maandag 27 december 2010

Nova Zembla (Новая Земля),Russia

Good day,this morning a voice in my skull woke me up with the words..Wakey,Wakey,no Breaky,Breaky..
As an autistic humanoid,i turn my pc on(what i do every morning for the last 5 months)was checkin' some a few sites,i have stored as favorite,then i came to this site...,a site i like to visit frequent.
The topic on top of this day was this one.
If u look at the two topics above,that one,then u see a total diference between the to,but what they have in common,is:ICE.
Damn i thought,no good day to wake up,but hey,if u have visit sites like for the weak hearted!!),then ur mind can turn that feelin'in an instance.
I have read all the info under the pictures and thought,what is wrong here...yes,again and again...also that is an autistic "piece of mind,srry, piece in my mind..
What i see,and u on those pics,looks also a like some autistic behavior of for a piece of humanity,in this time we live in....and that's growing.....somehow,everywhere,spread like a form of cancer.
For instance this picture and the info under it:
                                                       It does require a lot of money........

hhhmmmmm,what u see is what u get...Polarbeer!!!a;doesn't mean that because the polarbeer is on top of the foodchain overthere,we humanity get no problems with it.....have a nice artic fish for diner,for instance........
The total surface of that tiny island is less then 1km2......Google maps..
1 ship,some white suits,some guns(with tranqualizers or real bullits,for if it's cold there,and they need to make warm clothes.....),some storage for the 'special" garbage(also i think now it isn't so special anymore now-a-days)and some people,aand that 1km2 island is wiped clean in...what should we say...2 days/3 days, come-on,this is totally wrong,because an iceland so tiny in a(i call it fjord) by Nova Zembla,Google Maps(btw.the pics next to the sat. image,says something else),it doesn't mean ,that that iceland is "hidden" u/we/they don't have to clean it.
Especially an Island with so much history as Nova Zembla,come-on,how many marine-ships have Russia...
A lot, a good exersize,for all those marines  there,for a week or something,and clean is that island.
Read on the website that the iceland is a natural protected one,yes i see that!!!

What i say about this tiny issue is:If u used the land for a long time to make things possible for dailly life back then,clean it,to make life  possible overthere for other species that survive there,without they have to  face the consequences ,for what they/we;s about the same as an old man, giving his children an garbagedump to life on,and have to life from...OUT!.
Greenpeace???some job for u?work together with the Russian Navy for a week or something,and shoot some polarbears if they wanna attack u......

have a good day.(maybe my english isn't perfect in words,but to explain my frustration,and express myself through the most common/dominant(why not chineze,they have theirself multiplied to like rabbits )language dailly used now,but i know,u understand my thoughts,even u peeps in that fuckin'big USA of u...USSR is bigger...lalalalala,who have a hand to throw ur garbage or must i call that problems??? on otherones shoulders.

So it's time'for me  to upload your and otherones content,multiply it through the internet,fuck ur fat ladys,say bye,and sleep well,throw some bombs if i need oil,let people think,through media, that the world will be explode in 2012,and tommorow,i will check ur/and evolved through globalisation called internet, invention,if that sick 16 year young Justin Bieber can be multiplied,with his high voice,and 100ths of so called managers,FUCK YOU,sick fucks,scavengers....wallmart deathflesh hungry lookin'dailly meat in plastic watchers,or some black corporated maded shit mtv hiphopper,who became a lazy miljonair,and have 6 houses,5 cars..and 1 miljon lawsuite protect his poor cry/scream in the called intellectual property,

Tomorrow i got the corporate brand GOD on a botlle of aqua,and sell it for 1000dollars/10cc...only ur blablabla with sound can buy it then.hahahhahahahahhaahaha,ow now ur NSA,FBI,CIA,or all those three letter organisations worldwide come and kill me,FUCK OFF,and that Eminem to,leave that peroxide blonded
fucker in his own microscopic tiny bottle.

got some casettetapes here copied content,'rare stuff,how want it,they r missing pages of "evolution"...on E-bay all the money u have..and only cash,no threes here,cold, and i have a bad bloodstream,so i can make a fire,just like to throw all those entertainers just for fun in the virtual recycle-bin of this out of date windowsXPhome edition,and yes i really throw them 1000ts of time in the recycle-bin...Justin Bieber first,and then all those phedophilic shit on him.FUCK THAT!!!!

----In words i can express myself exellent..on this lousy shitty blog i look like a mentally ill person who needs a big dig in his ass from that Dr. Phil creation overthere,fuck of with tyhat so called intellectual property,if u read it,Comic isn't it....have a good day there...a bald man with a moustache who just look like The Brain,from pinky and the brain...and get a whole studio full of "Zombies" following that sucker that try to look as the new messias,butt in the maintime,calculating his numbers on his bankaccount,And that is what we see can on a device called.........Television(Far Looking...if i see that rubbish i don't want to look far).....damn that piece of shit is a dinosaur,greedy,psuedo intellectual ,hungry and will get blowed away by a meteorite,so peeps never have to hear or see that nothing,that will create tragedy  in someones mind,all because that shit is comin'through our neutrons in our short term/longterm memory device.fuck that!!!

RIP.DR.Phil for now,when u go,i don't know,but in my brain u r already dead,u piece of wasting energy....
His last words...:Yes it can be frozen and it can be melted,he said to his wife!!!,Freeze his bankaccount,and give it really to the one who can do good things with that fairytale,instead of this bald insect,who is screaming to get some attention on camera,against a indoctrinated person...

Hhhmmm it started by some pics taken on Nova Zembla...and ends by a human called Dr.Phill,i wanna see that sucker carry nuclear waste from that rock!!!.On live-television!!!!Broadcast That!!!and let Oprah Winfrey swim with the local sea-live there,and Jerry Springer trying to though some big boobs of a pregnant female polarbear....Yes then we could laugh in harmony seiing a fight,and that Dr.Phil will be his surrogate bodyguard,and come between them,and will be eaten alive.

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