zondag 20 november 2011


how it's made now(backyard garden)

Thought by myself,let i show some pics of "my" middle age apartment,it's renovated and we/they bring it back in old style like it was in  1600(Western Jesus telling story)
Here some pics(btw. this topic because of the one before this one)

How it was in the old days

And how it was in 2008

The inside is now under construction,and u can come and visit it,28 euros a day pp incl.
And if u want some more luxury,u can come to my headquarters-->

Castle Marquette

Yeah in this castle i had a very important Norman from the U.S.one time on a visit,yes yes u can land here with ur heli.
The rest of the time it's just a castle where normal regular persons come now.

hhhmmmmm this topic because of the other before.

p.s. i will upload the inside of "my"apartment when finished in this topic.

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