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Systems for waste cq. garbagehandling

1-From the home out,however,where-ever u life(flat,house,groundfloor,appartment,skycraper,enz)whatever organisation u have(hospital,restaurant,industrial plants,whatever),i think it's it's a wordwide problem(or at least allmost,worldwide)
,in the livingspace or workspace,i guess it's the best option to handle a system where all ground materials where sorted in trashcans,or 1 trashcan with multiple compartments....
A 1 for paper,2 for plastic,3 for glass,4 for metals,5 for greenery,6 for rest(ash and filters from sigarettes,single use diapers,and just some other stuff what not can be recycled),7, maybe textile.
that's the base for a good basic system that works for a better and longer safety and healthy standard of living.

2-In every street 7 underground garbagedisposals for all the 7 kinds of sorted materials(thats about 2 parkingspaces or a few m2 grass or where-ever u life)for all city developers and and others involved with it its a 1 time longterm investment that will earn his investment back in no matter of time,together with that a lot of other positive feedback.

3-All materials could be get by firms who are specialized to sorth it,further(metal..iron,aluminium enz,paper,paper carton enz,plastic,pvc,polyethelyn ,enz.,glass,green glass,white glass,brown glass enz)(note!all bottles have plastic or iron screwdops,the most is  already sorted out by the consumers theirself(most))

4-The logistic way to take it back into the system,is much more sophisticated that way.

5-The thrash cq garbage disposals underground don't have to be emptyed each i week,because each street has it's own disposals,instead 40 or 50 streets,have to bring it to 1 disposal,placed by a shoppingmall.

6-No garbagebags(made from used plastic!!) by the garbagedisposals,because the garbage disposal is full and people need to get rid of their garbage out of their inside livingspace.

7-The environment will be much prettier to live,because locals will not have a problem to bring ,pick some garbage from their street  and put it in the disposal where its need for,same situation,from their home,max. 50m to the disposal.

8-they dont have to go to some places miles away,to dump their paper,plastic,glass,biologic leftovers,unused textile,metal......

9-Less energycost for all the dumptrucks because its better organized that way.

10-Specialized sophisticated trucks for the material that can handle and bring it back where it's needed or can be re-used.,and that is not a hole in the  earth,where u dump everything in the first place,no meltingpot to burn miljons of tons useful stuff to produce some energy,it costs a lot more energy to burn the metal made waste, instead of getting energy out of it,,plastic..almost no Kj out of it when u burn it,but a lot of poisened gasses,cq. smoke,carbon filters,enz,while all that stuff can be re-used,out of paper you can get some energy,but hey,give the forrest some rest,its all digital now,almost all,a book  became an e-book,Ads u get in  e-mail or visiting a website,dailly papers.... internet,and by the way to return it into second useable paper,that will costs a lot more energy,and a lot of water,water thats gonna be changed in dirty water.
that dirty water must be cleaned...enz,enzenz,lot of energywaste,and a lot of environmental issues,so mayb burn it,is the best option for the most of the paper.(not all,but the most),here u get every week promotional leaflets of the same company's,week in week out....a sticker on your mailbox with yes-no,don't work,they put spam leaflets between the plastic...

11-How many people on earth,living in big citys,towns,...streets who live in a house with only one gabage can??miljons and miljons,the most of that people dont sort their stuff because there is no recycle-bin to sort it,.thats the problem,change the behavior of people how they throw their garbage away in their homes,change the system with disposals in streets,the people,dont have to put their papers for their home but throw it in a disposal 50meters max from their home,no waste no wind that can blow it away,the same with plastics,iron beveragecans and more,the greenery could be re-used to produce gas and get nutritions out of it underground instead of burn it,glasshouses could get the energy from that,and have "new" natural nutrition to grow their plants.

12-Same system on ships,restaurants,everywhere,i guess this world is gonna get a much better place,the people r happyer,factorys could produce at lower costs,this system could be used on  5 of the 6 continents,and i guess it saves bilion tons of material,cubic meters of ground, enz enz enz!

