zondag 20 november 2011


Howdy here there everywhere.

Yesterday i get this for eyes-->EVIL SHIT(warning no nice vid)
Saw a little kid shot to death by a bullit in the head,together with more peeps there in Syria
a rain of bullets from a building too the humans on the street,probably government soldiers who did that..
Now we all know,that a dictator who is doing such things can't  go on with that,so i think international community will end this together with the internet community.........
I had to leave a tear sawing a man there walking with that child,and get mad the same time,what is wrong with dictators trying on an controversial way stomp down some intern rumor.
In my mind i had immidiatly...the France have it right,there must come an blue helmet intervention to stop this cruelty.
I know what's going on there in Syria,terrorists(Hezbollah),different streams of believe,poor,and some citizens demonstrating,that man trying to rule the nation of Syria while he's stirring in deep shit at the same time,and a little kid on the streets is the victim.......damn international weapon deals(Russia,China...and more)does not have to go wrong,only if the leaders of a nation keeps there head with it,in this case use the military together with the weapons as def-fence for an attack from another country,and further only to train.
What i think this sitting president Assad and his friends are monsters and let "their" soldiers train on harmless people,like on that YouTube-link.
I really hope there is coming an intervention now,to stop that cruelty and let that Assad dissapear from his seat ow wait from this planet.put another there who is right from heart for it's people he have to lead,this man and friends are not stomping some demonstrations down in a way like this.....i guess if u show the movie on Syrian Television the population will hang him high,like Iran do with his citizens when they stole something,or when they say they r gay.
Damn that Assad looks gay also.only a bad gay.
Middle east and Middle ages it's all the same,i guess in the presidential palace there the basements have these kind of appz-->

That's direct the fact they call their fuckers martyrs there,time to go to there otherwise bomb the shit,with precision bombing......the good not,the bad and the ugly HELL YEAH!

have a nice day huh!

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