslimcountry's,if they not get drowned by it,just like in Pakistan.Tulps that came from holland and shipped in a fucking Titanic that will meet a piece of Antarctica sometime,or the last thousend crazy blue whales left on the planet,mutating against their opponents,like the teenage mutant hero turtles,do the same in their sewer,lead by one single rat,Damn Rat  races here on the planet,like Chinese play with their insects,and bet on it,while other nations eat them...ow shit some chinese eat everything,yeah sure,overhere i see them eat their LAYS chips with bag and all in one crispy bite!
Bullshit u know.so now a sigarette,and if that is gone from the earth,i will eat 6-way traffic lanes,and do a reverse blowjob on cars,and suck catalysators clean,just to get my kick on route 666..

Damn in 2011,i will get furter with this,on a serious way,with serious people,or so,or else i go and lead Hans and Grietje(Dutch!! google it) through the forrest bring them on the right pad,to let them bring vegetables and Chocolate to their grandmother ,and kill all those degenerated wolfs called dogs,Yes,that litlle English Terriers to!!!,who try to eat that old lady,because they don't wanna eat human shit anymore,just like in the 16th century.I will Kill them all and give them as a wellfare present to the hungry population of  North Korea.
And that is an impuls of this time,because all the Circus on the world have already well trained dogs instead of dodos  or bleu whales and stuff,so they don't need them anymore,or else i'll try to breath them back to wolves
and they can eat the leftovers,like those litlle white bastard dogs with clothes on.stupid shit here.some of them look like white pieces of walking cotton on a belt made from animal leather,and then an iron chain on their neck,and if that cottonball don't listen,u pull that rope.thats what some old ladys do if its wintertime and that walking piece of cotton needs to piss,but it's pissingtube is defect.u know,kill that cottonball,is better that way instead of looking into those sad doggy-eyes.if you like animal sex? FUCKIT,i dont give a fuck,U R dying  day later after u fucked that sad piece of degenerated cross-breeded wolf with cotton walking piece of shit on this planet,the only thing u can do with that dog is clean your ass with,so it can lick itself instead of your mouth,and get herpes of it,those cotton cross-breeded wolfs lick their own piss from their urinetube.
Butt hey,some ladys use the stuff what's in pregnant ladys urine to get self pregnant........or try to,so if u see that sign,i don't tell it what it is,then u can penetrate your white shit in it,and another Maria is pregnant,How many people live on earth today,mem ow men,adopt an babychimp then,and play harmonica while that lowlevel human,that is almost wiped out from the planet, dancing on TIESTO,so u get some pesos.

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