zaterdag 18 december 2010

Some better system for content online in the future when the whole world is connected through fiber

1-1 big datacenter for them all,and a off-line back-up offcourse..u never know
1-translator for all languages on earth-through a online translator... which is proven perfect(less time,less costs)
1-streaming..3 or 4 future mayb holographic on the fly in ur home or whereever u are on earth or space,hahaha lol
1-the option to choose ur translation on the portal-site
1-Open for everyone on earth....future......
1-A good system to look for free(evaluate the movie)...or for a litlle amount....through streaming(this for the costs of making the movie and hardware and on......and if u wanna download it...why will u when there is such system??
1-free divx watching-dvd at almost no costs-HD yeah it all costs,so pay a bit..and 3D be a member or so.....later on it will all be free i think or guess in some kind of way,and there will be other transactionsystems for it..
1-less energy waste,more plesure,and on
1-And hey it's also always nice to go with kids or family ones in a while to the theaters,where they come 1st,and a month later on the net in high quality,
1-All the movies from the past,and the future on in two datacenter,not in the same building or cave offcourse,to protect the shit
1-Also with books the same
1-Music the same
1-And on and on.....

note: I was lookin for some rare music on a site that streams for free,with miljons of songs,a huge database,GROOVESHARK,and what i saw was this,the database had multiple files with the same artist,same song.only a lot of divert albums,all those collection albums,in that database,made it that the database is unneccesary fulll, with double of the same,then i wanted to upload some local music,
frome the city i came from,because it wasn't on grooveshark,i had it,much probs to download(waiting time,premium for fast download and on...,and that for downloading something and putt it on grooveshark(freelisting,mobile,old songs easy to find,enz)then i going to look further on the net for other things,and i found out that it was difficult to get what i want,for listening,and uploading to that side
so everyone could listen it,in what country he is,without downloading,without to have take it with u,so u could go on vacation,work on a different place on earth,and get the music u want,easy,good and no props.
So further i was looking for another old band on the net,and found thousands and thousends of sides who had it...only downloading,or not in ur country aviable,or paid with secet passwords,all that anoing shit....
Damn what a waste of energy,if there was one huge database on earth(two is better for a backup..)with all there is and listen for free whereever u r,that could save miljons..biljons of...of what...think about that,all songs,all countrys,all kinds of music,no shit.and now i only talk about music,it could be free to listen,or ..njeg...bah,yeah kernkraft cole and oil do the job..u think,and a fucking Ipod in ur travelbak and its ok costs and costs and costs.....hell the site is not perfect but...i mean with different options of digital musicstandards like mp3 in his best kbps,or ogg or flac,or wav.but hey the most comon used standard comes from frowenhover(did i spell it good)so i be pleased wit that,no fucking great serverbase for the contant,all the music,and all the systems will play it..think about that!!for now its ok that therre r several sites where u could get the putt it in one huge database which is accecable from over the hole globe....for free!!!
then if u have some older parents who r digibetic and they got internet,then,yes then they could here some old music from their time without to have looking for it..thats great
and a direct hyperlink to the bioghraph of the maker,cq makers,think about it when u r old and life somewhere else and instandly u can find the music that will come into ur brain...!!!hhhhhmmmm...
Then futher,people download ogg and want mp3,must convert it,then it became flag,and then wave,and u need a converter,and more of it,peeps download it from whatever,their download option is,from which of the thousends servers,or it isn't nowhere on the net,or it is but u can't find it,hell,then someone has it on his ssd,memeorystick,harddisk,whatever...and he's the only one,and then,,he dies and it is gone,the same with cassettes,cd's,lp,ep...damn what a shit,waste of time and waste of energy.....grrrr.  .......try ur countryname in the search-tab,or ur fav music,or a song in ur mind...where-ever u are,and enjoy or search that song and upload it in mp3,for the other souls who seached for that to ,whitout finding it.

Now something like this:  with wifi and bleutooth,without operating system,one homeserver with a system,like win7 or so where  every acount can log in without switching,from one account to another,and every family or group member,could work,game,watch,listen in his own room and do their thing with a led or 3D led screen,ey saving energy is a thing that will come in the future..
and it's more sophisticated,simple and easy. hehehe have fun  damn i'll be downloading from links from blogs,torrents,usenet,rapidshare and on, to get rare or old music,what is not in the database from grooveshark,and uploading it there,so all that down and uploading isn't neccasery nemore,and a lot of peeps could listen it fore some rare albums from torrents,and there ws only one seeder and 1 peer,now it stands on Grooveshark and instantly everybody can listen or enjoy it....BETTER!!!hehehehe
from flac to mp3,from ape to mp3 Lossless and on,damn...
Then all that accounts,one 10 euros or dollars a month,the other 29,- dollars a month,and that from uploaders,gggrrr hate that,or 1 free download,like ur behind a 56k6 modem,that's shitty...

Butt hey there is to much music and content on they internet to do this shit sometimes i upload some whats not on Grooveshark,to make their database more everybody can listen for free without downloading or buy a song........yeahyeahyeah,why,with mobile internet,pc's everywhere...ow yes for ur iPod or so,and their monthly costs,whatever their monthly costs are,they got tracks on their site 1 song..sometimes 80 or 100 times in their database on their servers,that's not right,that's a waste of energy,and a waste of databasespace on their hardware.
But hey,mayb in the future they have a prog to filter all that.......

p.s. All my content i bought in shops,already on the net,i dumped  my cd's in the plastic recycle disposal,so they  can make other stuff from it

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