13-Every city or wastehandeler his area,as big they,can handle,all the same system,and its all done,for society,for firms,for flora and fauna,no shit on the world ,because there are some..better say:a lot of places on earth  where the shit is growing higher,and higher,that will create nasty viruses or bacteria that r gonna get airborne and so on.....stupid welfare programs,collecting money,to solve the problems...while the basic behavior stays,stupid,sure lot of nice places also....

14-all streets on,yes on,not in the world build looks almost all the same,livinspace for people almost all the same,tv,fridge,kitchen,pc(only the personal decoration makes it different),internet go back to the basics,and it's one system....

15-those garbagedisposals could be hightech and modulate(to evolve them when it's needed),i mean when the whole world got internet,expecially through fiberoptics it could be the same as streetlights,electronicly with sensors,that can be watched through a layer for google maps or something.. when and where an disposal is full will be highlighted or something,crushing,scredding,pumping,heating the materials technological and mechanical through an automated proces,so the disposal can "absorb"much more materials,and the supervisor and operators control this  at home,this minimize  factory,office space on the globe,and when they r really full,  a display layer on the city map,gives a sign wastehandelers could get it.....instead of one time in a week for example,ones in the 3 weeks,mayb 4 weeks.or 2 months...done,better!

16-city's consume,so the least they could do back,is give the leftovers back sorted and well...and needed back,back into the system,in an much more sophisticated  way,then before,and yeah already written that...a better earth,better system,cleaner,low cost,automated,no desert or an "space-rock" in the future,no 2nd moon on and on.

17-when old streets with old buildings r demolised for newer,the disposals could be re-used yes also re-used for other streets,or the new street,so 1 time invest,and a miljon times the benefit.

18-Some old people,handicapt people(i think much old people will not,or could not)bring all the stuff what is good for recycling,to recycle disposals planted by a store miles far away from their home,and if they have tranny's,they will or have not the time to do that for them,if the disposals r 50m max. from the home they or neighbours could and that,less gasoline use........less!!pppfff if i see now,millions of liters spilled,because everyone personal bring all the stuff miles away with their car...stupid,municipality,where i life,places,maybe 100 new disposals in a year,all kinds of models,on places,where i think stupid,are they mentally ill or something,but no they shop with the money of other people,and are a bit loco.......there is no logic in it

I HATE DIRTH!!!LIKE (CLEAN!) ENERGY!!!!LIKE FLOWERS AND PLANTS and food!!!!!,LIKE TO INHALE GOOD AIR!!!!,LIKE TO DRINK PURE WATER(with a flavor of chrussed coffeebeans(for my vitamine b5 or 6 must check that )!!!!!!,AND LIKE TO SEE HAPPY healthy KIDS,enz,enz,enz,happy healthy other people also btw.

Damn!!!! The most wastetrucks have an hydrolic system to pressurize the way that all can be sorted at the dumpplant!!!!!almost all of the waste will be burned...what a waste......

btw.That plastic ocean ones called  The Pacific Ocean,ow,and "some" other places in the fishviver also called oceans, could be cleaned in no time...some time with deeploaders and other big ships,with nets big enough,strong enough to scrap it together and get it onboard with cranes
that dirty river in Indonesia..i thought it was in a rainforrest?could be cleaned in months instead some locals with wooden boats,trying to fish between the waste,throw it all on land there,that rubbish,and dry and sorth and re-use it,and what we couldnt see above sealevel,but what we eat,yeah fish and other sea,river,lake animals could reproduce theirself again on a normal way,kids could swim and locals could fish,and holiday peeps could enjoy the habbitat there.
India,the ganges,if cleaned,could be a real swimmingplace instead of an pool with rotten corpes in it, no damn viruses in they air and less immigration to other country's,because peeps see/have no future there,and on the same  new places,before they have an better livingplace,and can trade healthy stuff with other nations enzenzenz
A lot of places on earth have this issue,and it infects us all.
So all charity workers,charity organisations,clean the rotten places on earth 1st,then give people food,medicines,education,they need food good read internet,srry i cant explain it reall good but i have it in my mind.
All those ships of greenpeace can be better go to that stinky places in the ocean,to do their job instead of enjoying or checking the artic or so,same marine fregats who r not in active duty,go there and clean,same commercial ships who stand still,and it's done in no time,instead i have to go and watch all those fucking programs on tv,year by year.
Ey we all need fish huh? have u got a empty aquarium in ur home,or a chineserestaurant with no living mobster to eat,or a aquarium filled with fish how r laing death on the bottom and on the survace u only see dirth??and if u have that,do u like that??nope.
Same on land have u got a livingspace where ur houseplants or ur total room is full with waste paper plastic empty cans greenery and so on..think not,and if so,u r living in a garbagebag,is this world then became a gabagebag?,like to live or dying in a garagebag?and then get burned? mayb agent orange could be used in citys to see where the peeps r,mayb napalm to do the job?,or mayb to burn some places nuke it and so on,throw fosfor on the shit in the water mayb it will burn?
Damn what a waste....

