woensdag 5 januari 2011

Christmas threes...

Today here the already death Cristmas threes,where all those family's grap their commercial presents under from,on those two christmas days,will be mountains high,and will be burned,one,two weeks without roots,the needles in socks, and then burned,i'm gonna smoke a big sigarette today.
Stupid morans,bying threes without roots,cheer them up with lights,and glass,presents under it,and two days listening to white christmas or so,yeah sure,10.000 kilos of coke from Colombia,or fucking artifisial snow to make ur Christmas White...and then away with that no needle three,no cup of thee from the needles no,smelly socks with needles hanging somewhere,so that fatass rednose can put more presents in....
Why can't there be sell only threes with roots,so they can life further after that stinky 2days somehow holy fairrytale party,human like to do,no every year,some area need to be filled with new threes,furtalized(artificial)
only because it's easyer to harvest on a big scale,instead of dig them out,lazy SOAB!!!
Walked today to somewhere.....so 4 of those threes without boots...ow roots srry,holding itself on streetlights...
5 fucking red things in it to cheer the area up,while that piece of life will fall down without his boots...ow roots....ow no suckin fuckin tywraps...just like that drunk alcoholic...Yes!!!(have fun)
man..manman......go to the forrest,put ur children on fire,give the threes ledlights,and fuck ur wife,the kids are not yours,if the mountain not comes to Mohamed,all the biljon Mohameds will come to that mountain,Just like all those black piets(sinterklaas)go to children stapled in skycrapers,showed from  windows through Micheal Jacksons,or fall down ,that other guy...thats why he is addicted to heroine...u know who huh...next time a MOAB on that mountain of death threes!!!,i think the threes will walk in the future,just like in the LOTR and demolise hollywood,and go to the desert,to get a glimp of light.
And those plastic threes can be use year after year,time after time..........again that shitty oneliner...ironic isn't it?while looking for life,porn,or money in ur car......in a place that looks like North Korea......hahahahahha!!!

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