dinsdag 21 december 2010

My parents their cat died through a injection...it was her time...grrr

3 days ago my parents their cat,came on her lifes end....i'm in tears....when that cat was young i bring it to my parents,in wintertime.
That was 17 years ago,walking over the streets,with a young kitten without throusers or something,yeah crazy...why??don't know.but for now.R.I.P.cat.
I give here the name Chippy..but my mum called here Floppy,she listen to both.
She was sick so she get an injection,the only thing i don't like,is that she's gonna be burned,instead of burried under the ground,yeah it's freezing here so the ground is hard,my mum wanted that she get burried in the garden of her,but...i was not there on the moment,if so i dig the hole,but it's to late...bye cat...

Some pics from her last days:
The whole day begging for food...with one bloody eye..

skinny with big head

Bye Chippy...I.M.

p.s. And then thinkin'that my dad in his early days,take some young wild kittenss from the street near his home and put them in a jute bag and slam them against a wall to death,yeah it was a plague those days.wild cats..bloody ironic.....

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