woensdag 23 november 2011


Hello there today.
Today i wanted to check my iq,it's been a while i did that,and i can suggest everybody do that ones in a while,it keeps your mind sharp!
Today i had an iq of 122,ey i'm high gifted!!

Did the mensa test also,and there came out,that i belong by the upper two percent of human beings 
with a very high gifted iq.....hhmmm i do not let myself,taken away my goodness anymore,and nothing good came out.

hhhhmmmmm,it's low i think back now.
Two years ago,i did this test in an mental institute,and i reached a score of.....damn i'm great....162!!
Gonna go to that score again,i know how to reach a score like that,and what u have to do for it.......a lot.

Hehehe,but that's my secret,and i ain't gonna tell u 4 now.

Test urself weekly is good to keep ur mind sharp,and get smarter or stay smart!!

Do it u know,together with ur EQ that will show ur a real human with feelings.

bye there,laterz.


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