vrijdag 7 januari 2011


If my mum or dad  die(go down),then it's their wish,how they want to their message),i respect that,even if i got my own thoughts about it,and some church organisations....have their own autistic behavior to get rid of death body's,
That's why i typing this shit here,and will give it on a piece of death wood paper,to someone...
When i'm death give my shitty death body to the world back,no big stone but a tiny one..made out of my mothers stone...Fuck that...yes with a middle finger,where birth and death date stands,to give that to my children,so they can watch to that,and have sweet memories.....
it will be a dessert with a lot of underground parasittes and greenery waste...or somewhere in the wood,between threes...where i will be burried.never in a pollised death box made out of threes.and my death corpse in a balsemed with chemical shit.....
In the woods in my local neighbourhood where i die on that moment where i live....no live polis...nothing...just like DELL no midlle earth persons between that piece of crap.
Fuck that...really somewhere between threes and plants,and my son may burry me,and digg the hole.
Ove!!!!.Put his own music on,no church,no other piece of commercial holy crap...done.!
and a tiny 10 by 10 cm smily man with middlefingermade out of my mums tombstone,with the words...Fuck Off,and birth and death date on that midllefinger date. Done!!for my kids(2 or 3) of that things,so they r not fighting for it,when i'm a rotten corpse 8 foot deep between threes.or in a desert.
And yes.........i don't abuse,and will not let myself be abused..........make it here,or make it in the woods,cry when i see destruction,smile when i see life,happy when it's good,down when it's bad,ow life is hard...before ur death beloved familymember will be burried,i'll cut it in pieces and give the meat to dogs,or when someone  stucks between the stearingwheel and seat,i will piss on it,put a snake in the gasolinetank suck on it,and let the fuel flow over ur body,and make a fire,heating my hands,and wish u well,polish my teeth i dont have,and go to sleep.and when u r burning to death i'll make ur lovely partner pregnant...ai is that life or not??In ur stinky rotten brain yes...because u hate....and r no good.........LULZ.

But hey that's later on huh.......
                                  This one,handmade by someone who's good at that,for my kids!!!
                                                            my last wish,shitty fuckers!!!
                                                              Respect that last one!!!

With on the backside of it:In Dutch or English:Smile When U Take A Look at The Front,Look Back If U Want To Remember!

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