vrijdag 28 oktober 2011

Re Disposals

Today i took my bike and go to "my" castle,and took some pictures 2 pictures r important,this because good ideas must be spread..here!-->
Castle Assumburg(click)
and here the good ideas:

Ow i keep it by one picture,if those disposals come to the places where they needed the most,we could re-use "thrash",a color code on it maybe a smiley and dump it in!1 for paper,1 for plastics,1 for Bio,1 for Glass,1 for Textile,1 for metal,1 for General,then and only then this world can became much more beautiful as it is now in 2011,it's fucking hell a waste of time to live on it right now!FUCK THAT!
Yeah economic global suckers invest in that!
Simple sketch of how it can be for every household worldwide.

bye 4 today,have a good time on earth!

ps.lookin out my window,and by the general waste disposal a plastic bag full with clothes,and a television,i hate that!stupid apes who do that,but even apes have eyes!,so colors,streets,disposals,material back in the sys.FUCK THAT ALSO YEAH!

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