dinsdag 29 november 2011

Desertec Foundation/Green Energy

Hello there again as usual.

I was reading this morning some articles on the Desertec Home Page,
and was glad and happy to see plans are starting well with this mega project.
A 500Mw grid starting to build in Morocco,Egypte has a solar grid over-there running
150Mw grid,it's really the future for our electronic goodies to run on.
I hope it's gonna be a snowball effect in the regions all there,and more firms,lands join the projects

But that's one,over-there night falls also,and then the grids don't produce power,butt
that's how i think,on the other side of the globe,they have a lot of hydropower,if all connected,we humanity
are be able to go green all the way,and get rid of polution.
Here another topic i read a few days ago,scientists in the US of the University of Stanford,has invented some sort of electrode build with nano technology that can store power on a large scale,it's in an early stadium butt,it's an invention what we globally can use in combination with these mega projects,here the link-->
(it's in Dutch,so u have to translate it,or Google the topic)
Me personal hold myself now a days busy with a sketch i made several months ago.
a sketch of an Mag-Lev windturbine here:

It's a simple sketch and must work it out,technically ISO 9002 drawing,it's sort some kind of principal of an inside out electro motor,but now to create energy by rotation,instead of using energy to let things rotate ,where the copper winded spill stands still,and a hollow bus with magnetic plates in it,and perfectly designed blades are rotating,whatever the wind direction is!
butt it's a difficult one, because such turbine must work with all wind directions to create power by itself,through wind,also if there is almost no wind,and blow away the standard windturbines,if this one can hold it longer and give us more power out of one turbine,instead of several produce the same amount of energy, in the near future.
When finished the ISO drawing,i'll give,made,putt it on the net,and show it to engineers who work on dailly base in this industry.

Stay Tuned,this topic i'll complete further with some ideas i have,together with info,ideas,pictures and sketches.


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