Greetings..MK2010 and have a happy christmas....with ur plastic three...or real three which will be used to enjoy for a week and then its gonna be mdf,carton,or a product for a contolled open fire where we could look at,and warm our hands on because we have no recycled thermogloves on,when we look to it with the kids,some places on earth its cold when that happens,waste...waste.
..waste.....hehehhe no enjoy and have a better livingspace in the future. ..made by me and from the net via GOOGLE!! info... my model!!! explained above),in the Netherlands 30 years from now......not!!! picture and some ironic ads,the name of the site also ironic ... thrash disposals by a livingtower..all the same.....and in a flat no sorted disposal for plastic,metals,paper,greenery....or...think,make,and be happy,read my solution (next thing,read this page,compare the size they wanna protect,with the size of  Texas,(Pacific Ocean garbage place,which is two times the size of Texas(and google on.....)I go this page,because i looked on the package of coffeebeans i buy today for my secondlife beancrusher,and it's a fact,almost every one likes good coffee,even in the future... all the biological waste,in every household on the planet will be separate  then this system works good,everywhere,then we could use that energy(clean gas)for all kinds of sources and the leftovers will be good nutrients(natural)for flora and fauna..glasshouses can be build in cold places and can be some how selfeffective(lamps,heating,nutrients,no big ships sending it to those places,less trucks)No Spits bergen in the future needed to safe rare seeds maybe,sure it's an backup,but crazy that it must be. this site,and all the outside layers r made of...yes polyethyleen,recycable,and for longterm proof for underground and a diversity of where it can be used for..just one thing....hmmm miljons,cq biljons tons of that stuff will burned or put down under the ground doing nothing,hhhmmm waste,it's an oil product,and as we all know,oil isn't endless....most plastics could be used without beiing poisoned or killing inveronmental things,if it's used right and sorted the right way(google polyethyleen)
Buildings came from  the ground in no time,but put the disposals in the ground in every street that they forgot or can't?Ow btw.u can make piles of that re-used stuff.....good resonance absorbing material it,and it ain't rot underground never!.

Netherlands=+/-150 times as small as Texas,and that plastic in the pacific(thats just one ocean on this globe,then lands,then seas,but hey we can move mountains!!(of thrash) (when it's too late)) is two times the size of texas.....thats about 300 "enormous fleecejackets" to cover The Netherlands,hhhhmmmm We Dutch People don't  have a problem in the winter..........

 With skycrapers,i guess the waste is going down in thrashbags through a tube,All the way down to groundlevel,into some kind of disposal,if new build skycrapers,and if old ones,can be modified and there r 6 or 7 tubes to go down then it's all sorted and ready bring it back in the system.(ps tubes made out of recyled..yes material..hehehe :-)

I got more to say and more solutions...learned in daily life and through internet informative sites, like Wiki...uuuuhhhmmm pedia,and much more sites,not that hounted site,what's the sites name???uuuhhhmmm yes Wiki-leaks!!!!that one,got now 1000'ts of mirrors worldwide,altrough  somehow also an informative site,so u can read the shit from it on ur plastic e-reader or Ipad hehehehhe...i think i'm gonna donate  wikipedia or leaks or pedia ,information or cash,doesnt matter,they both need it to survive,otherwise no wikipedia no servers,no energy costs.hhhmmmm no solution or knowledge or...yeah u know,know u?
And all those characters here because i can not sort my thrash and put it were it'must be.SOLDIER!!!ON YOUR FEET!!!on the ground it is!!!

