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Copyright Protectors...Like GEMA,BAF,BREIN,RIAA..and so on..

A new year,new chances,and an topic,from a German News-site from 28DEc,2010.
THE LOCAL.....Damn locals!!
So a copyright-bureau send bills and warnings,to kindergartens,because kids sing songs/LYRICS that are copied
on a piece of death wood.Strange isn't it,that they must pay for singing songs,that are multiplied with an old Xerox on paper,the school has to buy,same with the paper,they must sing the songs with their own voice,instead of all those copyright garddogs,barking it for them,together in their classrooms,i guess babys have to give their mama's and papa's,money to,when the are sayin' their first words:Mama...Papa....or mum or dad....
                                                                 so that's what u get parents
Just like a crowd go to a concert,and sing in Harmony with the artist,then they first pay for the concert,and when they sing along  with the entertainer...i guess they must pay again.
Or a crowdy Japanese Karaokebar,people there cover/or trying so some songs/lyrics,and have a good time with their frieds after a hard day of labour,must pay for what they see and sing ,on their digital screen........

Now i know why Taylor Swift called this song:
and all u teenage kids,don't cover or sing along with her!!Because then u have to pay,and you can give your weekly pocket money to the peeps that protect copyrighted songs!!!

MINE..... i really want to know,which person was the 1st that copyrighted  that word.

And every poor soul who go to church on this day,and sing those old songs,that came right out that old miljons of time multiplied book..pay to GOD!!! when u sing a song there,,,hmmmm i do know the priests iare collecting coins and papers,when u sitting there and listen and sing together...so in fact i guess the priest,has two jobs,1.to protect copyrighted songs,by collecting money from each poor soul that sing AVE MARIA in a cold church,and bring the money to GOD,on a wooden hard bad for ur bud sitting device,and all those young altarboys  that sing for them........

must pay those priests with their natural resources,and all that because,their weekly pocket money,they get from their parents,are gone in the pockets or bankaccounts of some copyrightprotection organisations.....

Depressive huh...,don't sing kids,cry,cry,CRY......count,all the songs from all the artists,that named their songs: CRY!!!!

bye have a nice day.

this blog is copyrighted under the law of free speech,u may read it,but not read out loud!! when u read it!! @2011

All u guys and girls,u with a fast internet connection,u have to download,almost everything,lyrics,mp3,ebooks,divx,dvd files,games,cracks,system-updates,and when finished downloading that stuff,immidiatly use the recycle-bin,to get rid of the shit,so ur 2TB HDD stay's clean,buy an old Amiga or Atari,program new kernels and so,try to blend ur Dell Alienware,With a Blender bought through some loussy television broadcasting store called:TELL HELL or something,and have  your dailly amount of vitality shakes!!Go out ur dick shaking bunker,called your sleeping room,go to the forrest and make a threehouse,meet Jane there while you trying to be an ape/flac/mp3/wav/monkey,go to the BIG APPLE,and pay 0,99dollarcents,for a song, while you hanging on streetlights there,in ur underpants,and go to the local university try to learn something there,and have great partys/orgies with ur fellow students and Bachus,when finished using ropes to get from three to three,grap an electricity cable there,and try to get to that other Jane that lives in that other buildingblock skycraper,that u watch secretly with ur spycams or lookinglasses,and then carmen electra,finished her job,and u r baked just like a piece of dead animal out of a George Forreman Grill.

Or sign a paper with a CROSS,because ur never had basic education,together with all your warheadmates ,out of the hands of your local BIG BROTHER AKA UNCLE SAM,get a "job" in the Pentagon Building,and play on ur Playstation2,that don't eat UPDATES anymore,so that clustered for defence or offence mathemathic used playstations overthere,will do their jobs again,where the where enginered for in the first place,play games on a screen with your two hands,holding a shaky 12 button controller,where u get some of the same symtoms from just like u get with the disease called Parkingson ,so that's why the Warheads clustered those playingdevices together,and stick those controllers in their asses,because the basic function is left unused,and that my friends,that are their Drilling Instructors,Major Tom,was the first uneducated who signed with a cross,all because of the cotton  industry where mechanized that days,and North And South was ended,Patrick died because the cotton didn't do his job wel on the sigarette,and the Rebels lost the batlle,that was taken on American ground,so that's why they played the shit on in Space.in 2050,when 30 miljon ISS-clones(where they all tried to grow beans) overpopulate the orbit.and the DEATH STAR,that was 1st a peace loving sign from humans,tryed to kill them all overthere,because Elvis has left that building,and Aliens hired that building,to take over world domination.

Have a nice day.,and that boy in the fairytale,named Jan wanted to collect all the,gold that the satellites have onboard,to give it to his poor mother,who only had some land,and some holy beans.....and came in an unpredictable hostile inveronment,where he had to fight,to get the gold,and run as hell away from Sleeping Sattelites........never goes to that naughty priest again,who wanted his tiny dick and gold....

bye have  nice days,this year,and don't fight,or behead(wanted to link a picture,of one,but don't do that) humans or some other naughty shit.

And this out of my scrambled mixed up mind on a :

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