woensdag 5 januari 2011


Today..Yesterday,in Tokio 1 big Tuna is sold at the cost of!!!!300.000 Euro's....with a weight of 342 kilo's,
they make thin slices out of that animal,and sell one slice for 30 Euro's.
Hell if you do that with a pig in Germany with the same weight,cut/laser that animal in thin slices,and sell that for the same price...i think,nobody overthere will eat pigmeat anymore,(read another topic here Aldi,and u know it's true what i say)....
Then,if u buy here the same flesh from a tuna presurized in a can,then u pay 0.49 eurocents for150 gram of that deathfishmeat,same flesh,same fish,and u have more.......the ocean less,but hey,maybe the fish could swim in ur stomic acid.
so let's see:
10x150gram=1,5 kilo=4,90 euro
x10=15kilo=49 euro
x10=150kilo=490 Euro
x2.5=375kilo=1225 Euro...........How many of those sea animals are stored in cans..
x10=12.250 Euro=10 Tuna of the same weight
x10=122.500 Euro=100 Tuna of the same weight
x2.3=almost 300.000 Euro=230 Tuna.......HHmmmm i don't buy those canned tuna anymore,
The Japanese don't kill that spiecies,those canning fishfactory's on the ocean do,so buy fresh fish on the market,taste better,u give more money,so the dealers and fishermans can control the population....
Ey!!.......strange isn't it,better everyone rich and eat thin slices,instead of everyone poor,and eat the world!!!
so that's what i call bussiness,i guess,the 1 piece of rice will sold there for 5 Euro's
slice that rice into thin parts,and hey!!!everybody rich,everybody food,and u can ship it from
India to tokio through a botlle,like a letter in a botlle,so one poor lonely soul at the beach overthere,find that botlle and can become a millionaire over there.,because later in the future u can only grap botlles and canned tuna and plastic fishingnets,and other shit out of the ocean.
So Cristina Aguilera is not a genie in a botlle,the piece of rice is,and i'm...
Man ow Man....300.000 Euros 1 fish!!! i believe it wil taste good,but 30,-Euros for one slice,will not do the job to let stop my stomic screaming like a pig.

If u read,that that fish is almost wiped out from the ocean...or the last are hiding somewhere in that swimmingpool...then the best thing u can do is buy pallets of that canned tuna here,keep it,and wait and sell when all tuna is consumed,and shitted out,for 10.000euros a can.......no that's something huh??
Or all the Japanese,will do the same they do with koi-karpers,and only look at them,feed them well,while they swim in a pool,
and they will life long and in happiness...........
Other example,somewhere else on the globe...The Victoria"pool" with victoriabaars,that fish has almost eaten all thecichliden,so here in Western Europe that fish come in glass boxes with water,so people can look at it,
And there,the locals has to feed the Victoriabaars,withfor them unnatural food,to let them multiplied,for selling and trading with Europe,and the need to eat overthere....so that big lake,is a swimmingpool for those only 1 kind fish,just like humans here:
and u have to feed them with rice or worms,and after that,u can take a crawler and harvest the swimmingpool,to can them all!!and ship them to Europe,Russia,and the USA.
but!!p.s. don't forgot to take all that plastic out of the water to,otherwise,there will be no next generation life there,and the water will go to the drain to empty the pool,just the same as the Victoria lake...........
what they do now there,ones in a while they fight there,in Angola,Kenia and that other country,and all the death corpses they throw in that lake,so the only fish that swims there can eat,just like some floating corpses in the Ganges where mutant animals eat tall the garbage there .........ironic isn't it?

or u can try to let Talipa grow in an desert in California....HHHHMMMMMM strange??a fish that eat shit from another fish,look at it,and when they are fully grown,sell them to all those Hollywood actors,for 30 Dollars a slice....... fucking strange world...the bears in Alaska shot to death,the wild salmon,never go there,they go to Scotland or Norway,right to the there growing rooms,will be feed by scottish skirt wearing man,and will be sold in thin slices......what is going on here???
On the market overhere the whole year,a sign on the fishcar says:New Dutch Haring...the whole year........year in year out!!!!!!!!!day in day out....schools.....haring...........can't be,miljons of haring paring each day, day in day out,synchronised in a school....to get new fullgrown.... that fish is not new,it swims (Trying to swim) here in the Northsea longer then the people life on the land,in schools to be some kind of functional for that sea,hell they fight and fuck for their life in this piece of earth pool...and  fight for ours...????strange huh...?if u read this and look at the picture of that swimmingpool......

1 ton of Wasabi in the ocean instead of plastic and u have ur global sushibar,on ur boat,enjoiing the sun,and find botlles filled with rice,drink ur sake,and pull some of that oceanleaves out from the seabedding,and eat well.
Ow and yes here we get a big ship with 5 Somalian people on shore in Rotterdam,and they can't be sliced,because they are to thin,so what's up it this strange behaviour on this globe??

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