A Link for Wikipedia for u and for them...:  (Dutch)..

Ironic to say that i pick thrash of the street were i life ,in a radius of 200m and can't dump it all sorted in disposals placed in the street were i life in...yeah the general disposal,that's it,and it will be burned,(check flickr-link earlier in this blog)

1 inside thrashcan or 6 or 7 inside thrashcans,that's the difference to a new purified/more sophisicated global system for wastehandeling..and somehow i like windows,that system calls the thrashcan....yeah....recycle-bin..hehehe if i,or others cant use this's virtually been recycled,hhhmmm ironic paradox inspirative and more...hahaha,hmmmm

If somehow all in deserts get solarfarms.,and the whole world is connected with that,and all cold places use such system as biolandfill on a great scale in the future,then,when there is at day,sunlight in the desert that could produce energy,and when  e its night time there other halve of the globe could
produce the energy with other biolandfill or waterpower somehow,not excactly ,but in great lines it is,and the nutrients by landfill plants that r restproducts could be go to the hot places to help that ground there to let things grow again with good irrigation there....hhhmmmm and that on a hightech healthy globe,now then we could go on...future..future..future...( i will go on over this in a new tread,try to explain it somehow better,ey im not a university student but i will try to do my best,explain it in English)

The next part below is somehow a litlle philosophic but hey,try to understand it or not......
if through urbanisation,industrialising and more stuff that put the top layer of the solid earth ground closed,then the kern could not sweat his energy out to give the world his beauty on solid ground(and sea)then vulcanos over the world gonna be active(not perfectly explained but..),and if those tubes of mother earth do that then they do it mostly to get the earth in balance(and give good ground back,(that's one thing)(in a period of how many deccennia or mileniums..),if the vulcanos do that underwater,what is not the standard to do that,(underwater the magma and lava is cooled rapitly and will create tiny..or big tsunamy's) and where it's meant for(to turn the globe in the good direction)then its wrong,and if the vulcanos on iceland(not long ago)do that with full blast,i mean really full blast then i guess(iceland,night,ice,hotwater tubes also..with living organisms in that heated water) then i think contignents will go further out of each other(i dont have a sattelite to check that),possibly tsunamis(then it is a  principal of a californian wallnut,u put a knive in it,where it is the easyist way to open,and crack it's open)<<<----look google maps sattelite follow the patterns,have a nice day,i guess mother(mother...why not father or thing) earth must work hard these days to make us happy....i hope it's gonna be smarter in the common eras decennias,so don't spill waste,energy,and more,and give mother earth her chill out period!!it can be very cold and very warm,but it can  be perfect  to!!!!.......sunburned(what is not good)when the world became a desert,we and the earth get baked,then it's mirror like the moon and get hard and then the moon somehow(hard livingconditions..hehehe ask Mr Armstrong about that or nasa) to death or frozen by temps far below zero(hhhmmm permafrost over the globe and the earth holds its kern,nothing will grow and gasses will stop,and whats inside the earth will be saved,death for the most living things,after that period,life for new organisms),the solarsystem will find or create a way,to protect this living earth(which is a essential part of this solarsystem) on all can be balanced,read and think..think further and what is really essential in life for for all living things,here on earth and for earth!Breathe with me!!!Together with this earth.

Noord-Holland-AVI Burn Waste to create energy ,i guess the most is gonna be burned..
---back---5min ago just look in a plastic general-household thrashhandler on wheels(one of the 6 )here in one street),and what do i see..papers,glass,plastic.greenery,all the stuff,it goes in a wastetruck with hydrolics and all the things will pressurized together,not a nice condition to sorth it at the they burn it..waste...waste....waste,I hope this note isnt a waste of time!!!!

Will we try to recycle the globe in the future,or will we try to recycle the waste from it and of products we get now from the globe?That's one question! more,but hey maybe don't waste or burn materials or your time,or your energy,we can use,through recycling.

I was going to fast,did to much things alone and maked to many spell faults typing this topic the day i started this....hope it's better a bit better now.

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