dinsdag 1 november 2011

Fukushima Water....

Today i saw and read a Tiny Toon  story about the health of seawater in and around FUCK U SHIMA!
there was a fall out, deuterium contianed heavy water streams in the big Pacific,all those tiny nuclear parts,will be spread over the whole ocean by a litltle stream there,so the SHIT is spread overthere.
It can only be that radio-activity in that part of the big world seas is as much as it is here by the North Atlantic Ocean,yeah the radio active particles spread in sea,just as live does in the world oceans,here the vid-->

What,s going on on this globe....?! every time a nucleair facility gets a melt down and because of that an radio active Fall Out,the human citizens will be more psychic because of radio activity in the air and the water,and where the fall out is,there get people sick,the rest will be spread by the streams,of  the ocean,wind,air,so
psychiaters fuck of with ur pills and explanations of how some one is,only the time,momentum,and weatherconditions are important,let that sucker eat some grown vegatables around FUCK U SHIMA,and he gets radio active,the ground will be active there because no stream to spread it HUH!

have a nice day and dream on.

Ow yes p.s. They had to be,before meltdown and fall out,let that power plant dive into the ocean,no almost no risk,spreaded radio activity in an order it can do no harm on land,and cooled down in an flash of water,but no,the money and the electricity needs huh!
Now they r in deep shit,i wouldn't go there without a space suite and eat nothing from that area,that area is gonna be a heavy industry area.nothing less,nothing more.

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