woensdag 30 november 2011


Hello,this issue came back in my mind today,and i'm gonna explain what's going on,or let i say how such Halo
arises probably.
Here the "Halo" or must i call it an Aureole......

Ok let i begin,it's "just" an gap in the force field of the atmospheric layers,created through multiple "things"!
Above some other parts of the globe,this strange weather behavior is also noticed,above Mexico for instance.
Probably the moon has to do with it,otherwise but that is in my eyes no option,the one of the two nearest two planets from Earth,Mars and Venus!and that togeter with those holes in the ground.
This together with the massive big holes in the ground, on several parts of the globe create probably these signs,that can became a real threatening for life!and i'm sure these two things have to do with it.
The holes are the problems,and not the moon or the planets!!!!
Here the hole in Russia that i have in mind!(Russia because that "Halo" above was noticed above Russian ground.
Now the pit or hole i mean-->

The reality already is written on the picture.!
This creates the issue in the force field!
The solution,i have in mind is this,now the pit is out of use:Put it full with all the scrap metal they have in Russia,and that is a lot,if u take a look at this site:http://englishrussia.com/.
Take all the crap with trains to that place,and after filled it,with that,putt it full with earth and sand,so the
mine is closed,and the earth surface there is glad.
Then that dangerous weather sign i think will not came back,otherwise is my prediction,that some meteorite will invade and explode on Russian ground one day there,or/and the other parts of Earth where we created those holes as humanity,and we all know,what happen then,or what can be happen on Earth!
Extinction of a great part of life or all mammal on the ground(no not the mammals in the ocean),with more power then several atomic bombs,it's how big the meteorite will be.
I have one or two in mind,butt i'm really not sure of it,also i have to say,that it is a logic next step,that it will be one of those two.

I have given a possible solution for it,so i don't have to say which of the two meteorites will penetrate the earths layers and create some kind of these catastrophic disaster for us all.

This solution, i suggest to do that,fill those holes as quickly as possible,on all the places where these Halo's are noticed.(search the net,and also you-tube).

And now the i say bye there/here/everywhere!


In 2061 Halley will come by!!!So 50 years to go maybe.... i say!
The other is the core of Betelgeuse maybe!(this big Sun look-a-like is on it's way to implode or explode...so!!!Google for info over it!)
When implode,the core of it will go away from earth,when explode,the core of it will come this way!!!

If i'm dead,i like to have/give this earth to the the offspring,together with all the nice inventions we created,otherwise we u me,have done everything for nothing!

Have a nice responsible life u all!  

these thoughts together with all the manipulating shit that's comin'on my way these days,made me that i'll like to kill it instantly!but i don't and i never will do that,because.......yeah think about that!!!it's a philosophic one!We need work power,and they r made fysically the same as me!So if i kill them,i got no respect for myself in a order,butt if they keep on doing that,we better get rid of those from this planet!So sometimes exceptions in it's order,can fuck the hell away,in  my principals of life!

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