dinsdag 22 november 2011

Earth 2010 sinkholes

Hello there,if anyone read this blog.

I was thinking back about a picture from The Boston Globe i placed on in a topic on this blog,in 2010,
and it came back in my mind today.
This picture-->
Called a sinkhole.

This is the case!:
This hole is not for nothing on earth,it's for the core of it,they say its 60 meters deep,but i know it goes deeper without being there.
I guess and probably know that,there will be a split point where smaller holes goes deeper.
Look at the perfect shape like a circle,what could have made that,there in Guatemala-City.....i think i know but that's something else.
I know there is an underground river there also.
What i mean to say is this:If i had the power there,or on earth to change the situation,i let the community of the world dig rivers to that hole,from sea to that gigantic sinkhole,let it fill with seawater,and when full close it with
with some kind of giant cork,yes i think logic about how the earth works.

So i hope with this story/explanation i give some readers wisdom here/there  what they need to do about it,to let it not happen again.

p.s. there are more sinkholes in this world,same situation,they must be filled with h2o,and rain alone can't do the job,so demolish some buildings there,and dig 2 rivers to those holes,for Planet earth peeps,the core needs it to cool down.

simple sketch of where the rivers the best can made
(Yeah i'm lookin' at the globe lines)

Otherwise my prediction is that some places on the globe,will be like an Swiss cheese in future,and the core will overheat with what we all know,what happen then,just the same as an nuclear reactor,only biljons of times stronger..........
Hope some people will or can do something with this information.
Hell i'm trying to save the world,and i'm defensive against disasters the whole population will know in future,and not in a nice way!

bye for today,hope i said enough about this issue.

p.s. srry for my grammar,i'll work on it.

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