maandag 21 november 2011

Google Street View.....

Ey got a good idea for Google street-view!
Because i read THIS topic on the site,and in a flash i thought about an issue for Google streetview.
When a street is under construction,the car can't come there,but they need it to complete the street-view map in that period to update their street-view map,or the narrow streets,in city's  when on vacation and walkin' with ur mobile u can find it directly.
I took a look at this site also-->rare street-view pics

What if a car can't take pictures because those nice streets r to small,like in Amsterdam for instance,or they have to work on a street on the moment the firm drive around for updates?

Here u have: The Google street-view cap!-->

Now that's the shit huh? takin'360 degrees pictures while walking in narrow streets and other places the cars can't come!

Valencia,Spain,there r narrow streets with shops and on,
people want to visit on their holiday....

Have a nice day there,new brave world is comin'
for us all!


enjoy life!bye 4 2day.

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